Shantel Krebs fundraiser coming up in the Black Hills on the 22nd with Craig Ericks, Lynne DiSanto, Tina Mulally, etc 

My e-mail box popped up tonight with one of the first Shantel Krebs fundraiser invitations I’ve seen. This one is for an event on June 22nd with a couple of people who challenged Republicans in the primary this past election season, such as Tina Mulally, as well as State Representative Lynne DiSanto:

So, you can eat meat, shoot a gun with Shantel, and try to rope Craig Ericks.

But you might want to give him some lead time to make it fair.

13 thoughts on “Shantel Krebs fundraiser coming up in the Black Hills on the 22nd with Craig Ericks, Lynne DiSanto, Tina Mulally, etc ”

  1. Looks like Krebs is aligning herself with the fringe. I’ve never been invited to a fundraiser that was this gimmicky.

  2. Is her next fundraiser going to be hosted by Stace Nelson, and Lora Hubbel?

    Tapio better get into the race quick because Shantel is siphoning off all of his people.

    1. Tapio will be a non factor and will eventually go down with the ship with Trump. Birds of a feather flock together.

  3. This is not directed at Shantell so much as it is a bias I have from lessons I learned from Jim Abdnor- Have a fund raiser or a meet/greet event to build grass roots. Don’t try to combine them.

    I think that maxim is even more true this early in the cycle.

  4. This is a real eye-opener. Six of the nine published hosts of this “shindig” are hardcore Wingnuts. Wingnuts first. Republicans second. Americans third. I had no idea Shantel Krebs was a Wingnut!

    Will her campaign delve to the same depths of evil as do those of all other Wingnut candidates? This is shameful. Very disappointing. Regarding SD’s next US Representative… my vote is no longer Undecided.

  5. What a dumpster fire!

    Her campaign is going to lose more in donations from her association with the Howie nuts than she is going to raise from them.

  6. The next fundraiser will be at the Pentecostal Church they’re be snake handling along with gospel hymns. Be there or be reasonable and vote for Dusty Johnson.

    1. Krebs will get a lot of good conservative voters who are tired of the elites looking down their noses at us.

      She is standing with the right crowd. Good for her. Daugaard can endorse against them all they want.

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