14 thoughts on “That’s one of the saddest rooms in Pierre.”

  1. Where’s the picture of the happy Republican caucus? Oh that’s right, Republicans have closed-door meetings. Wouldn’t want those darn constituents to get in the way.

    1. Democrats only have open meetings until they don’t. If they actually have something to discus, they close their meeting. At least the Republicans are honest about it.

    1. that’s a convenient way of spinning the mainstream republicans’ lack of interest in your faction’s hurt feelings.

  2. I’m not sure why Billie, Stephanie and Brendan don’t go raise the money for the Dems. I know they lost to Kristi last time but he came darn close and they have a few bright spots in Sioux Falls.

    I guess I expected more from the D’s after that near upset by Billie.

  3. a number of us have plainly told democrats what they have to do to reclaim their half of this state and they won’t do it. a relevant and successful democrat in sd looks like a blue state republican to the bernie crowd.

  4. Yeah the Dems are a joke, but it would be nice to have a few more grownup Republicans in the room who aren’t hell bent on embarrassing us with their all-for-show social agenda.

    1. RIGHT THERE is a comment that cuts both ways. i can’t think of something that’s more for ‘all for show’ than a series of draconian bills that each have a clause which bans future political participation by anyone who votes ‘no’ on the bills. give me a break. ha.

  5. Enquirer,

    Because I believe our nation and state are better served by vibrant discussion and debate between to viable political parties, in the past, I gave honest assessments of issues without political spin and my best advice to Democrats here, on Dakota Free Press, and in private. These assessments and advice were met with derision and rejected as some type of reverse psychology or trap by Democrats.

    So, as much as I desire a functional Democratic Party, I realize they are not in a rational place able to receive to contemplate anything not formed inside their group-think basement.

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