The RCJ Called out In an Official City Meeting (updated)

The Rapid City Urinal (Journal) was called out in in a official city meeting for conflict in interest and disrespecting the current board member in reporting on the recent city election.

It was even added to the official agenda.

The rant starts at about 11: 55 into the video.

I’m not sure if this is just sour grapes after losing, or Mrs. Hadcock has a legitimate concern. However, someone from the RCJ editorial board should have been present to at least hear their their concerns, and maybe address their concerns if not during the meeting, at least afterwards.

The name calling is definitely uncalled for.


Now that I have enjoyed some fantastic ribs, cooked by the best wife in all the land.  We can deal with this issue

1.        This is legal and finance committee meeting!  This is not the correct venue to voice a personal opinion of any business not directly related to the business at hand.  There is a place and time for everything, this is neither.

2.       The Rapid City Journal among other things is a business.  Unless the way they are conducting their business affects the scope and purpose of the committee, the board members should not be commenting on the number of employees, or the percentage of employees leaving or even the state of that business.  The Rapid City Journal?s business is just that, business of the Rapid City Journal.

3.       The Rapid City Journal is a private business.  They own the presses; they buy the paper and the ink. They can print whatever they want to print; (so long as it isn?t libel) they can report on events however they want to report on events.   If the reporting is shoddy, then that is their choice.  If the reporting is excellent, great more power to them.  If the members of this board have issue with the reporting, then they are more than welcome to start their own news organization.

4.       Respect is a two way street.  Calling people and businesses names is most disrespectful.  I would like to think that as elected officials, the members of this board would rise above petty school yard name calling and call people and businesses by their proper names.  There was a time I would call the Argus leader the Argus Liar; I have since seen the error in my ways and now address the company by it proper name.

5.       Speaking of respect.  If you are going to comment on a business, at a public meeting it would be considered a curiosity to notify that business that they will be the topic of discussion at the board meeting.  This way they could address any concerns the board may have.   Adding them as a last minute agenda item, then voicing a personal opinion of that company, is not only unprofessional and unethical it is also being a coward.

Deb Hadcock owes the Rapid City Journal, the people of Rapid City, and the public in general a public apology.  However, because she lost her voice and her mind at the same time, we shouldn?t look forward to an apology anytime soon.


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  1. caheidelberger

    Huh? The Rapid City Journal should have anticipated that the City Legal and Finance Committee would make a last-minute addition to their agenda to permit an unsubstantiated rant from a defeated alderwoman about the newspaper? And someone from the editorial board should have rushed over to respond to that rant on the spot? RCJ had a reporter present. Was the reporter supposed to step out of his journalistic role and address this rant?

    I would think a conservative website would be more riled up about the waste and politicization of city commission time than about the absence of the editorial board from this meeting.

    1. MC Post author

      Cory, I have other things in the fire right now (ribs mostly), Once I have digested it all (the video & the ribs) I will give you more to chew on (no pun intended) I wanted to get this out quickly, so everyone can see it.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve gotten so I don’t even read the RCJ much since they hired Montgomery. (Not because of a political leaning it’s just not interesting writing – his style isn’t to my liking)

    I read plenty of Argus Leader articles and prefer Johnathon Ellis he seems to be a good reporter who writes interesting stories. He also has a better understanding of SD politics.

    1. dissident

      i’ve gotten so i don’t read anything in the argus leader except the obituaries; it always cheers me up to see that change is coming to the chemical toilet after all.

  3. caheidelberger

    Wow: unless there was a strange drop-out in the audio, she actually says “Rapid City Urinal” when she adds it to the agenda at the opening. Total lack of class.

  4. TCMack

    I have not watched the video, but here is the comments that the Rapid City Journal editorial board said about here on the 3rd of June. As a ward two resident, and someone saw here in the debates. The first line is spot on.

    “Hadcock has been brash with the public, wasted public money on junkets she defends as amenities that were earned, and is often vague with her answers. She has had a contentious relationship with fellow Ward 2 alderman Sam Kooiker, which can be a distraction to her ability to serve the best interests of her constituents. She doesn’t listen to her constituents as well as Kooiker. She also doesn’t consider the city’s abuse of executive sessions as issue, a sign that maybe it is time for a fresh perspective on open government.”

    Read more:

  5. Guard

    In recent years, I’ve lost interest in both newspapers. In my opinion, reporting in “that Sioux Falls Paper” as Corey has coined it (aka: the Argus) has gone down hill in the past decade. That newspaper use to be bigger and had more local news stories. Today, both papers are very slim with little indepth news coverage. So, I wouldn’t sweat this incident at all. Besides, I get more of my news from monitoring the entire blogosphere now as many other people do. Maybe that is why some at the Argus were quick this year to write-off the blogs (left, middle, and right) as “not important” anymore because they actually still are and growing so by the year.

  6. grudznick

    I no longer spend a dime (or 4 quarters) on either of the two trashy newspapers in this state. I absolutely refuse to give them any of my well earned and sparse cash. I find the smaller town papers to be far better.

    I am no fan of Ms. Hadcock, but I am glad she called those scumbags to the carpet and hope she flogs with with a willow stick on the buttocks.

    1. duggersd

      The day my dog dies is the day I drop the Argus. Right now, bringing in the paper is one of her highlights of the day. It is kind of a spendy indulgence, but what can I say? I like my dog to have hobbies.

  7. Truthinator

    You are right about the respect issue in your “upgrade.” I look forward to your gentler handling of Argus Leader opinions from here on out. You do intend to follow your own ideals, don’t you?

  8. Lee Schoenbeck

    Need to keep the newspaper thing in perspective, when people comment on it going “downhill”. it is a busienss,a nd one with a lot of competition now for the delivery of current information. It is also a slower form of delivering current info. So they have business challenges that drive down revenue and have to impact who they can hire to write content. I still like my daily papers a lot, and what I can’t get there — like most of us here – I find it for free on the internet. Not really worth complaining about change. but I am also getting sick and tired of all these autos going by our place – what happened to the horses? and 10 cent Cokes?

  9. ValleyGirl

    I have lost any and all respect of the RCJ after this election. Their manner of report their own opinions as hard news was often appalling. This is especially given their significant stake in certain measures on the ballot. Such measures that would weed out a particular form of competition for their ad revenues.

    1. MC Post author

      I am not defending the RCJ, or agreeing Mrs. Hadcock opinion of them. Just the place and way that opinion was voiced.

  10. no-fan

    In 2007, in this same paper, Hadcock clobers Sam during his mayoral campaign, here are a few quotes from her column,,,

    “Kooiker’s votes have little to do with facts”

    “Sam does not attend committee meetings”

    “Sam’s past performance is not leadership or action”

    “He votes primarily to promote his image of contrarian and concerned councilman.”

    “Do you really want to vote for someone that continually goes into the council meetings unprepared and doesn’t know the facts before he has to vote?”

    “I have rarely seen Kooiker offer any solutions”

    Given what she did to Sam in 2007, I think the RC Journal was to kind to her. As the saying goes – If you cant take it, dont dish it out,,,

  11. Anonymous

    I just watched it and am in full agreement with her comments. However, MC, you are correct. That was no forum to make those comments (but super glad she said what is on most of our minds).


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