Thune Offers Remarks Ahead of Tonight’s State of the Union Address

Thune Offers Remarks Ahead of Tonight’s State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today offered remarks on what he hopes to hear from President Obama ahead of the State of the Union address tonight:

“President Obama’s State of the Union address will play an important role in setting the tone for the next Congress and I hope he will outline a new path forward working with Republicans to rebuild our economy from the ground up, creating jobs and strengthening the middle class. Americans want to know if the president will promote a positive, bipartisan agenda and join Republicans on working to find solutions to increase economic opportunity for all. Or, based on his rhetoric from the past few weeks, will he deliver yet another unserious political speech that overpromises and under delivers the same failed policies that grow government at the expense of the hard-working American taxpayer?

“The economy is a top priority for the majority of Americans. Although the recession officially ended more than five years ago, too many Americans are still struggling to make ends meet. Wages have remained stagnant, and median household income has dropped almost $3,000 since the president took office. And the president’s response to this is: more burdensome taxes that will hurt small businesses, farmers, and ranchers; more spending to pile debt on the back of the next generation; and more top-down regulations to stifle innovation and economic freedom.

“While the president’s message remains the same, South Dakotans have a reason to be hopeful.

“The new Republican majority is focused on a future that embraces and fights for the potential of Americans, not the government.

“We are fighting to reform the tax code so it’s simpler, more efficient and fairer.

“We are pushing to approve common-sense, bipartisan jobs bills, starting with passing the Keystone XL pipeline legislation.

“Republicans will also take up other bipartisan jobs measures that were stuck in the Democrat-led Senate for far too long, including repealing the job-killing medical device tax and reinstating the 40-hour workweek that was shortened by ObamaCare.

“In addition to passing job-creating legislation, Republicans will also make oversight a priority in the new Congress.

“The Obama Environmental Protection Agency has proposed regulations that would drive Americans’ energy prices through the roof and result in the loss of tens of thousands of American jobs.

“Americans’ priorities are Republicans’ priorities. We have a reform agenda to strengthen the middle-class, create jobs, increase wages, and lower health care and energy costs. Not the failed, top-down approach the president repeats year after year. We are eager to get to work on behalf of the American people and we hope the president will join us in this effort.”


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  1. Please, Mr. Thune – rebuild the economy!

    I am sick of record stock market levels. Sick of record corporate profits and low unemployment – especially since we were losing 1.5 million jobs per month at the end of W’s eight years.

    I’m sick and tired of $1.75 gas, too, and incensed that during the Obama years the US has become the largest oil producer on the planet.

    I’m especially angry that all this happened despite herculean Republican efforts to stop this progress at all costs.

    Please, Thune, bring back the days when the US was in a depression because of the so-called Capitalists who lost trillions and stuck us with the bill through their purchased politicians – which include you.

    Please bring all the old good stuff back! I’m afraid you’ll have to wait two years, though. Obama has already positioned you for the next Presidential election and you don’t even know it. Hillary will be much easier for you to work with…

    1. Yes, I agree it’s just terrible! And my 401K is completely out of control, growing way too much. Please Mr. Thune, make it stop! I know you can.

    2. american oligarchy – we know that you desperately want your clever nickname to become the actual governmental reality for the united states, and you well know during the last six years we have come a long way toward becoming a new kind of oligarchy on this planet. you have demonstrated in here that there is no lie or distortion too big to insert into any civil argument you come across. you have demonstrated that no counterargument that can be sanely offered to you is able to sway your thinking. so continue to have fun lobbing your stupid insults, slander and epithets, and should we be unlucky enough to have mrs clinton win a presidential race, please enjoy the oligarchy that will be unleashed by her ascendance. just so we’re clear on this. you are wrong.

      1. And you have demonstrated that capitalization and punctuation are not necessary to spew dogma. Look, you should go watch FOX more and then you will feel better.

        Tell me what I wrote above is not true.

        1. god, the retort of every idiot who can’t keep up: “fox news” …. for the record i can’t stand fox news either, but i have a thing against liars of all stripes.

    3. p.s. thank republicans for the ultra low gas prices. whenever the u-s moves toward energy independence, the classic opec ploy is to make it as economically unviable as it can by glutting the market and dropping prices. the job figures and economic recovery you cite is a product of bogus statistics. if this nation ends up with a successive democrat administration, putting the lock on the societal unraveling that has already begun, this nation will deserve everything it gets. i don’t know what country you were living in, but the entire eight years of george bush were pretty darn good up until the democrats took congress in 2007, whereupon the cramdown socialist crony capitalist revolution began in earnest. so don’t waste our time here moaning about the so-called evils that the republicans are about to foist on you. do not.

        1. retort number two of the lame “oh you need your fox news and your meds right now, you’re crazy.” ha. whatever.

        2. oligarch you know you can’t defend the kleptocracy. you can’t even begin to admit it exists.

          1. Whatever. I do know these things.

            Gas is cheap.

            The stock market has consistently hit new highs.

            Corporate profits are at record highs.

            Unemployment is low – the lowest it has been in a long time.

            53% of Americans think the economy is on the right track.

            Incredibly painful, isn’t it. Not what you will hear much inside the echo chamber, but like they say – you can have your own opinions, but the facts speak for themselves.

            1. the stock market is in the hands of crony capitalists, it has been since late 2008. i mentioned gas prices already, from a september high to a ten year low in just two months time around election time, then even lower to end the year? it’s a production glut meant to lock in foreign oil dependence. i know you know what the experiential evidence is, your list of why things are as they are is what i greatly disagree with. sorry.

  2. Am. Only,

    If I thought you had the intelligence and honesty to understand, I would run through how many logic fallacies you are able to spew in on post. Instead, I will just say your deception won’t fool anyone. You look as silly as the Nelson-Howie-hubbel crowd.

    1. And so do you. You apparently have a problem formulating sentences that make sense. Spell much?

    2. Actually Troy, if you thought I would buy the dogma you pontificate in here you would spend a couple hours putting together yet another treatise to “educate” us dummies.


      Cheap gas?

      High stock market?

      Record corporate profits?

      Lowering unemployment?

      While all of these facts make you feel very uncomfortable because they have happened during Obama’s terms – and despite every effort against him by Republicans – they are facts, not fallacies.

      I understand you like to live in your comfy fantasy world where the one rule is Obama = bad, but it just doesn’t have its basis in reality.

      Don’t worry so much. This set of horrible circumstances will only last two more years. I think Hillary will be much easier for Republicans to deal with.

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