Senator Nelson says he needs 16k to win, among complaints of evil lobbyists, and needing big bucks to win in one of most Republican Districts in State.

State Senator Stace Nelson, who has been attacking Republicans non-stop for quite some time now, from his fellow Republican Legislators to the Republican nominee for Governor, was out begging for dollars via social media this past weekend.

Why? Because he thinks he’s going to need $16,000 to win his election in what has traditionally been one of the most Republican legislative districts in all of South Dakota:

This isn’t the first time Nelson has made the baseless claim that “Because he is not a tax or spender, special interests won’t donate to him.”  In fact, it’s one of the reasons he cited as why he formed a breakaway caucus to compete with the GOP House and Senate Caucuses – because he wants to compete with Republicans for raising money:

Nelson’s line of boo hoo, evil lobbyists won’t donate to me has been a fairy tale he keeps repeating. Here he was as complaining about it right after the GOP convention as well

As I said then, “after attacking literally everyone in the Republican party, especially many of the GOP’s statewide candidates, constantly calling anyone in spitting distance RINO’s, running his hand-selected legislative candidates to knock out legislators who oppose him, calling fellow Republicans corruptstanding with Rick Weiland, trafficking with liberal democrat Cory Heidelbergervoting with the Democrats in the State Senate, and seeking their help on legislation, Republican donors are supposed to run to Senator Nelson with bags of cash for his re-election?”

I suspect the problem he’s always had in raising cash is more personality based than a nefarious plot.  But the bigger question is why does he need that kind of money in his District?  For District 19, here’s how voter registration breaks down:

Republican 9887
Democrat 3469
Independent 1927

Republicans enjoy a voter registration advantage just shy of 6500 voters. Unless he’s antagonized voters in his legislative district so much that 4000 or so of them are going to vote against him, which might be possible.  Otherwise, I’m not sure what he’s going to do with $16,000 dollars, unless his “conservative caucus” is waiting for a boost.

Regardless, if he has his heart set on raising $16,000 to fund his political activities whatever they may be, at the rate he’s going we might have to watch him do a lot more begging.

39 thoughts on “Senator Nelson says he needs 16k to win, among complaints of evil lobbyists, and needing big bucks to win in one of most Republican Districts in State.”

  1. I got the same kind of letter from Kristi, John and Mike asking for money in a state with 100,000 more Republicans.

    I only hope Stacey doesn’t have Jordan Mason writing these because his are all misspelled.

  2. What? He is Stace Nelson a legend in his own mind that brags all the time that he wins by the highest percentage of anyone running in South Dakota. He does not need any money.

  3. I didn’t know Stace was running again. Thanks for the reminder to send him a few hundred.

  4. I spotted Mr. Nelson shopping at Wal-Mart in Mitchell yesterday, so at least he’s pinching pennies. Ditch those navy blue socks with that outfit though, Mr. Nelson.

  5. Every time Stacie opens his mouth I laugh, he becomes more the clown every day. All I picture is poor little Stacie acting out the scene from Oliver Twist stating to anyone he sees “Please, sir, I want some more”

  6. The Problem is Stace Nelson is neither a Republican nor a conservative….

    Stands with Rick Weiland
    Hides in the bathroom to avoid NRA bill
    ONLY attacks Republicans
    Seeks to break away from Republican Caucus
    Been thrown out of Republican Caucus when he was in the House

    1. Exactly right. That was the same argument Rick Weiland had because Democrats don’t get any money in South Dakota. Again, he stands with a Democrat.

  7. This old broken down Bull Elephant has turned down roles on NCIS to serve his state and help flush out Democrats masquerading as Republicans. Can you spare some change for this Marine?

  8. From Troy Jones:

    “Stace and Litzy are as conservative as Bernie Sanders. Except he is smart and honest. They are liars and stupid. Grossly so. If they aren’t stupid and liars they are evil and tools of Satan, and they know who their sponsor is, the Evil one himself.

    Has anybody ever hear about “Divide and Conquer”? The premise that if you don’t support the liberal policies of the GOP you are automatically a socialist is a false dichotomy designed to implement the Oligarchy’s Divide and Conquer agenda. There are various forms of liberal based collectivist political agenda that do not fall under the category of a conservative worldview. This capitalism vs socialism dichotomy that is being promoted by the fake news media is just simplified garbage, it is out right false. In other words it is a “lie”. And to live by that lie in order to personally attack others is not what I consider civil discourse within a properly functioning democracy.

    And criticism is not directed just at Troy. Many of you, in both parties, need to think on this for awhile.

    1. It’s funny you would mention divide and conquer. Stacey has been dividing Republicans for his Democrat buddies.

      1. I agree with Pondering—SHOW ME ONE EXAMPLE of Stace EVER attacking a Democrat—he doesn’t he is a democrat operative through and through

      2. The oligarchy’s divide and conquer success is via Democrats vs Republicans. You just proved it.

            1. no the question was when has Stace nelson ever attacked a Democrat…I can give you more examples of him supporting them and attacking Republicans than you will ever find of him attacking Democrats

              We are not talking about your .000000000001 of the population that is in the non- 2 party never have a chance at ever getting elected club

              1. Your question is an example of how the oligarchy’s divide and conquer strategy has been successful.

            2. Cory’s website is a perfect example of how Stace support Democrats. I think the question was wanting an example where Stace actually bashed a Democrat considering he’s always bashing Republicans. Got one?

    2. I love it when Sibby uses words like “oligarchy” to complain about people who make more money than he does.
      He reminds me of Juan Peron when he does that. It’s so cute.

  9. Maybe Stacie should take up a paper route to help pay for his Campaign, a great way to meet people.

  10. Isn’t this the guy who not only lost his campaign for Congress to the former Governor but also finished 3rd behind the next Lt Governor? And he honestly believes he will win a gubernatorial campaign with 16k? He must wake up every morning, look in the mirror and chant his favorite mantra: “I think, therefore I am.” This is what addiction to power looks like.

    1. Sort of correct–he ran for senate not house in 2014

      He is asking for the money for his state senate campaign–not gov or lt gov;

      easy to see how you got confused though since he was running for 2 offices at once illegally though at the convention

      1. what court ruling are you basing you opinion that his supposed run for two offices was illegal? I was unaware of anyone being tried and convicted for what you allege.

        1. The Larson case from 2017..where a judge ruled it was illegal to run for 2 offices at once and threw candidates in 2 counties off the ballot…do some research once

  11. Can we instead help send Stace to California so he can audition for the TV show NCIS and be a regular there? The cast and crew would love this guy.

      1. Stace loves to stand with Democrats, hang out in bathrooms and there are plenty of both in California. CAH may finally get elected out there and all will be good for them.

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