South Dakota Dem Chair seems to admit she has no idea what she is doing

Not exactly a vote of confidence for SDDP Chair Ann Tornberg who first attempted to blame others as she explained to the assembled re-conventioners the fact their first convention was wasted was because they “followed past practice,” while whining about being caught:

Ahead of their vote, South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ann Tornberg lamented South Dakota Republican Party Chair Dan Lederman’s move to challenge the Democrats’ candidate list and accepted fault for the forms’ late arrival to Pierre.

“I do believe we fulfilled the spirit of the law, but we did not fulfill the letter of the law,” Tornberg said. “It’s my fault that we followed past practice.”


And to avoid any additional problems, attendees asked convention officials to sign the nomination forms in front of them. Tornberg said she’d make sure the forms made it to the Secretary of State’s office on time.

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With Tornberg’s begrudging explanation that “It’s my fault that we followed past practice,” there’s one thing you have to keep in mind. She’s serving a 4 year term, and she was in charge of the convention two years ago.

If it was a screw up because she followed past practice… well, those would have been her own past practices.

In other words, if she was telling people that the problem was that she was following past practices, that seems to be more than an admission that she has no idea what she is doing, and she’s just doing it until and unless someone calls her on it, such as State GOP Chair Dan Lederman, who she blamed for challenging that State Democrats didn’t follow state law.

Not a confidence builder in the competence of State Democrat Leadership.

11 Replies to “South Dakota Dem Chair seems to admit she has no idea what she is doing”

  1. Anonymous

    What a joke. Dems should demand better. What happened to Jeff Barth- can he take over the Chair position? At least filings would be done correctly.

  2. JKC

    But doesn’t the logic of this blog piece also indict the Secretary of State’s action too? Because was not the current SOS in charge for the 2016 election cycle too?

  3. Anonymous

    Our current Secretary of State exercises no discretion. Her office just files whatever and waits to see if someone challenges it.

  4. SDoutlaw

    The leadership of the dems is such a gift to the GOP. Hopefully when they replace Ann they get Cory Heidelberger to run their party completely into the ground.

  5. SDoutlaw

    State Senator, Heidelberger couldn’t even win a school board seat in Madison Central. He hates republicans and would not be able to work between parties. Heidelberger said he would beat Al Novstrup last time, didn’t happen then, won’t happen now.

    1. Anonymous

      We saw him a few weeks ago and he is very confident he will win this time and bring “His Team” to Pierre.


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