State Representative Steve Westra Announces South Dakotan’s for Jeb Bush Group

From a release:
IMG_1254.PNGState Representative Steve Westra Announces South Dakotan’s for Jeb Bush Group

PIERRE, South Dakota – (January 20, 2015) – Today State Representative Steve Westra (R-SD), announced the formation of the South Dakotans for Jeb Bush group. “South Dakota has the opportunity to create one of the first grassroots efforts to encourage Jeb Bush to seek and win the Presidency of the United States,” said Westra. “Jeb Bush is as conservative as South Dakota. His views align with the majority of South Dakota voters who want limited government, balanced budgets, and a strong America.”

Rep. Westra today unveiled a Facebook site that will collect the names and contact information of South Dakota voters who want to be counted as early Jeb Bush backers. The group is encouraging those who want to send a signal of support to Jeb Bush to visit . Supporters who visit the Facebook page like the page and enter their name on the petition will be submitted to Jeb Bush at the end of February.

Bush announced in December of 2014 that he was creating a Presidential exploratory committee. “We want to send a clear message to Jeb Bush, that just as South Dakotans stood with his Dad and his brother, we will stand with him,” said Westra. “Jeb Bush shares South Dakota values on guns, protection of the unborn, a strong defense, and conservative fiscal policy. Now is the time for South Dakota voters to play an early role in the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, by registering your support for Jeb Bush.”

“This is an all-volunteer effort by South Dakotans to show Jeb Bush that we will strongly support him and his message of positive conservativism to help restore opportunity to South Dakota and America,” said Westra. “At the end of this push we will send to Jeb Bush the names of his early South Dakota supporters, and hope that this send the early message that we need Jeb Bush to run and win the Presidency of the United States.”

Representative Steve Westra was recently elected to the position of the Assistant House Majority Leader by his fellow South Dakota Republican legislators. Representative Westra serves District 13 in South Dakota which includes parts of Minnehaha and Lincoln County. He is the Chief Operating Officer at Hegg Companies, Inc.

Steve Westra,
South Dakota State Representative for District 13
[email protected]

Adam Timmerman,
Coordinator for South Dakotan’s for Jeb Bush
[email protected]


19 thoughts on “State Representative Steve Westra Announces South Dakotan’s for Jeb Bush Group”

  1. Westra and Timmerman in early. Smart move. Oh yeah, then there’s Hillary. Never mind.

  2. Republican my entire adult life. Worked hard for lots of candidates. Enough with the Bush family.

  3. Gonna max my contribution to the Bush family. Thanks to SCOTUS I can advance a nice chunk of change for some ear time. Gotta pay if you wanna play :).

  4. it’s a free world. maybe there should be a south-dakotans-for-cruz group, south-dakotans-for-paul group, south-dakotans-for-romney group, draft-thune group, etc. nothing wrong with that at all.

  5. No thank you… We don’t need more spying, more bailouts, more of the same failed policies on top of a bad immigration policy. Its time for something new from the Republican party.

  6. LOL…Seriously!? Have you read his track record? Bush or Clinton in 2016 i’m voting 3rd party. ENOUGH ALREADY WITH PROGRESSIVE IDEAS!

    1. I’m with you-if we can’t get a good candidate, the heck with the party. Steve Westra is off his rocker.

  7. Either are good. Just curious.

    Is this a group loosely affiliated with Jeb as best allowed by FEC law for fundraising and organization?

    Is this a group that is effectively a draft Jeb movement with a hope to deliver to him an organization and fundraise on his behalf?

  8. Rep. Westra is a well balanced person that I appreciate very much, but coming out this early for a Bush 3-peat is a little concerning. How does Westra know that he will not like another 2016 Rep. candidate once they announce? Coming out this early, begs the question, “What is in it for Westra?” An explanation from Westra would be great.

    Personally, I think Rubio has the best shot – Hispanic vote, Hispanic vote, Florida.

  9. So Steve Westra is a RINO? I don’t know how you can support a Jeb Bush presidency and not be a RINO. Sorry, Mr. Westra; I won’t take you seriously from now on. We don’t need Jeb Bush, the State doesn’t need Jeb Bush, the Country doesn’t need Jeb Bush, the world doesn’t need Jeb Bush. I can’t believe that we’re talking about another Bush presidency.

  10. early elimination of one of the best and most qualified potential presidents simply because of who he’s related to makes absolutely no sense. but keep screaming about it, i suppose there’s a healthy emotional release aspect to that. scream therapy or something.

    1. when you all are in a room somewhere arguing about whether rick santorum or ted cruz would be better as president, i hope you all step back and look at 1. what you’re doing, and 2. who benefits from your self-derailment.

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