Senate Bill 69 being pushed back even more because of delays in amendments.

If you recall, Senate Bill 69, the measure which proposed to move the date to start candidate petitioning back to December 1, as well as remove the registered mail ability for candidates to mail petitions in, had it’s hearing in Senate State Affairs Committee on Wednesday, January 21st.

During that hearing, the South Dakota Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, claimed they had an amendment for the measure….. but, oops. They didn’t bring it with them, because they didn’t have it prepared. So, they planned on getting it to legislators later that day.

Later that day came and went. And no amendment. So, it was delayed until Friday, January 23rd.

December 23rd came. And, wasn’t there supposed to be an amendment to be dealt with?  Apparently the ACLU (See 2:30 here) JUST had the amendment for the legislators at the start of that meeting, giving them no time to review the proposed change to legislation. Which makes you wonder if the ACLU in South Dakota is as utterly disorganized as it appears to be.

This morning, it sounds as if that we have more amendments to the measure. Which was pushed back once again.

It’s possible that by the end of this legislative session we could see a bill cleaning up some messiness in State Election Law. But at this rate, that date may not too far from the mark.

2 thoughts on “Senate Bill 69 being pushed back even more because of delays in amendments.”

  1. My guess: They are running into competing “rights issues.” Find it hilarious.

    It does open up some issues that may require a whole “re-look” at the best global solution.

  2. The ACLU’s lobbyist has an impressive resume: “Skarin is originally from Sioux City, Iowa, nestled at the three-state junction of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. She attended the University of Iowa where she completed a B.A. in both Political Science and Journalism. She subsequently earned her law degree at the University of Iowa College Of Law. Throughout her education she placed an emphasis on serving in the public interest and advancing both civil and human rights. She most recently served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Iowa prior to relocating to South Dakota to join the ACLU.”
    But she can’t find the LRC office, what a rookie.

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