South Dakota Democrat Party parts ways with communication director Aaron Matson

So the rumor is that about 2 weeks ago, the South Dakota Democrat Party communicated to their communications director that they would no longer be communicating together.

And from a check of Facebook, it would appear that the two parties have gone their separate ways:

That message was left on Sunday the 11th, making Monday, August 12th his last day.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a little harsh for someone who worked at the party this last election, and took one for the team as their candidate for State Treasurer. Which was sure to have a bleak outcome, but at least they had a warm body in the seat. There have been plenty of times they just didn’t.

So, this means that the ouster came less than a week after Chairwoman Paula Hawks installed her person, Stacey Burnette as the new Democrat Party Executive Director. Who’s announcement was ironically posted on the SDDP website by Matson. And the day before the Dems held an Executive Director meet and greet.

For all the Democrat Party’s efforts at unionization, it doesn’t seem to be protecting anyone’s job at the Democrat party.  We’ll have to keep watch and see who’s coconut torch is put out next in this game of survivor.

10 thoughts on “South Dakota Democrat Party parts ways with communication director Aaron Matson”

  1. Semi OT: Surprised to see 2-3 Tulsi Gabbard yard signs up today.

    Gabbard polls below 3% among dems but (apparently) she has supporters in Sioux Falls. Naturally, the corrupt DNC will exclude her from the Houston debate.

  2. Quoting the lecherous drunk Teddy Kennedy doesn’t improve your image; if people like that are your heroes, you need to take a step back and look at what you are doing with your life.

      1. That mistake was in the 90s. Whew, boy was that a mistake. Bill did a lot of damage especially to national security.

  3. Good luck Aaron! You have exceptional people skills and are a good person.

    The SDDP will close both offices. Pop cans can be donated for the SDDP to pay for the electricity, internet, a Trac Phone and postage stamps for the SDDP.

    A cookie sale might help too in raising funds but one has to be very careful that they are not the THC infused cookies.

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