Thune: Senate Democrats Silence Voices of American People on Iran Deal

thuneheadernew John_Thune,_official_portrait,_111th_CongressThune: Senate Democrats Silence Voices
of American People on Iran Deal
“Unfortunately, extreme party loyalty has prevailed over national security, and now the American people are stripped of an opportunity to make their voices heard …”

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) issued the following statement after Senate Democrats blocked a vote on the president’s nuclear concession deal with Iran, effectively silencing the voices of the American people:  

“Just a few short months ago, Senate Democrats and Republicans agreed the American people deserve to have their voices heard on the president’s nuclear concession deal with Iran. But today, a majority of Senate Democrats reversed course completely and refused to vote on an agreement that poses a significant threat to the safety, stability, and security of the American people.

“This is a bad deal. It provides Iran with billions of dollars to fund acts of terrorism in the region while failing to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran. Even many Senate Democrats who are opposing an up-or-down vote admit this agreement has major problems. Unfortunately, extreme party loyalty has prevailed over national security, and now the American people are stripped of an opportunity to make their voices heard on an agreement that will last long beyond the current administration.”


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  1. No Tehran John you got beat again and you have the majority.but will wait to hear from your disciples on here.Imaging if they cant get the Platonium how can they make the bomb.

    1. ” if they cant get the Platonium how can they make the bomb.”

      Oh yes, the old platomium bombs!

      Isn’t that what the Joker threatened to unleash–a PLATONIUM BOMB!

  2. It is literally incredible that the Senate has rules that would allow the majority of US Senators to vote against something and still have it pass. Blame on how flawed and ineffective the Senate is should be shared equally amongst Democrats and Republicans.

    1. democrats under harry reid’s majority wanted to do away with the filibuster for all time, rather than let the republicans have a way to block the simple majorities they’d need to shove their agenda forward. the wise wise mister reid told them NO, because he knew this day would come and his minority would need the filibuster again.

  3. My- response to column–THUNE: Nuclear deal with Iran bad for U.S.–RCJ-Sept 9

    This is how those like Thune pander to the gullible– He stated–” —” has made secret side deals with Iran, but the details of those deals remain undisclosed.”—- Perhaps John says “undisclosed” as an euphemism for willful ignorance—

    Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz– on the claimed “undisclosed” deal

    “standard practice” for the IAEA and individual countries not to make such documents public.

    “This is pretty standard,” as part of the overall deal reached between Tehran and the P5+1 negotiating partners, but which has not been submitted to the congressional review of that deal.

    “This is the way the agency works with countries,” he said. “If countries choose to make the documents public, then the IAEA of course can do so.”

    The IAEA-Iran agreement reportedly deals with how Iran will satisfy the U.N. nuclear watchdog’s unresolved questions about past and possibly present nuclear activity that may have military applications. Resolving the so-called “possible military dimension” (PMD) issues is a crucial part of the overall agreement but U.S. lawmakers will now not be able to review how that is to be done.
    Nothing there that is not good, that’s why John insinuates something evil and claims it is i”undisclosed–Be afraid, be very afraid that is their game.

    John “claims”—–“Under this agreement, Iran is allowed to build more advanced centrifuges”–etc..FACT– “Without the deal, Iran has enough uranium for ten bombs right now. With the deal, it will immediately have less than what it needs for one bomb. Under the deal, Iran also agrees to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Additional Protocol, ( which John referred to that “undisclosed” side deal) so it is bound to not producing nuclear weapons. If it chooses to try, all the options available today—including military action—will be available to the U.S. president in five, ten, fifteen or even thirty years.”—Are we feeling insulted yet by the “claims” made by John?

    John says–“Another key part of a strong deal would have been “anytime, anywhere” inspections,”–He is right, that is why–” Iran’s entire nuclear supply chain will be under 24/7 surveillance and monitoring. IAEA inspectors will have the right to visit any part of that supply chain immediately. If suspicious activity is detected elsewhere in Iran, Tehran must allow international inspections within twenty-four days. Nuclear materials leave traces that endure for thousands of years. The U.S. intelligence community and IAEA nuclear inspectors are fully confident they can detect nuclear activities well beyond twenty-four days.”

    John and his folks say–“On top of all this, the agreement will greatly increase Iran’s ability to fund terror.”— Can John say that they will use their money to do that? No, it is just more insinuations and scare mongering
    This is the same for Repugs as the ACA, they whine make scary insinuations and claims, they use dishonesty to try to defeat something they claim is the worst thing ever when what actually concerns them is that it probably will work..They don’t want anything good for the country to happen with a (D) as president, especially this president.. How much lower can they stoop/

    1. Can you or Obama or anyone else say that Iran will not use this money to fund terror? Just what would you do in their place while chanting death to America and Israel and sponsoring terror worldwide? I suppose you believe they will use this money to build hospitals and roads and child care facilities and on and on; of course they will (sarcasm here).

      1. Another thing. Would you buy a used car from a salesman who refused to let you have an independent inspection of the car before buying it, but just insisted that he will check it over and all will be fine? Would you like a, for instance, uranium mine or copper mine be dug next to your property, without a disinterested party to inspect it for contamination regularly but just rely on the mine’s owners to inspect it and report, if they wanted? I don’t think so. This is exactly what Iran is able to do with this deal, and we are supposed to just trust them. Yeah, right. What is done is done, and this indeed will be Obama’s legacy, and I don’t believe that history will treat him well on this (or other) matter.

        1. Sir, as to your 2nd comment, as senseless as it is you make a precise point that should be remembered……you have no idea what you are talking about.
          Why so angry sir, you can’t show that Sen. John Thune is not insulting every person in S.D. with his pandering dishonesty to the willfully ignorant?

