Thune, GOP leadership not interested in shutdown.

From politico, South Dakota’s senior US senator, John Thune, would not appear to be interested in a government shutdown. And Senate GOP leadership just out maneuvered Ted Cruz in preventing it.

“We had to be prepared,” said John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 3 Senate Republican. “He’s running for national office. He’s got a different endgame than we do. There are things we have to do here. We’ve got to fund the government every year.”

By moving to quarantine Cruz from the rest of the conference over the past three months, the majority leader demonstrated that he’s learned the lessons of the Cruz-backed government shutdown in 2013 and the Texas senator’s rogue strategy last winter that helped Democrats confirm a raft of judges in the lame duck session. In doing so, McConnell cemented his position atop the Senate GOP, dashing any hopes among House Republicans, or conservative activists, that his future might be in doubt.

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These comments were also echoed by the Senator on MSNBC on September 21st, according to Newsmax:

Shutting down the government is not the answer to stopping Planned Parenthood, Sen. John Thune said Monday, pointing out that President Barack Obama will veto legislation that does away with the organization’s funding.

“I think there’s a better way to do this,” the South Dakota Republican, who chairs the Senate Republican Conference, told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. “I think we’re going to get an opportunity not only to continue to fund the government, but to put something on the president’s desk that would redirect funding from Planned Parenthood to community centers.”

A government shutdown, Thune continued, would end “badly for our party,” and Republicans would bear the brunt of the blame.

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Does standing firmly against a government shutdown solidify Thune’s position for the fall 2016 election? What do you think?

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  1. Well, now that McConnell has let Cruz commit political suicide in the Senate, who’s going to straighten out the forty radicals in the House who intend to take the country hostage – let’s call them the Cruz Coalition.

    1. Aren’t the Democrats who want to fund terrorism via Iran and who want to kill babies all the way up to birth radical in your book? I guess anything goes so long as there is no moral base.

      I think it’s radical to elect an idiot who hasn’t really accomplished anything and has no backbone to the highest office in the land. Way to go radical Democrats! You really helped out our kids and grandkids.

    2. Heisenberg, the answer to your question is ‘Nancy Pelosi’. She and Hoyer still run the House. Have you noticed? 😉

  2. Government shutdown is such a ridiculous thing anymore. It’s time to change the way the govt is funded. Don’t include everything in one giant bill that includes pork and who knows what. Get a line item budget, pass each item separately.

    As far as a govt shutdown, why is that always the GOP’s fault? Well, because of the spin put on it by the media and the Dems and the fact that the GOP doesn’t do anything to change the mantra. Put a bill on Obama’s desk and let HIM veto it, then the onus is on HIM.

    So now we are spending our way once again for a few more months into oblivion, and it’s just fine with the GOP establishment. Go along to get along. And the GOP wonders why people are fed up with it. The little people don’t count, common sense doesn’t count, and the DC establishment wins again. Whoop-de-doo.

    1. springer, you ask a salient question there: “why is it always the GOP’s fault?”

      The answer is this: There is a group of no-compromise members of the House. They have not learned through history that operating a government requires compromise. Reagan and Clinton and the Congresses they served with made a lot of compromises and did some great things to advance the country’s interests.

      This bunch, however, picks out a toothpick-sized issue out of a forest of context and are ready to go down with the ship. They simply aren’t on pace with the general public, although very loved by their sliver of supporters back in their districts.

      When the far, far right put forward issues that the majority agree with, then they get to control the message.

      They need to actually put some thought to their positions for once and then pick a fight they can win. I can’t remember the last fight they won – either in Washington or out in the country with popular opinion.

      I completely agree with Anderbilt below: It’s not conservative. It’s waste. Anderbilt thinks McConnell should follow Boehner’s lead, but it would take a nuclear blast to get him out of there. He’s not going voluntarily, has survived being primaried and a pretty good challenge from the left. We’re stuck with him.

      1. “…operating a government requires compromise”. When have the Dems compromised on anything in the last seven years? Obama stated his “willingness” to compromise when after winning and discussing at one of the first meetings with other politicos in DC that “we won.” So in other words, shut up and let us get on with fundamentally transforming America. He didn’t compromise on Obamacare, even though the American people didn’t want it. He didn’t compromise on immigration; in fact, he ordered others to ignore existing law if it interfered with his wishes. He didn’t compromise on environmental issues; he simply ordered EPA to go around Congress and do as he commanded. This is not the way a true leader leads; it is the way a dictator operates.

      2. Please offer me some examples of compromises President Obama has offered. Taking the PP money and distributing it to other entities that offer health services such as mammograms that PP does not offer would be an example.

