So what happened to the Liz May for Congress $250 for 25 signatures bounty?

If you recall last week, Congressional wannabe Liz Marty May took a few minutes from chanting Cull the Herd – which is a really unfortunate slogan in the time of coronavirus – to place a $10 a signature bounty on collecting names to place her on the ballot in the form of a $250 travel card.

Interestingly, after I wrote about it, the terms seemed to change a bit, according to this post a day or so later from the Liz May for Congress facebook page:

That $250 travel card for 25 valid signatures was now being referred to as  “we are rewarding you with travel redemption points.”

Tonight, one of the Liz May followers – Florence Thompson  (who is rumored to be running for D30 House) – was commenting on the facebook page for the original post:

Well…  You can put me in the camp of those who think it’s kind of hard to call it a scam against Liz when the e-mail certainly seemed to have gone out from her campaign.  Although, they might be hoping to disavow the promised reward of “$250 travel cards” (or now “travel points”), depending on what they find themselves on the hook for if May fails to make the ballot.

2 more days and petitioning is over. And then the silly season will really get going!

7 Replies to “So what happened to the Liz May for Congress $250 for 25 signatures bounty?”

  1. Anonymous

    But how? If it was a scam wouldn’t Liz’s consultants have jumped to recall it as soon as possible?

  2. grudznick

    This is most disappointing. grudznick had 100 signatures for Liz May, she being the tawny and perky one, and I expected 4 gift cards worth $250 each. I wanted this for my golfing, which I was planning to take up.

  3. Mike

    Hope she gets enough signatures. We need someone on the side of SD beef producers. Dusty got $5000 from the NCBA who is funded by foriegn beef. Rounds is sort of coming around but he’s still talking a little bit in circles.

  4. Anonymous

    The whole Sd delegation voted to end COOL. If Rounds truly supported COOL he could just support Testers Bill. It’s why I said Rounds was talking in circles. I’m not a huge supporter of COOL but it is better than anything we have now. I want the checkoff we voted for which stated we would promote American beef. It was changed after the vote to promote foriegn beef. If we promote USA beef we don’t need COOL because people will demand it. People actually think they are getting USA beef since all beef no matter where it comes from qualifies for Product of the USA. I refuse to support any candidate for any office who supports foriegn beef instead of USA beef.

  5. Anonymous

    Do people really vote based on someones position on COOL? The more I hear from some of these COOL fanatics the more I question their intentions and wonder what the rest of the story is.

  6. Mike

    I’m not a fan of COOL. In 1988 I voted to promote American beef with my checkoff dollars. It has not happened yet today. I’m thankful that May got enough signatures. If she would win she would be the only candidate to support USA beef over foriegn beef. The beef checkoff is the only checkoff that makes Americans promote a foreign product. One can only hope that she wins since America first is the trump slogan.