Tapio campaign staffer Shad Olson attacks Republican Legislative Leadership, Lora Hubbel has her legislative badge from 2011

Shad Olson, who is Republican Congressional Candidate Neal Tapio’s campaign majordomo participated in a podcast from some dude’s basement this past week.  And I don’t think he did the Tapio campaign any good in a discussion which took place with the participation of maybe-Republican gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel, who was live on location:

Takeaways from the interview?

  • Shad Olson claims colonialism is “alive and well,” but it’s the third world who is “invading the United States.”  And the third world is “dismantling the first world” as part of “Agenda 21.”
  • Lora Hubbel apparently still wears her State Representative legislative badge from 2011. Really. I’m not kidding:

  • Hubbel equates workforce development to Germany categorizing people to figure out who to eliminate.
  • Shad Olson went on a fairly pointed attack claiming that “RINOs end up running the herd in Pierre” and that it’s a “vomit inducing phenomena” to see “cowardly democratic liberal idiots posing as Republican leadership in the House and Senate.

I’m sure GOP House and Senate Leadership will appreciate the shout-out from Tapio’s campaign person.

On a personal note, my favorite portion of the interview must have been when Olson had a bizarre fantasy tale claiming he knows how this website (SDWC) came to be, claiming it was some big conspiracy with the Republican Party calling him trying “to start a statewide blog promoting the principles of the Republican Party.” “He turned them down” and “then they called a man by the name of Pat Powers, and the rest is history.” And that apparently I “may not realize it,” but apparently I “was at least second pick, if not 3rd or 4th.”

Suuuure….. Aside from the fact that the SDGOP didn’t always appreciate what I had to say, and they didn’t start advertising until 2011 or 2012.  If in 2005 the GOP got me to write my website as Olson claims, I sure got the raw end of that deal.  I should probably take some pride in the fact that a person can consider that ‘they’ve made it,’ when other people try to take credit.

The other takeaway I had is that of the hour Shad Olson was on the interview, he spoke about himself the entire time. Not about his boss Neal Tapio, and certainly not about the campaign.  He didn’t mention Neal’s background. He didn’t mention his policy positions. He didn’t mention his efforts in the legislature. He literally didn’t mention his boss Neal Tapio at all until maybe 1 hour and 4 minutes into the interview as he was signing off.   In fact, I think he actually spent more time talking about co-interviewee Lora Hubbel than he did the campaign he was working for.

If I was Neal Tapio, I think I’d be having some strong words with my campaign staffer as they’re coming down to 16 days until petitions are required to be turned in. ESPECIALLY if Neal doesn’t make the ballot.

Campaign staffers like Shad spend time engaging in self-aggrandizement instead of promoting the person he’s supposedly working for?

If that happens, and Tapio is unable to make the ballot, I’m sure everyone will be glad to let Shad take the credit.

50 thoughts on “Tapio campaign staffer Shad Olson attacks Republican Legislative Leadership, Lora Hubbel has her legislative badge from 2011”

    1. Tapio and Olson love to talk. They love the sound of their own voices.

      If they don’t make the ballot they will have plenty of time to talk with each other.

      1. Do you love to listen to them? Seems like you do since you claim to know how much they love the sound of their own voices;)

      1. lol. so. Show some respect Pat. She is your elder statesman. Just apologize to her. It’s good for the soul.

        1. Even Lora Hubbell and Jason Ravnsborg made the ballot in 2014. How does Tapio not? That big of train wreck?

  1. Hey S (forgot your last name) you are as arrogant as you are delusional. You can throw PP and DL’s names out but “this very powerful and important Republican” contacted you and despite the fact that s/he kicked you to the curb when s/he heard your unrealistic blog ideas because s/he knew no one would read it, shared with you the list of the next “three or four possible candidates. Great journalistic work. Don’t look: self-serving promotion going on here. My ears! My ears!

    Also, telling you to take a hike before “this important and powerful Republican” thought you were crazy was a stroke of genius. And truth be written you were secretly closeted in your detest of the Republican party of Reagan. Thus leading to a spension, way before the crazy flag caring delusional battalion took its marching orders. With the likes of GH, LH, SN, JFM, TH, and TK joining in the lower ranks.

    The silky smooth sake oil salesman voice that you project is impressive and is a nice blend with the screeching hair pulling voice that is LH. Kind of a woofer and tweeter thing.

    Suggestion — start your own blog. I can guarantee it will go the way of GH and his henchman BE.

    1. There wouldn’t be a bigger thud in politics than Tapio not making the ballot. What a train wreck.

      I don’t think he’d be missed but in 2 or 5 years he will be a good punchline.

      1. I am trying to decipher the initials…can someone help me?

        GH-Gordon Howie
        LH-Lynne Hix?? Disanto
        SN-Stace Nelson
        JFM-Julie Frye Mueller

  2. Starting to think democrats really do run the sd gop. Everything on this blog is anticonservatives. How much do you get paid to attack them a month? Who thinks you are good for the gop?

    1. Let’s play a game. Let’s share all the falsehoods, party afflilation and press conferences with Demos and flat out lies that that we have been witnessed to.

      Cue Horseshack from Welcome Back Kotter.


      Starting with “I wasn’t involved with the robocalls”.

      1. You’re upset, you’ve certainly made clear. I’m curious, do you think games are won with name-calling and hate speech?

        There’s a game the well-respected Troy Jones likes to play, it’s called – ‘Find the Coward’. According to TJ, you, Anny, are a coward because you won’t back your statement with your name. Are you a coward? Would you consider Shad Olson a coward? You want to play games, but I don’t think you want to play this game, do you?

          1. Okay? To get on a ballot, one might come to the understanding that talking is part of a political strategy. Though I may be wrong, sitting back and being silent has been attempted by some winning campaigns…never.

        1. “I’m curious, do you think games are won with name-calling and hate speech?”

          Yes, it does work, but usually not done by establishment politicians because they are suppose to be only puppets.

    1. Doubtful, she usually includes her name with posts. Though I have heard people who usually state their name will also post as anonymous. I think it has something to do with attempting to get feedback, start a discussion or direct the narrative in their favor. Whatever the reason, they don’t always do a very good job, the comments are very scripted and are getting easier to identify.

  3. The she took off the badge for a photo on KOTA Anybody believe for a minute she didn’t know what she was doing making people at the home show think she was still a legislator? Busted!

  4. How many signatures does Tapio need to make the ballot? Are there that many that fall for his fear mongering and inability to get anything done as a legislator?

    1. Your grammar skills are much more developed and you present your thoughts with more clarity. Your comment about Democrats and their attempts to push out the pro-life base was memorable;) It’d be more enjoyable if you came around more often.

  5. By the way, I am watching a Netflix documentary called “Patient Seventeen,” about a surgeon who claims to remove the microchips which have been implanted by aliens.

    1. Oh dear, the surgeon died four years ago. Where will people turn to for help now?

      1. Was that on an episode of the X-Files TV show but they somehow believed it was real?

      2. Anne – Have you seen the recordings released of Navy pilots capturing unexplained flying objects on their radars? Not saying there’s any type of alien microchip party taking place, but the videos are very interesting.

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