So, about that highway funding bill….

So, has that highway funding bill been put to bed yet?

I hear there’s some consternation between the chambers over the proposal contained in the measure allowing local governments the option to raise property taxes.

This could be a long last day of session.

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      1. I’m confused. Is the ethanol excise tax now $.14 per gallon total, or has it been raised by $.14 a gallon. Why the differences for the different types of fuels. It seems they aren’t all a 6 cent raise.

  1. So we have gay agenda being enacted in our schools, the liberal Left’s Common Core supported, Tax and fees being raised, state govt expanded, gun rights bills being killed, etc. Sounds like a great session for the DEMOCRATS don’t you!?

    1. You forgot about the interference in private business practices, ie mandating insurance coverage for oral chemotherapy and behavior mod for autism.

    2. RINO, RINO, RINO.

      Of course everyone to the left of you is a liberal or a RINO. Just how many South Dakotans are to the left of you? Just a guess here but I would say about 96%. I’m serious.

      I would be interested in knowing where you think you are on the Conservative/Liberal scale?

      1. JJ, I’m a Republican. I expect elected Republicans to be Republicans. If they want to raise taxes (that includes taxes called fees), increase government, support the liberal’s Common Core State Standards, oppose gun rights, support the homosexual agenda, and support the rest of liberal left’s agenda (and oppose Republicanism) then we Republicans have a right to be pissed and complain when they do it with our (R) behind their names!

  2. I’m a Republican,

    Republican Principles:

    1) Provide adequate public infrastructure. Opposing maintaining our highways and bridges and raising the taxes to pay for them is anti-Republican.

    2) Overall State Government in this budget is shrinking if you factor in inflation and population growth and don’t include the highway bill. Even though I’m opposed to the current highway tax and spend plan, see #1 as a case can be made we have neglected this aspect of a legitimate government role. Republicans are pro-facts. Your broad charge is baseless.

    3) The State Constitution requires the Board of Education set state-wide standards. While we could have been liberal spenders and designed our own standards, choosing to use standards developed by the STATE’s in cooperation saved money and are more rigorous than the current standards is consistent with Republcian standards. We don’t have to invent every wheel here.

    4) Republcans support law enforcement and across the board law enforcement opposed the gun bills proposed.

    1. Troy Jones,
      #1 Are you claiming the monies the state already receives from state and federal taxes/fees for our highways is not enough? How much is that total? How much is the total amount of tax monies used to support the liberal concept of government run economic development? If all those monies were used towards infrastructure support over the years, no tax/fee increases would be warranted. Correct?

      #2 You are playing games with the numbers. The basic undisputed facts are that more money is spent every year for more government which includes more state employees. That is not a reduction that is factual increases. Expanding government is not Republicanism.

      #3 SD Republicans believe in local control, parents making the decisions, not bureaucrats. National Republicans abhor the liberal left’s pushing of government control of education through Common Core State Standards that they passed a condemning resolution AND

      #4 Law Enforcement are government agencies. Highway Patrol members that testified against gun bills that affirmed South Dakotans 2nd Amendment rights? Did so at the instruction of the governor’s office. Republicans support the 2nd Amendment which protects individual’s rights to own firearms and protects them from government infringing on those rights.

      You can attempt to change the pillars of Republicanism to serve the establishment; but, the facts are that Lynn DiSanto and Jerry Apa are correct. We have a tax, spend, & create more government super-majority (Moderates working with Democrats), not limited government, free-market, Republicans.

  3. Troy, does the federal Constitution allow National standards required to be used by states if they want federal money?

  4. “Provide adequate public infrastructure. Opposing maintaining our highways and bridges and raising the taxes to pay for them is anti-Republican.”

    Except the gas tax is not going to fixing our roads and bridges. It is going to subsidize economic development projects for the crony capitalists.

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