So, who else gave big bucks to Democrat Billie Sutton’s campaign? Here’s the ActBlue Donors added

If you recall the Secretary of State’s determination on how the donations of people who donate to campaigns through Democrat fundraising clearinghouse ActBlue should be treated, there was an indication that people should be making supplementary filings, noting who those donors are.

As of a week or so ago, the Sutton For Governor campaign provided the ActBlue Donations, and disclosed where “the rest of the money” came from. In case you were interested, from the report:

And here’s the supplementary list:

ActBlue Sutton by Pat Powers on Scribd

25 thoughts on “So, who else gave big bucks to Democrat Billie Sutton’s campaign? Here’s the ActBlue Donors added”

  1. Some very interesting names on the list…

    some to be expected like Ann Tornberg, Tim Bjorkman, Mary Perpich…

  2. Searching names through FB exposes the mind-set and ideology of some people supporting Sutton. It’s interesting pro-abortion people rallying a pro-life candidate, maybe they are just uninformed about his voting record? I was under the impression pro-life Democrats were shunned from their party, and men in particular are forbidden to speak about women’s “rights”. Leftists’ logic certainly on display.

    1. When our choices are pro-life Repubs or a pro-life Dem who votes my way on most other issues, I’m choosing the Dem.

      1. Great, then he’s the choice for you. Sutton seems to be an all-American man. I’ve listened to him, checked his voting record and what others have to say is decent; he’s actually someone I once could’ve voted for. Not anymore. He receives push-back from his party and constituents for voting to protect life and crossing party lines. If he was to be voted governor (currently a minute chance), I foresee him using Daugaard’s notorious tactic of reassuring SD there’s no need for a law to be changed b/c all is well with the standing law – VETO.

        You’ve heard the expression, give an inch, they’ll take a mile? That’s what Democrats do and unfortunately Sutton, a Democrat, is not worth the risk. It’s not really Sutton, it’s his party.

      1. They are also smart people like you Cliff! You and other Huronites know a bad investment when you see one.

        Billy needs a blood bath on GOP side and so far a few skirmishes but relatively quiet.

  3. Billie Sutton is a class act, a truly good guy and Great American but let’s do a reality check here in knowing the GOP would need to nominate Stace Nelson as our candidate for GOSD in order for Billie to outnumber Republican votes in the General election.

  4. This speaks well of him, in that it’s practically all in-State money.

    The requirement to disclose individual Act Blue donors is a benefit to Sutton.

  5. With the ability to be raising this much money he should be running for Congress. Outside money would really help him.

    I look forward to him choosing Frerichs for LG.

    That will be the most interesting part of the race.

    1. I would rather hear who Noem and Jackley will pick for Lt Gov. It gives us insight into who they think is governor worthy in case they can’t complete their term.

    2. Frerichs would be an outstanding LG choice. He has a number of good choices and some to obviously avoid.

  6. Dang Billy! That’s a lotta large in-state donations. Impressive. Did I miss Jackley’s and Noem’s releases of their donors?

    1. Kristi was in the Twin Cities at a big fundraiser there getting money for her campaign to be governor from some pretty big players a few of which are native Minnesotans. Forgot their names but own and have owned some nationally known companies you would be familiar with. Very impressive.

        1. Wow! Not a lot of South Dakotans have that kind of coin to put towards a candidate for Governor. Many are just surviving working multiple jobs.

          1. That’s a lie and you know it. Many big-ballers, want a list? I think the CEO of LSS is doing fairly well?

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