States' example to Congress…..cut spending

The Columbus Dispatch’s editorial recognizes the tough decisions their state’s governor has made — and calls on Congress to do the same.

Figured I’d share since most of us in South Dakota won’t see a paper  with a similar editorial.  Just saying….

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  1. larry kurtz

    Contrast doom and gloom with this from the editorial board of the Seattle Times:

    “Note: The Seattle Times editorial board commends the House Ways and Means Committee for holding a hearing HB 1550 to legalize marijuana, and also expresses its support for SB 5073 to license, tax and regulate growers and dispensaries for medical cannabis. This page has been part of it. On Feb. 20 we came out for regulation and taxation of cannabis for adult use, which HB 1550 would do through the state liquor stores. The bill?s sponsor, Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle, presented Hunter?s committee with an estimate that in the next biennium her bill could raise $441 million for the state.”

    1. anon


      There is money to be saved everywhere. Just look at Madison’s school project. I bet as a city council candidate you could come up with a way to save money.

      Same for Congress. Same for SD. Same for Madison.

      1. anonymous

        Congress is like Madison’s leaky water problem only they lose money instead of water… Where does it all go??????????????????????

        Cut spending and we will have more efficient workers.

  2. anon

    Kristi this is a story in the Argus written by Ellis a while back (Feb. 19) and I think this is pretty similar to what you are talking about. I thought Ellis did a good job.

    “…The go-where-the-money-is thinking makes sense if, like Daugaard, you’re intent on balancing the budget without raising taxes or using reserves. Compare Daugaard’s approach with that of Republicans at the national level, and you’re treated to a Tale of Two GOPs.

    House Republicans on Saturday approved about $60 billion in cuts to the remaining year’s budget. Fiscal conservatives will be pleased, but in the end, the cuts don’t follow the Daugaard Approach of going where the money is.

    The vast majority of the cuts target nondefense discretionary spending. They do not venture deeply into the thicket of entitlement spending or defense spending, an area of the federal budget known for harboring many a boondoggle…”

    1. Name

      I do not envy Republicans in leadership. Obviously they can’t shut the Government down but until the GOP does something drastic we won’t have a real discussion on what to do with the debt.

      1. Name

        Both sides are afraid to flinch first. They should learn to work together.

        The Dems would be in much better shape if Ried had lost.

        1. Name

          Really in the end if the Fed doesn’t get it together it won’t matter what the individual states do.

          I would like to see more leadership from the House GOP. 100Million in cuts is a joke.

          1. anon

            I find it amazing that this budget that can’t get passed is only 100 Million dollars. And the GOP is acting as if their cut is the cure to our problem.

            I know the Dems budget is pathetic but they are the ones who alway want to spend. 100 million is not going to solve thr problem.

            I don’t want to hear either side talk about themselves as selfrighteous when they are both not fixing the problem.

  3. duggersd

    There has been at least one plan put forth that at least brings up the issues of SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.
    I am not saying this is THE plan to use, but at least someone has put forth an idea. It is better than what has been done by either party (although this is put forth by a Republican). It is also better than the plan put forth by the administration (none). Unless these issues are addressed, we are just going to continue our downward spiral.
    Paul Rand has a 5 year plan as well.
    At least a couple of people are talking about it.

      1. duggersd

        I think it has more to do with nobody wants to go first. The first one to offer a plan gets attacked. Do you remember what happened to Noem when this first came out?


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