        1. What the heck does PP not offering have to do with anything? They do as many places do, refer a patient to a place with the equipment and radiologists. Would you rather your precious tax money was used in buying very expensive equipment and hiring radiologists? Of all the wing-nut whining on any issue this one is the goofiest.

          1. Um, maybe because they CLAIM they offer mammograms???? So, simple answer is they lie about what they offer. This money could be better spent on other organizations that do offer such things. Why do you want to spend your precious tax money on butchering babies? See the videos.

            1. “maybe because they CLAIM they offer mammograms”– You made the claim, you prove it… Post a link to that claim. I don’t think you can.

            2. duggersd sir, you said–“Um, maybe because they CLAIM they offer mammograms???? So, simple answer is they lie about what they offer.”— Should we assume now that it was you that “lied”?

          2. We’re told that Obamacare is here to take care of the medical needs of everyone.

            So, tell us why we need PP in the age of Obamacare?

            1. “Millions fall in the Medicaid gap in states that didn’t expand Medicaid, and millions more have yet to get coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

              Planned Parenthood gives millions of low-income men and women in non-expansion states somewhere to turn for reproductive health services, education, and information. “Even in states that expanded Medicaid, Planned Parenthood helps both those with and without insurance including those with Marketplace coverage. Free birth control, cancer screenings related to sexual health, STI screenings, and maternity care may be covered under ObamaCare, but even people with coverage still need a place to get those services.”

              PP is there it’s clinics are established,most womens clinics are awash in patients, I would bet that most of those clinics get fed. dollars.Why would “you people” suggest PP close when it gets 5 million patients a year? What would be the point except the willful vengeful ignorance of the faux lifers? What the hell does it matter to you where women get their basic medical tests ? If it is through Obama care or
              “free” clinic you would still whine about your tax penny being used—
              This current PP bashing started because of the sleazy doctored videos that even used a still born claiming it was a fetus at a PP clinic and “you people” as usual lapped it up as you do with any conspiracy idiocy that fits your opinion.—-You sir, tell me anything done by PP that was illegal or unethical, more than a dozen states, you can guess which ones have investigated PP and found NOTHING that even those states could whine about.

  3. There is an argument to be made for the simple truth: the President’s veto pen is invincible, and any action conservatives want that wastes and squanders political capital is not conservative. It’s waste. I think proclaiming McConnell’s victory is a little early though. He should follow Boehner’s lead and get out.

  4. There is a fundamental difference between Boehner as Speaker and McConnel as Majority Leader.

    Speaker is elected by the entire House of Representatives. When there are 31 Republicans who desire the Speaker to be replaced, the other 216 Republicans no longer have the majority leaving two options: Resigning or getting Democrats to cross over. The 30+ members who thwarted the will of the over 200 majority may have a price to pay with regards to influence going forward.

    Majority Leader is elected by the Republican caucus. Until there are 28 Senators who want McConnell gone, he is going no place.

    1. I wonder why there aren’t 28 Republicans who understand the Mitch needs to get out and let someone else actually exercise conservative leadership.

      We need to stop the Democrat agenda at every turn as it is basically an attempt to implement Socialism.

      Everybody who wants Socialism instead of having freedom, raise your hand!

      1. Would you want to give up the socialist programs we use everyday? If you say no, you are a hypocrite…..Look them up.

    2. Well that is apropos…… McConnell’s been going no place the past 7 years…..and Johnnie Hoops is tagging along right behind him. If Mitch ever suddenly stops short. it will require emergency surgery to extract Johnny’s nose from Mitch’s keister.

  5. Something that the moderate and liberal pundits are missing is the fact that the GOP conservative base are fed up with the GOP “leadership” rolling over and surrendering every time a Republican issue comes up.

    Disgusting to see Thune throwing conservatives under the bus.

    1. So, Ted Cruz was ready to throw everyone under the bus to make some headlines, not caring if it made it more difficult to get Republicans elected, and you’re complaining about Thune?

      Did you miss the part where Rand Paul shredded Cruz for it?

      Rand Paul on Tuesday said fellow Republican presidential candidate Ted. Cruz is “done for” in the Senate.

      “Ted has chosen to make this really personal and chosen to call people dishonest in leadership and call them names, which really goes against the decorum and also against the rules of the Senate, and as a consequence, he can’t get anything done legislatively,” Paul told Fox News Radio. “He is pretty much done for and stifled and it’s really because of personal relationships, or lack of personal relationships, and it is a problem.”

