So, is the Marijuana legalization petition dead in the water, or not?

Over at the official facebook page for the South Dakotans Against Prohibition – the ballot measure being promoted to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana – there seem to be some mixed signals as to whether the ballot measure is throwing in the towel for this election.

As they seem to be communicating, the backers of the measure seem to have no more to give:


sdap-2 sdap-3

Ballot measures are not for the faint of heart, and this might be the first indication that we may not have the full 13 measures on the ballot that have been or are currently circulating.

5 thoughts on “So, is the Marijuana legalization petition dead in the water, or not?”

  1. If you look thru the months of SDAP facebook posts Admins are always complaining that all these supporters want to sit at home on the couch and get high but don’t want to help with a petition that is in their own interest. Then other potheads post and complain how unprofessional and the profanity that is used by SDAP.

    New Approach for South Dakota has had issues too.

    Potheads! No surprise here!

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    Kimberly Shelton Denbo

    Kim Denbo a former SDAP admin posted this on SDAP’s facebook page 10/9

    Kimberly Shelton Denbo profanity isnt good for business you need to tell your people exactly where you are getting all your money but oh well its over so kill the page

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    Where is SDAP getting their money from? Will they report it all?

  3. Judging from Winfrey’s and Gaddy’s posts, I have concluded that smoking marijuana destroy’s a person’s ability to end a sentence with a period or use a comma. There is not a single period in Winfrey’s post, and Gaddy seems to think that most sentences end with ellipses and that ellipses and commas are interchangeable. Does anyone need any more proof that smoking pot makes people stupid, that stupid people smoke pot, that pot makes stupid people even more stupid?

    1. I must have had a contact high simply from being near Gaddy and Winfrey’s stupidity because I accidentally omitted the word or in my the last compound sentence.

    2. If you look at the mangled English in the sentences of the posters you realize where their priorities were at a crucial time in their lives while in school. Many are in low wage dead end jobs yet they want their pot legalized. This is sad!

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