      2. Sir, what I believe is that you people have and will use any scare-mongering (mushroom cloud) or lie to stop anything that might benefit the U.S. or world from being achieved because of who is in the White house…You or anybody that supported the lied Iraq war have ZERO credibility on this issue…

        Sir, do not “suppose” what I might believe it only proves how you base your opinions on ignorance.

  4. “Unfortunately, extreme party loyalty “— This guy is not only clueless but chronically insulting… whether saying something so disgustingly hypocritical comes from dumbness or his assumption that his supporters won’t notice the hypocrisy, it is insulting—nothing new from that guy..

    1. there’s one chronically insulting person here, one that you see daily in your mirror.

      i think it’s a corollary of murphy’s law, or the inverse square law, which holds that the stupidity of a long long document is inversely proportional to the number of people who asked for it to be written. jaa dee, since you’re the only one who felt the need for the thousand-word “pasting” which you generously shared with senator thune from your rich store of hate-stained ignorance, by the rule it is most certainly fully stupid.

      1. jaa dee some day you will possibly have the chance to read this again, and i hope you choke if only on the part where you imply the reasonableness of the laughably foolish 24-day window where iran can block any mandated inspection. how you can call thune stupid by laughing at thune’s deep concern about this and many other provisions of the treaty make you out to be the fool.

        1. Sir, now you want me to “choke” ? To death? Golly-gee sir, you sound soooo frustrated—-Uhhh, just one more thing — “call thune stupid by laughing”/– I’ve tried but cannot find the “stupid” quote, can you post that part? Ohhhh yea, that “laughing” thing? I’ve tried and cannot find a single hohoho or hahaha up there… Sir, did you hear me “laughing”?.Mr. enquirer, should we be concerned about your mental stability? ——- Uhhh, just one more thing, that “hissi-fit” thing that I did in fact mention…Go for it dude, you just hissi-fit till it fills your boots with steaming hissi—it’ll do you good.

      2. Mr. enquirer sir, are you having a hissi-fit? Please tell me how I was insulting, I didn’t call anyone “stupid” ?

        Sir, you mentioned–” from your rich store of hate-stained ignorance, by the rule it is most certainly fully stupid.”– ” hate-stained ignorance “– Sir, I am just shattered. .. Perhaps you could enlighten me on that “hate” part,I simply posted some facts and a tad of personal opinion, do you ever do that? Uhhh, one more thing, that “ignorance” part? Perhaps you aren’t aware sir, that in a discussion you DO have the option refute, debunk and correct any “ignorance” that might be post as fact.

      1. “crazy”? Does that mean I’m not really “stupid” now?

        “thune is quite correct in all his assertions. your diatribe is crazy, and proves nothing.”–Now, sir, you are talking out of your head because of anger, frustration and that hissi running down your legs…. In fact sir, since you nor yours have not refuted ANYTHING I posted it does prove every personal opinion I posted in the comment to be correct and everything Thune claimed is at the very least dishonest or he is ignorant.of the issue, saying only what “you people” want to hear….sir

  5. democrat party loyalty. there is no doubt about it. only in politics could you have forty people claim to hate something, and to a man those forty people stand back and let the thing they hate come to pass rather than cross a party line. for shame. thanks senator thune. thank you sir.

    1. blocking the vote is the worst kind of politics. utter cowardice by democrats, that’s why dolts like jaa dee squeeeel like a stuck hog when they’re criticized because they know what cowards they are.

      the worry was that a veto couldn’t be overridden. republicans make plans to campaign on the president’s unilateral repulsing of the peoples’ expressed desire. WHAT HAPPENS? the party of cowards, who went years without writing and passing A BUDGET when they had power, these cowards DON’T EVEN LET A VOTE HAPPEN to protect their president and themselves at the cost of the future probability of a nuclear iran.

      what’s wrong with this picture? squeel for me jaa dee, squeeeeeeeeeeeel you faux offended coward.

      1. Mr. enquirer sir, Why do “you people” always pretend to be victims? Sir, now you are sounding like a 6 year old bratty kid sqreesching because something didn’t go his way… How many times did you whine when McConnal and his gang set a record of most fillibusters? If this were politically reversed would you be whining? Of course not, you’d be defending any sleazy move theRepugs might use..that reminds me of another word to add to “victims”..

      2. ‘squeel for me jaa dee, squeeeeeeeeeeeel you faux offended coward.’

        Oh, why? Does that turn you on?

  6. Watching the Democrats promote this deal has been like watching the 6 month reunion show of “Married At First Sight.”
    In case you missed it, “experts” put three couples together, introduced them at the altar, and 6 months later they were taking out restraining orders and threatening to kill each other. And the “experts” (a collection of loons,) were yelling at them that they needed to kiss and make up and stay married.
    The Democrats are like these experts; insisting that staying married to someone who wants to kill you is better than being single. Yeah, the Iran deal really is like that: they want to kill us, let’s enter into a contract with them.
    Only in the world of idiotic reality TV does this make any sense at all.

      1. actually the t-v show for the democrats is ‘branded,’ the old chuck connors show where a coward had to go from town to town to hide his shame.

  7. Well, the votes have all been counted an GOSH DARN, you and the rest of the Goobers in the Senate GOP Caucus have been taken to the woodshed once again. Everyone warned you not to support that Corker Bill, but The Micky McConnell Mouseketeers whistled their way to defeat by supporting it. Now you have been hoisted on your own petard— YET again.

    The Republican leadership in the US Senate is completely out of its depth. Including you, sir. You are all apparently more concerned about retaining committee chairmanships and, as McConnell pathetically uttered this morning: nevertheless intent on using today’s vote for “2016.” When this Iran nuclear issue is so much more critical than any election or party. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic performance.

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