Thoughts and Prayers to our friends in Pierre & Ft. Pierre

The news has been carrying many stories about the flooding that Pierre and Ft. Pierre are facing.  The only positive that I can find is that our friends have time to get their belongings together and get it out of the way before most of the water….but that’s only a small comfort really.

If your plans this week don’t include packing your stuff or sandbagging your home, take a few minutes to think of our friends whose plans do.

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    1. feasant

      The Corps is 100% responsible. They knew how much snow there was, they had the runoff estimates. There should have been more water released in Jan – April. There should be some heads rolling.

  1. Name

    Are not the words of power CUT, CUT, CUT.
    I doubt those words have any meaning to those who are now in trouble from HI water.
    Seems funny to say things like that until it has one under the gun………………

  2. NE SD

    I have many relatives in Pierre and am concerned for all the folks there, however the issue of flooding has been persistent the last few years for all of Northeastern South Dakota. At least when the river goes down, the water goes away. Residents and Producers in Northeastern SD don’t see the water disappear because it has no where to go.

  3. Curious

    Which federal government agency is going to bail out flooded Republicans? Did they engage in personal responsibility and buy insurance? Will the same people that complain about federal government deficits have their hands out for cash borrowed from the Chinese and future generations? Does Kristi Noem want federal money for SD flooding, or should the federal government just keep the money in the name of deficit reduction?

  4. CaveMan

    Curious this is not time to be playing poly-sci student accusing anyone of anything in politics. THESE are real people who work and live in and on the Missiouri River in both North and South Dakota and if this water holds high for a month they will all possibly be rebuilding. We are also talking about bike trails, parks, and river access roads to name a few in every city along the Missiouri which will see terrific damage. Moving trucks are in Ft. Pierre hauling everything out that fits to be stored until the water levels go down. And when the jet stream moves north we should all keep our eyes to the sky for what is happening in the South today is coming here in a couple weeks.

    GodSpeed to everyone!

    1. Curious

      What I’m talking about is whether there will be an absence of hypocrisy on the part of Republicans. They do a lot of preaching. Now let’s see whether they practice what they preach.

  5. Les

    You are right Feasant, the Army Corp is a dysfunctional arm of the gov which spends most of its time protecting their own interests rather than looking out for the best interests of the responsibilities placed in their hands. Heads should roll in the traditional guillotine fashion. This is no less criminal than any felony on today’s front page.

    1. Anon

      I hear that state employees were told they needed to take vacation to sandbag their own homes on Friday, so did anyone that wanted to help. My office in Pierre simply said you got someone to help, go help. Sad. This will produce many stories, some true, some not, and not many kind to the people in charge.

  6. Name

    I have much to say about the Corp’s action and implications but won’t go there. I’ve seen people work themselves to exhaustion with no alternatives, only despair. Each day the “worse-case scenario” gets worse with no end in sight. If you look at the expected flooding maps, Ft Pierre seemingly could get wiped out- And we’ve heard that the flood waters will be here for 2+ months. I can’t imagine what these home/businessowners are facing.
    I’ve seen 1 small benefit to all this-the community members are coming together to help. Many people have spent many hours filling sandbags, helping move, storing stuff in garages, prepping food, etc. Small consolation. This is what a community does.

  7. J Rae

    So the Dakota Dunes is getting hit even harder. The whole community is being evacuated. Seems that they might just be a little of an after thought in this whole thing. Prayers to our friends in the Dunes.


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