Sounds like a pretty tough weekend.

Get well wishes to a couple members of the Republican legislative family appear to be in order.

Representative Don Haggar’s wife and Senator Jenna Haggar’s mom Michelle suffered a broken kneecap last night while we were in Columbus, Ohio, after a fall on a sidewalk. We were all out eating pizza as a group, and it happened while she was returning to the hotel. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Also taking ill was State Representative Mike Verchio, who was reporting on facebook that after an emergency trip to the hospital, he had a pacemaker implanted on Friday. Again, we hope he’s feeling better soon.

Hopefully we can get through this weekend without any more injuries!

6 thoughts on “Sounds like a pretty tough weekend.”

  1. Please don’t treat Verchio the same way he treated Hickey on this blog while Verchio is in poor health. Come on, rise above Verchio’s behavior on this blog, and wish him a speedy recovery..

  2. Thank you for the well-wishes! While in Ohio I discovered that Columbus has a big crack problem…in my case it was a big crack in the sidewalk! The AFP conference was very inspiring and with the exception of my shattered knee cap we had a wonderful time. However… time you see me don’t ask me how my TRIP was………

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