So when the SDGOP meet, will we call it a "Rave"?

TC at AC previously posted about Bob Gray not running again for SDGOP Chairman.  So of course the logical question becomes who will fill that roll.  That question will be answered on January 22nd — I’ve heard from a couple of sources that newly elected Senator Tim Rave of Baltic has an endorsement letter circulating with the state’s 3 highest elected officials having signed on (and since I’m talking GOP, none are from the PUC).

Rave is fresh from having defeated Dem Sen Dan Ahlers and has been elected Majority Whip as a freshman in the Senate Chamber.  Rave also served as Speaker of the House for the last two of his eight years in the House.  Good leadership credentials and having won a tough election against a relatively “safe” Dem seat isn’t too shabby either.  He was also one of the primary sponsors of the expanded smoking ban (this doesn’t endear him to me — but judging from the election results I’m in the minority).  So will this just be an anointing or will Tim Rave face any competition for the position of GOP chair?

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  1. 73*

    Was that a slam on Dusty? Ouch! I guess we know why he left the PUC if it is regarded that low.

    I agree on Rave. I like him and think he is a really good man. (I’m guessing the smoking ban will be a much bigger problem than he is expecting. Some central committee members haven’t gotten over Gray supporting it)

    As of now though I don’t see any oposition to Rave though there should be for healthy party debate.

    Rave is a good man who maybe isn’t always conservative.

    1. Kristi Golden

      No — it was a reference to the fact that the second highest ranking elected Democrat in South Dakota is Steve Kolbeck at the PUC.

    2. Name

      PUC is regarded very low. Although any of those elected offices outside of the attorney general are really low and despised.

      1. Name

        I don’t know the PUC seems kind of like the low office on the totum pole to me. Auditor has a good size staff, Treasurer is on the investment council as is SPL, SOS is prominent so I think they are all good positions.

        There are 3 PUC officers and they don’t even get to hire their own staff. PUC is not what those in the office sell it as or Dusty would have stayed.

        1. Name

          While Jackley has been challenging Obamacare etc the PUC has been working to get the iphone to SD. That says a lot about the PUC… and why we don’t elect our Governor’s from there. Dusty left for ar reason.

  2. 73*


    You are probably in the majority when it comes to GOP Central Committee voters when it comes to the smoking ban.

  3. Name

    What about Mary Jean Jensen, Dana Randall and Lucas Lentsch in DC right now voting on the new RNC Chairman. Somebody should get one of them to send back some coverage.

    1. Anon

      according to multiple news sites, Randall supported Saul Anuzis, Jensen supported Michael Steele. no word on who Lentsch supported as Bob Gray’s proxy.

  4. Name

    Dusty attends the parties at Stan’s Big House on the Hill where all the GOP decisions are made. Dusty and Stan will have to vet Rave.

    1. anon

      Please. Rave is in Daugaard’s district and he is friends with Noem and Thune doesn’t care much right now because he is at the top and looking to run for Pres.

      Trust me Dusty liked this pick for the same reason he liked picking Chris Nelson. It doesn’t add up to competition for him in the future.

  5. Arrowhead

    Well considering all Rave will have to do is get Chris Nelson in and recruit someone like Russ Olson or Todd Schlekeway to run for PUC against Kolbeck I’d say Rave will do just fine.

    I don’t think Noem is in trouble and I don’t think the GOP can gain much in the way of legislative pickups in 2012. It’s about 2 PUC seats… I think Rave can handle that.

  6. Name

    One of the problems I’ve always had with the SD GOP Chairs being hand picked is that the candidate never calls the Central Committee to ask for their support. It’s always kind of like “yeah – I know you don’t know me but come out to Pierre for a social the night before and we’ll call it good enough for your vote.”

  7. Name

    All I want to know is will Rave keep Lucas Lentsch on. If yes I’ll vote for him if not than I can’t support him. LL is a hard worker. Maybe he doesn’t want to stay on but he was good for the party. The best thing Gray ever did was keep Lentsch as ED when he started and Karl Adams made the best choice of his tenure when he hired Lentsch. So Rave should do the same in my opinion.

    1. Anon

      I would be surprised if Lentsch stayed much longer than to transition Rave into his position and help find a new ED. Lucas has been the best ED the party has had for a long time, the results don’t lie (yes, better than Glodt), and it’s too bad Daugaard or Noem didn’t bring him aboard.

      1. Name

        I would say that Lucas was more inclusive than Glodt. Glodt doesn’t delegate. Glodt works 20 hrs a day during the election (he is a slave) but he doesn’t let others take much of a role. Which I would say is his only downfall.

        There were a lot of things Lucas did that were right and then some things that weren’t. He would be a better ED in the next 2 years than the past 2 but I guess if he has other plans.

        I think the reason Daugaard and Noem don’t have Lentsch on board is probably because he is seen as more of a candidate than a staffer. He treated the ED gig kind of like a candidate traveling around and speaking. Most people talk about what he’s going to run for. I’m sure Dusty doesn’t want Lentsch in the Daugaard office because they are probably both eyeing similar offices in the next few years. Also Noem probably doesn’t want him in her officer because of the same reason. Not that they would run against each other but because he’d leave to run for office in the next few years anyway. Lucas is a good man and I think he should be put on some short lists as a top 10 candidate.

        1. Name

          For my money Larry Russell is still the best person in politics if you want to win. I am amazed that 6 years later he is still the man who knows more about winning elections than anyone in SD at the Grass Roots game.

      2. Name

        I am sorry. To say Lentsch is all that is BS. I like the guy, but to give him that much credit.

        He benefited from the best political environment in 10 years. He didn’t even win his election when he ran a few years ago.

        1. anon

          He ran in the most Democrat district in the state and against a well liked Dem at that. Just ask Schoenbeck.

          I won’t give Lentsch the credit though he worked hard, I won’t give Josh Shields the credit (even though he kept a speeding ticket story in the news forever because he just couldn’t say it wasn’t SHS’s fault) I won’t give Noem the cred either even though she was a really good candidate.

          I’m giving the credit to Obama. We could have closed the Noem and SD GOP offices and they still would have won. Noem probably would have won by more if they wouldn’t have screwed up the speeding ticket story and gone so negative.

          Politics is all timing and manipulation. There isn’t one good reporter in this state who ever checked into Noem’s background and their isn’t one reporter who ever called SHS out for sitting on the fence. We need better papers in SD who will take it to the candidates and look for embellishment and twisted details in their stories.

    1. Name

      Glodt does though so it will work out to be the same as with Gray. Glodt was the hand that wasn’t being watched or given credit.

      1. toad

        I always thought Glodt would be Chief of Staff… So Dusty was a surprise to me. I mean if there is one guy who should be kept on staff and rewarded it is Jason Glodt. Sure he has flaws but he has also done this for like 8 years and he knows most of the political hacks in SD by name and face.

  8. Anon

    Gray and Glodt broke into politics together – no better team than those two. Glodt’s strength is grassroots and he’s as good as anybody we’ve got. Lentsch is a rising star in the party. Tim Rave will do a fine as Chairman.