South Dakota's running man

The RCJ features an article today about former Governor Frank Farrar….who at 82 is training every day and doing several triathalons each year.

Way to go Frank!  Call me impressed and more than a little tired just reading about it.

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  1. Charlie Hoffman

    Frank Farrar is not only a great person he is an ICON in what the mind can overcome in physical challenges if one puts super human effort towards it. Forget all the banks and all the politics. For heavens sake the guy was given like six months from his Doctor with a death warrant from cancer and he told them “BS” I am not giving up. He started working out and running like a madman and a year later he went back in and told his doctors he did not need them any longer. The exception to the rule? Of course but a huge lesson in mind over matter is what Frank is all about and we can all take a huge lesson out of his life and into our own.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    Charlie B was there when we saw Frank due the Eureka triathalon. There were white caps on Lake Eureka and Hoffman was going to let me go under, but was prepared to save Governor Farrar if necessary – which of course it wasn’t as he could out swim both of us. Congrats Frank —- expect you’ll be around to sing at all of our funerals

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Remember one thing about water and fat Lee. Fat floats and muscle sinks. I almost thought about saving both you and FF for a while and then you both turned the corner and started coming back to shore with the white caps.

    The lifeguards said no Beached White Whales allowed actually; so I stayed dry. 🙂

    ((Have you ever heard Gov. Farrar sing?)) I’ll send over Alexandra instead OK……………..

  4. mhs

    I vividly remember being the newbie bank lawyer sitting in Frank’s office about a month after I passed the bar and he’s all pissed at some other newbie lawyer in Webster who was being too effective (in his mind) representing some defaulter we were trying to collect a loan from. Funny as hell, especially considering the target.


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