Shouldn't have pushed send…..

Newt Gingrich’s campaign has been having a really bad week….and his spokesman made it worse by sending a statement to The Huffington Post.  To say that it takes hyperbole to a new level is like suggesting Cory H. doesn’t like Republicans.

Well….Stephen Colbert had Actor John Lithgow perform a “dramatic (or should I say traumatic) reading” of the email….Unless you are a died in the wool Gingrich supporter — you’ll get a good giggle out of this….as well as the lesson to not email when mad or drunk.

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  1. anonymous

    Looks like the Republican Jewish Coalition had a great turn out for Newt. I’m impressed with Lederman and all of his hard work on behalf of Republicans.

    Keep it up Dan!

      1. springer

        This was scheduled before Newt blew it. In fact, we were going to go. We had heard Newt a few years ago in Vermillion and he was awesome. But in light of his recent statements, we just weren’t as enthused about driving 150 miles one way to hear him again.

        1. anon


          I think Newt should have been more specific in his statements and Paul Ryan should have called him up to see what he meant rather than going on the Laura Ingrahm radio show and saying “with friends like that who needs the left”. Sure Newt probably mispoke but Ryan bit on the media created controversy and hurt him and his plan by legitimizing the contrived controversy a lot more than Newt’s statement ever did.

          1. anon

            Maybe Newt really doesn’t like Ryan’s plan (and that’s up to him) but Ryan should have known better than to jump on Newt. Obviously Ryan is under some stress because there are a lot of weak Republicans out there but if we are going to win in ’12 we can’t let the media turn us against each other.

            Newt and Ryan are both good guys. Newt’s comment wouldn’t mean anything if Ryan had talked to Newt before he went at him.

            (not saying Newt is right or wrong but the media wants division on Ryan’s plan.)

  2. anonymous

    Infighting, glorious infighting. And a Gingrich quote that will be used over and over and over against the GOP plan to pull the plug on granny.

  3. anonymous

    Now that Daniels, Trump, Christie, Ryan, Huckabee, Jeb Bush etc aren’t running for President I bet Thune is wishing he wouldn’t have announced so soon.

    Romney, Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Paul… Thune would have a real shot. Romney and Cain are the only two currently running I see going anywhere. If Christie were to run it would be Obama’s worst nightmare.

  4. Cinco de Mayo

    Let’s see. Brother Cain, or Brother Able? Easy choice.

    Nobody can beat the 2012 Democratic ticket of Obama/Hillary Clinton. Jon Huntsman will have his day in 2016.

  5. Veldy

    Gingrich always does such a good job of going out of his way to shoot himself in the foot. I remember specifically the time he and Dole went to some state funeral with Clinton and all he could do was gripe about having to use the back exit of the plane.

    1. duggersd

      I cannot agree with you more about Gingrich and his ability to hit himself in the foot. If he is the nominee against Obama, I would vote for him, but not with the enthusiasm I would vote for other people. That being said, Gingrich has been a very important factor in the debate in this country. He has brought a lot of ideas to the table and his contributions should not be ignored. Besides, I am waiting for two more sequels for two of his series and I am afraid he would not get very far as President.

  6. golden

    Is it just my imagination, or has SDWC become very LAME and LETHARGIC with no creative writing or challenging statements worth reading? I used to enjoy Pat’s opinions, but those days are gone, at least until after the 2012 election. The new team of writers lacks indepth vision and experienced opinions. Very few posts, basic regurgitation of current news events and not challenging at all. Maybe it’s just me?

    1. grudznick

      This blog has gone to hell in a hand basket like a toad in one of them fry daddy things. I think PP should let my friends Bill and Bob be moderators and put up a few topics. I will keep them in line.

      1. Bill Fleming

        Grudz, I used to kinda “moderate” this blog when PP was here. These days I don’t see there being all that much work to do here anymore, if you catch my drift.

    2. springer

      I was just going to go on here and plead with PP to return, but see that others are thinking the same thing. If PP reads this, can you find someone to take over who has inside info and an inquiring mind to rejuvenate this blog. I hate to see it die a slow death. Your legacy needs to live on as one of the greatest of the state blogs!

        1. grudznick

          The response to this outcry for PP to return seems to be a regurgitation of PP’s old pleas for money, only this time you can’t comment on the pleas for money.

          I’ll send my money directly to PP, thank you, and if you please, sir. BAH. Gant killed the SDWC.

  7. anonymous

    Gingrich just helped the Democrats win a US house seat in NY that had been Republican for 40 years! That quote about the Paul Ryan plan being radical right wing social engineering is a Godsend for Democrats. It will keep on giving in 2012. Thank you Newt Gingrich!!!