Shouldn't have pushed send – Part 2

Anthony Weiner admits — it was me, but I won’t resign.

When Rep. Weiner first denied that he was responsible for sending the undie pic….he said he’d been picked on over the years because of his name.  Now we know he’s the one who made himself a joke.

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    1. Name

      You could be right Spartan.

      I heard through the grapevine that a former Dem President, who I will only identify as BC, actually had an affair with an intern. No press there. And there was also a former Dem senator who ran for president who had an affair and fathered a love child, let’s just call him JE, and no press there. I even heard of a NY dem governor that hired a hooker, let’s just call him ES, and no press there either. I’m sure there’s more, but this is just a good example of how Dems get special treatment from the press.

      Thank god Weiner wasn’t a senator from Nevada or he might have had other senators help him try and cover things up so the press would never know.

      Being a philanderer is truly a bipartisan proposition…pun intended.

  1. springer

    If Weiner were a Rep, he’d be out the door faster than you could say his name. I disagree with some of the pundits who are wondering if this violates any ethics rules. It does! It shows a definite lack of character, lack of responsibility, lack of common sense, etc. Let’s compare a minute here. Ted Kennedy let a woman drown, but he stayed in the Senate. George Allen used the word macaca and lost his Senate campaign to Jim Webb. Larry Craig was arrested and resigned for an alleged footsie incident in an airport bathroom. Trent Lott resigned over supposedly racist remarks; in fact, Obama called for his resignation. So how is using a word or being accused of making racist remarks worthy of resignation, but sending lewd photos and having sexting affairs is not unethical???? I wonder how long until Obama calls for Weiner’s resignation (I’m not holding my breath on this).

    1. J Rae

      And David Vitter? Hookers, diapers…really…really…

      Actually I think he and the rest of the idiots (Arnold) that philander should be gone, no ethics hearings, just gone. No attention, no media, just exiled into anonymity. As an added bonus, so as to deter this behavior they should be legally barred from getting a TV show like the former Dem governor of NY. Say Hi Elliott.

      What cracks me up is the two most recent in Congress to get caught, Ensign and Weiner, they had to call an ethics committee together to see if they did something wrong. Hello congress…you don’t need a committee going through months of meetings for that.

      Time Magazine did a recent article on how powerful men do this crap. Unfortunately they used the words why do powerful men act like pigs. Terrible offense to pigs.

    2. Name

      Guessing you are right too Springer.

      How long from the time the Ensign affair happened and his resignation? He had the good graces to step down in what, 1 or 2 weeks?

  2. Elais


    Republicans put themselves up so high on the self-righteous pedestal that they believe they can do anything and it wouldn’t touch them. So they fall faster and easier

    1. Anonymous

      Just like Democrats think they’re above the law, and think they don’t have to resign when they’ve done wrong (Charlie Rangel, William Jefferson, Robert Torricelli, Jim Traficant, pretty much the ENTIRE Clinton administration)… the list goes on. Republicans resign when they know they’ve done wrong, Democrats think they’re better than everyone and disgrace the office that they hold.

  3. Stan Gibilisco

    What’s up with this Internet thingy? Why does it make people do such stupid stuff?

    If Weiner were a Republican, especially one of the “righteous right,” his predicament would be a lot worse, because it would make him look like a hypocrite.

    Tax evaders who write our tax laws bother me a lot more than some Congressman with his shirt off — or even with all his clothes off.

    I hope the Republicans ignore this twitter nonsense and get on with the business of preventing an impending financial disaster that could prove worse than the Great Depression. Let Mr. Weiner roll around in his own rubbish.

  4. Spartan76

    Republicans put themselves up so high on the self-righteous pedestal that they believe they can do anything and it wouldn?t touch them. So they fall faster and ea

    No acutally Elias republicans take the high road and do what is right. It is the Dems who try to justify behavior like this.

  5. Spartan76

    This is from the Neal Boortz web site, prettymuch sums up the Democrate mentality

    That Anthony .. what a weiner!

    OK ?I?ll leave the weiner jokes to the experts, and to my Twitter followers. Someone did suggest that Barney Frank and Anthony Weiner could open a snack bar in Manhattan ? Weiners and Franks. But I digress ?.

    OK, so Anthony Weiner lied. Big surprise, right? Now we have everyone and their hamster demanding that Weiner resign immediately. Others are saying that Weiner should pull out of contention in the next NYC mayoral election.

    Look ? he?s a liar. Not the first in Congress, won?t be the last. He?s a symbol of Washington power. These people ? and I?m talking on both sides of the aisle ? start to believe that they?re so powerful that they can get away with almost anything. Weiner got caught in the zipper of prevarication. That?s gotta hurt ? look! He?s crying!

    But should he resign? Frankly, I would rather he didn?t. Right now he?s a disgraced leftist House member. If he resigns he will just be replaced with a non-disgraced leftist House member. The disgraced variety of this particular vermin is much less dangerous than the non-disgraced.

    As for the possibility of a Weiner being mayor of New York? Sure ? that?s going to happen.

    Rather than sitting around demanding his resignation, let?s take not of how Weiner handled this debacle when the news first broke. Not only did he lie (par for this hole) but he blamed it all on right-wingers. It was that evil Andrew Breitbart behind this terrible plot to disgrace a very important and effective member of congress. Yeah! That?s it! This is a right-wing plot and the result of all that right-wing hatred out there.

    I want Weiner to remain right where he is. First ? he?s weakened. Second ? we don?t need him hosting a show on CNN (The Weiner Factor?), and third; he stands as a constant reminder of the knee-jerk ?blame the right wing? yak squeeze liberals love to float when they?re caught with their pants bulging.

    1. Les

      This would be a busy day for our friend Flem unless he is down with a case of electile disfunction. May the best man win Bill, as often is not the case. Anxiously waiting on all the good voters of R/C.


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