So, are Dems going to run more candidates who don’t know what they’re doing?

I’ve been picking through Democrats’ Campaign finance reports, and noticed a trend among the statewide losing candidates that might be worth noting. Awful fundraising, and bad campaign finance reporting marks the undercard performers who filled the few Constitutional officer seats the Democrats bothered to attempt to fill.

Which might be a big tipoff as to some of the reasons they fared so dismally. No one had a clue what they were doing, and even fewer wanted to waste money on them:

Denny Pierson, Treasurer:. No year end campaign finance report on file yet. In the pre-general report, claiming $8241.50 Raised, $6845 Spent.

That could fund a legislative race. Maybe.

Denny Pierson Pre-General Report

Angelia Schultz, Secretary of State:  Claiming zero carried over (my error) , zero raised, zero spent in her year end report, despite reporting supplemental donations, and $1315.47 carried over in her previous report, which you can read below.  In her pre-general, where *I think* she claims $4598.81 raised, $3283.34 spent, and $1315.47 left over.

I say “I think” because the Dem’s candidate for SOS failed to fill the pre-general report out properly.  And, there’s no reporting of the supplemental donations.

In short, we knew they couldn’t raise money, but apparently Democrats also put up someone for SOS who couldn’t manage to fill out the campaign finance forms correctly.

Schultz Pre General

David Allen for PUC. Year End Report showing $494 Raised and nothing Spent. Although, Records do show him raising $750.   His Pre-general report which isn’t loading on the SOS site may have $300 or so in expenditures.

I’m not sure that funds a School Board race.

David Allen for PUC Year End Report by Pat Powers

Not a good reflection on the Democrats.   Luckily for Republicans, it sets the stage for continued GOP Dominance of the Statehouse for many years to come.

Why? Because we’re not seeing a challenge from these jokers any time soon.

7 thoughts on “So, are Dems going to run more candidates who don’t know what they’re doing?”

  1. Why delete the comment reply, Pat? Can’t handle having the criticism aimed at you?

  2. Sorry to disappoint, Mr. Powers. Perhaps you might consider taking a second look at the reports to which you are referring. Undoubtedly, you’ll see you are mistaken in your assumption. But way to be vigilant!

    Best of luck to you, always, and have a great day!


    1. You are correct, I did miss the $1347 carry over, and expenditure for “operational expenditures.” But, you still failed to account for the supplemental donations in the year end, and parts of your pre-general report are filled out in some places, but not others.

  3. Running state-wide office is an honor and if you aren’t going to prevail on your friends to support you financially, you have no business running and shaming your party and our state.

    Pat McKeever ran against his high school baseball coach for Congress 40 years ago. He told me he know his chances of beating Jim Abdnor were remote but he said he never left a stone unturned and worked every day as if he were going to pull it out. He said that was the best experience of his life.

  4. Maybe the new Dem state chair should have been helping her candidates get their campaign finance reports filed.

    Oh wait, Ann Tornberg was late and omitted information too. I guess she is leading by example.

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