      1. Do you remember when the shutdown led by Cruz was said to be the end of the chances for the Republicans to get the Senate? And yet the Republicans gained 9 seats. The Republicans asked the voters to get them the Senate so they could stand up to Obama. What have they done to stand up to this tyrant? Maybe another shutdown would yield another gain of 9 seats.
        Should the Republicans push Obama on the Planned Parenthood funding? If you watch this, please be advised it has graphic content. I had to stop. How anybody can justify funding an organization that does what is going on here is beyond me. When do we see the funding of other entities Thune mentions?

        1. Would be nice if Republicans actually started voting like Republicans and stood on principles. Vote the way they are supposed to and let Obama veto, its on him at that point. All this whining that they have to do what Obama wants is just BS.

  6. There is a reason Rand Paul is about to quit the Presidential race. His endorsement of McConnell in the last Kentucky Senate Race. Paul got Potomac fever and it ruined his credibility.

    1. Bingo! Rand joined the moderates and played get along to get ahead politics by supporting McConnell and now people are giving him the heave ho.

      @Pat Powers I want to see our Republicans stand up for the principles they claim they have and vote the way they told us they would. Thune & moderate company told us all that if we got them a majority in the House and Senate that they would act like Republicans and fight Obama’s agenda. Voting with the Democrats and advancing Obama’s agenda is not fighting him, unless we are talking about the French..

  7. FYI, if the GOP had the cajones to send a bill to Obama without funding for Planned Parenthood, executive amnesty, etc., and Obama vetoes it? Its Obama shutting down the government, not the GOP.

    Tired of ‘Republicans” acting like cowards and voting like Democrat light as the US continues to slide Left into debt and Socialism.

  8. Senate Republicans need to find a new majority leader. No doubt about it. It’s too late to pile all of the party’s hopes into this budget bill. McConnell has dropped the ball all year long over and over. He should pay the price for that.

  9. I am all for Kevin McCarthy after he accidently told the truth about the Benghazi hearings. The slimy un-American Repugs trying to use dead Americans for political reasons… It was always obvious but for the future Speaker to actually say it was needed….for America and the Dems.
    “You people” deserve McCarth as speaker….gonna be entertaining.

    1. Genius move. Saying out loud what everybody knew was true.

      And the great support the Republicans got from their mangled Planned Parenthood hearing shows the high quality of the congressional Republican intellect!

      Two more massive gifts for Hillary Clinton. Congratulations Republicans!

  10. Bills similar to Newt & Bill Clintons “Welfare to Work” legislation coming from the “Contract with America” should be flying onto Obama’s desk for either passage or vetoing. God only knows what is in McConnells head as to why they have made political life easy for President Obama.

  11. I have always thought well of Rand Paul and still do because my inclinations are often more libertarian than conservative. And, I believe he holds this positions via deeply held conviction. The assertion he has “joined moderates” or the like belies a lack of understanding there is a distinction between libertarianism and conservatism.

    Yes, on many issues conservatism and libertarianism overlap. But many times the rationale is different and/or the method of achieving it is different.

    Rand Paul, as did his father, recognize this distinction. However, better than his father, Rand is trying to bring people into the libertarian mindset via an intellectual conversion. And, whether they be liberal, moderate or conservative, he reacts against any and all illogical, anti-intellectual and emotional arguments.

  12. I do not think the moderates on here understand what is at stake nationally. Americans gave the GOP a majority in the Senate and the House, as was asked, so that the GOP could OPPOSE Obama. Now? Thune, Rounds, Noem, etc., are continuing to RAISE the national debt ceiling giving in on funding programs many Republicans adamantly oppose, without even a whimper, and without a fight.

    Without even having a majority in either chamber? Reid and Pelosi continue to lead both chambers direction.

    Republicans were promised by these candidates that they would STOP Obamacare, 10 months in and they have done nothing but support it with their votes to fund it.

    1. Good point. I hope you will point out to all the moderates in here exactly what is at stake. They need to hear it.

      1. Haaaaaaaaa, poor baby flying monkeys are always the victims…. I love the sound of the wackydoodles whining in the morning… The (R) party wanted this bunch just like they wanted the racists in the 60’s… they gotem..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahagha snot..etc.

  13. BULL ROAR, Johnnie Boy! Even the rubes and the hicks out in the provinces are on to you and your fear-mongering. Hell, I was a fed during the Newt Gingrich government shut-down and I was looking forward to a break from it so I could go out and work in a lumber yard for awhile. Alas– I never got laid off. All essential government services remain open and functioning.

    The only thing that you fear about a government shut-down is being out-smarted yet again by those cunning, clever, pesky Democrats who make fools out of you week in, week out and THREATEN YOUR POWERFUL chairmanships.

    You are a D I S G R A C E !

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