Stolen from Facebook: Can I get the state tourism mascots for my next campaign?

I was perusing facebook this morning, and noticed that Jordan Mason, a former Rapid City Councilman and Register of Deeds candidate had reposted the below pictures, and was commenting about electioneering, likely because it was a pro-civic center message in and around the in-person absentee polling place.


But, the thing that came to my mind was “aren’t these state tourism mascots?” and “What is 1/4 of the state tourism mascot doing promoting a particular position in an election?”

If they’re available for rent, let me know, as I’d love to have Teddy and Lincoln for a hospitality suite at the next GOP Convention.

(Update – Check out my latest post. Apparently, there are 2 sets of costumes. Kind of like a set of evil twins. One is owned by the state, which has noting to do with this, and one owned by the Rapid City CVB….. whom I’m guessing has a lot to do with this.)

3 thoughts on “Stolen from Facebook: Can I get the state tourism mascots for my next campaign?”

  1. I thought the Counties pushed a bill through in the last two years that clarified the county courthouse is not considered a polling location during absentee voting, only during election day itself..?

  2. as was explained in a later post by pp, these are rapid city cvb mascot costumes, not state tourism costumes. a picture out front of a building isn’t morally equivalent to standing out front of it harrassing voters and handing out flyers. this fb post is a lot of subtle delicate resentful equivocating rooted in local politics.

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