Some Elections are Just too Hot to Handle.

There are some places that local elections are really heating up.

Shall we see how the hotly contested mayoral race in Tar Heel N.C is going?

No one in this rural town of about 117 registered as candidates for any of its four elected positions,…..


The county elections board declined to extend the deadline for candidate filings, meaning ballots will be printed with blank spaces allowing voters to write in their preferences.
“We’ve had single offices without candidates before, but this is the first time I can remember a whole town not filing for any of the offices,” Elections Director Cynthia Shaw said.

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errr, maybe not.

I am happy to live in state where the people are engaged in the process of governing.

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  1. anonymous

    It’s hard to recruit candidates for any position. Usually people in small towns are asked and just say yes because they seldom have to run against an opponent.

    Recruiting great candidates for the legislature is a hard task in SD especially during a hard election cycle. I’d hate to be the Dems in 2012.


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