Talk of Raising Taxes

Way back in November I voted to send one person the the state Senate, and two people to the Statehouse. They were supposed to represent me and the other people in my district while making decisions on various subjects.  I would like to assume other districts throughout the state did the same.

One the hardest subjects they had to deal with this year is the state budget.  Some of the cuts was hard to swallow.  Everyone, every department, every area took a hit, including the governor’s staff.  There were very few, if any sacred cows in this year’s budget.  I trusted the people I sent to Pierre did the very best they could to ensure the cuts were fair.

For some people that is not good enough….

Motivated by deep cuts in state spending during the past legislative session, the coalition polled likely voters on their appetite for a sales tax increase to pay for state services.
“South Dakotans want the opportunity to vote on the issue,” said Dave Hewett, president of the state Association of Health Care Organizations.

from  July, 21 edition of the Argus Leader

We do?

Then why did we elect people to go Pierre?

This group is moving ahead to place a 1% sales tax increase on the November 2012 ballot as an initiated measure.  With all the money to education and and Medicaid.

If taxes need to be raised, I trust those who we elected to come back from Pierre and tell us that.  During the cracker barrels, on the blogs, facebook, press releases etc.  and I hope they would explain why taxes need to be raised.  If they can’t, then they will not receive my vote next election cycle.  Part of being an elected official is also to be the bearer of bad news.

Some of the things that help make the great state of South Dakota great, is the low taxes.  Our economy  is in the very beginning of mending, we have a long way to go before we start raising taxes.  Before anyone taxes get raised , someone should explain where is all the money that came from video lottery, fines and all the other things that is supposed to go to the local schools.  Raising state taxes should be the very last option.

I know some of you, might think I am anti-education.  To the contrary, I choose to give money my school’s PTA.  This year our PTA is planning, to put some money directly in the hands of teachers, so they can buy stuff for  their classrooms.  There are plans to fund a spring field trip.  I am working with several people to help provide refurbished desktop and portable computers to families that can’t afford them.  Our local community, has gotten behind our school, and is supporting it with money, material, time and expertise, our school board is learning to ask the community for help, before going to the state for help. The local community, has made a true investment in the school, not by demanding others give, rather by giving of itself.

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  1. springer

    The way I see this petition drive for a tax drive is that they are targeting both groups that people are quick to feel sorry for – old people and kids – by combining education and healthcare. Ridiculous. No way am I signing this. Medicaid’s problems are a result of the economy, which is being made worse by O’s and the Dem’s continued attacks on it via Obamacare, new regs, and job-killing actions (shutting down oil in the Gulf, no drill policies, NLRB actions, etc). And the above article demonstrates how school districts can come together to aid their own schools without relying on more moola from the gov’t. But I have to give it to this petition drive – the promoters latched onto the biggest tearjerker reasons for people to sign on. I just hope people see beyond this to what it actually is – more money out of our pockets that will not solve a problem but will make libs happy because they can say that people against this hate old people and kids. Way to go; they should be so proud.

  2. 73*

    I’m sure the education system will run better with a little less fat.

    Every section of the Government needed to cut a little so that the more important areas could be funded.

  3. Stan Gibilisco

    My take: A penny sales tax increase would go down by a margin of 40% to 60% in a referendum, unless groceries were exempted, in which case it would be a toss-up.

    As things look now, our elected officials are interested in raising revenue by eliminating some of the sales-tax exemptions, a sure-fire way to generate a whole lot of noise from a few people.

    I have mixed feelings about a sales-tax increase with groceries made exempt, but it sure beats a state income tax. Of course we should always question whether we actually need more revenue, or not.

  4. yoyoyoyoyo

    I think medicaid problems are more the result of outrageous cost of health care, although granted the economy has certainly put more people on the rolls.

  5. yeasure

    You South Dakotans are more lost than the rest of the country thinks you are if you believe you have lower taxes than other states. You may have a low rate in sales tax but because you have no income tax those moneys end up coming through your property taxes. Your property tax rates are much higher than many western states that have a meek (3% or less) state income tax.

    1. Anon

      I just looked in the Tax Foundation’s ‘Facts & Figures’ booklet.
      Here is what I found: 2008 per capita
      SD Avg Prop Tax $1072, rank 32, (50 being lowest am’t)
      MN 1273 20
      IA 1245 22
      NB 1399 16
      ND 1157 29
      MT 1221 25
      WY 2385 2

      Yeasure, somebody told you a falsehood!

    2. Anon

      As far as total state and local taxes go, per capita tax is:
      SD $3042 Rank 42
      MN $4651 Rank 7
      IA $3688 Rank 26
      NB $3960 Rank 19
      ND $3892 Rank 22
      MT $3216 Rank 38
      WY $4205 Rank 14

      1. Anonymous

        I am assuming that you were responding to Yeasure and not my comments with the info facts that I included.

  6. JD

    Looking forward, if they can get it on the ballot, to seeing this go down in flames.

    GANT: Please do us a favor and write the ballot language, rather than calling this a 1 cent increase, call it a 25% increase. Then let’s see how bad this goes down.

  7. golden

    Education has been stiffed for decades. Video Lottery monies were marketed as dollars committed to Education…Didn’t happen. The State’s share continues to decline putting more pressure on local schools. Anyone notice the 80+ School District Opt outs? In the old days, school districts set their levies and dollars stayed in the district. Now, the State controls too much. We’re going to have the dumbest generation ever to graduate in South Dakota’s history with continued K-12 Ed cuts.

  8. springer

    Sorry, but we aren’t going to have the dumbest generation in history if education monies are cut back. We instead might not have the fanciest buildings, or all the extracurriculars and ancillary services at taxpayer expense, or some of the fluff classes such as pottery, or as much unneeded administration and athletic directors etc. There is no need for actual education to suffer. If you look at our standing education-wise compared to many other nations, we already suffer and are throwing money at a system that isn’t working.


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