State Representative Tim Rounds suffers stroke

Sad news from the Capital Journal, apparently State Representative Tim Rounds has taken ill, suffering a stroke:

State Rep. Tim Rounds is hospitalized after suffering what was apparently a stroke, sources said Sunday.

“That’s what we have been praying about all weekend,” one legislator told the Capital Journal.

But the family and some legislative members of the Republican legislator, who is 55, have kept the news pretty low-key. More than one Pierre area party leader hadn’t heard yet Sunday about Rounds’ hospitalization.

Rounds is from a big family. One of his 10 siblings is his older brother, U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D.

Read it all here in the Capital Journal.

Scary stuff. I just saw Tim a few weeks ago in DC, where he was visiting at the same time I was. Please keep he and his family in your prayers.

7 thoughts on “State Representative Tim Rounds suffers stroke”

  1. 55 years old and too young for this. Best wishes for Tim Rounds and his family that there will be minimal lingering effects from this stroke.

  2. Reading this is a kick in the gut. I grew up in Pierre and Tim is one year older than me. I could tell a hundred stories about the goodness of Tim as a person.

    I’m going to tell two stories for when Tim can read it. Tim’s senior year, he was the one of the inside linebackers and called the plays for defense (effective captain if not formal captain as I don’t remember for sure). While I didn’t start the first game, I got some playing time the first game and substantial time the second game replacing a very good friend of Tim’s and possibly the most popular member of the team. During those two weeks of practice, Tim went way out of his way to give me his famous forearm to the facemark or otherwise hit me harder than necessary in practice. But, when I was named a starter for the third game which continued for the rest of the year, Tim became my mentor. He’d call the play and then say to me things like “you gotta pinch the end” or “be sure to penetrate” or “don’t get sucked in by a fake.” The next year he came back to watch a game where I had taken his spot as one of the inside linebackers (not captain/calling the plays as his brother did that). While I wasn’t half the linebacker he was, I’ll never forget how much it meant to have him tell me after the game how well I had played (which when we reviewed the tape, my coaches didn’t think I had played so well).

    If you have Tim as a close friend, you are truly blessed. I pray for full and complete recovery because the world is better with Tim Rounds in it.

  3. Mr Committee Chair – get healthy, looking forward to giving you grief again in January – but want you healthy enough to dish back your fair share (as usual). 🙂

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