Small Business Endorses Dusty Johnson for Congress

Small Business Endorses Dusty Johnson for Congress

Fort Pierre – Today, NFIB, the National Federation for Independent Business announced its endorsement of Dusty Johnson for Congress in South Dakota.

“Dusty Johnson’s career has been devoted to serving the residents of South Dakota and that service has provided him a first-hand look at the issues small businesses face on a daily basis,” said Lindsey Riter-Rapp, NFIB’s South Dakota State Director. “He has demonstrated a commitment to cutting back on onerous regulations and lowering healthcare costs, areas small businesses find most challenging. NFIB is proud to endorse him to represent South Dakota in Congress.”

“Small businesses are vital to the South Dakota economy, because they are the ones creating jobs across our state” said Johnson.  “As a businessman, I know how difficult the federal government can make life for small business owners.  Federal regulation is complicated and burdensome.  In Congress, I look forward to working with the NFIB to reduce bureaucratic red tape, stop overregulation, and get the government out of the way so South Dakota’s small businesses can thrive.”

NFIB is the largest small business association in the country, and for the past 75 years has worked to defend the rights of small business owners and reduce government interference.  NFIB has over one thousand members in South Dakota.

Dusty Johnson is a Republican businessman running for U.S. Congress to rein in federal spending, combat DC dysfunction, and return power to families, businesses, communities and states.  He is a former South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioner and former Chief of Staff to the Governor.  Dusty is a husband, a father of three boys and Vice President of a private sector engineering and consulting firm based in Mitchell, SD.


10 Replies to “Small Business Endorses Dusty Johnson for Congress”

    1. Anonymous

      Because they know who is pro-business and growth and who wants to stifle business with regulations and taxes makes their endorsement worthless? Get a clue.

      1. Anthony Renli

        The issue would be their endorsement is baked into the Republican Party nomination and the electoral math – Much like Representative Noem’s endorsement by the NRA. The only time this type of endorsement has actual meaning is when they break from the expected norms. i.e. if the AFL-CIO endorsed Johnson – THAT would be newsworthy and might sway some voters…them endorsing Bjorkman isn’t going to change anything. Because organizations like the NFIB, NRA, AFL-CIO, Chamber of Commerce,Planned Parenthood, Right to Life, etc. have become so fixed and associated with one of the two major parties – when they endorse their approved party, it doesn’t move the needle and is really meaningless.


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