Tick….. tick….. tick….. Dems running the clock down on a serious US Senate Candidate

In the last election – two years ago on May 8, 2013, Rick Weiland announced that he would seek the Democratic nomination for the South Dakota’s U.S. Senate seat.

We’re now 4 months past that in this cycle, and Dems are showing no signs that they’ve got anyone yet.   What do you think their excuse is going to be when they let it go unchallenged again?

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  1. How long before Corey Heidelberger hears the [imaginary] pleas of his fellow radicals, and accedes to their overwhelming support?

    Of course, he would do it to spread the Truth, not for himself!

    Heidleburger ’16!!!!!!

    GO COREY!!!!!

  2. Keep in mind that the Antitheist Socialist Czar, Cory Heidelberger, is still urging South Dakota Dems not to announce their candidate until after January 1, 2016. He makes laughable arguments on why this would be “strategically advantageous,” really just trying to buy Dems up to six months of extra time to try to wheedle some schmuck into wasting her/his time and money. If Heidelberger, the Poo-Bah of Pretentious Poseurs, had even a fraction as much integrity as he does arrogance, he would personally run against Thune. Heidelberger will never do this, though – since he is talking out of his [expletive] 99% of the time, it would be too uncomfortable for him to “put his money where his mouth is.”

    Source: http://dakotafreepress.com/2015/07/18/patience-democrats-no-need-to-announce-against-thune-and-noem-until-2016/

    I hope you read this comment, Cory, you self-important little popinjay.

  3. I think the problem with the Dem party in SD is Obama and the really lefty types that have usurped the party. Maybe if someone more centrist pops up to lead the party nationwide then people might want to be associated with the Dem party again. I’m not holding my breath on that though with the present candidates they have for 2016. Seems any good Dem these days has to lean socialist.

  4. I don’t think Brendan Johnson will run in 2018 if Kristi leaves congress. Things are that bad for the SDDP.

    Kristi would be the frontrunner for governor. Jackley and Mickelson are both great candidates though and running hard behind the scenes.

    I personally do not think Kristi will run for governor.

  5. After reading the extreme, irrational rantings at The Other Blog, we should hope anybody from their runs. They would drive our registration numbers through the roof, and fill our Lincoln Day Dinners

        1. enquirer, Thank for the correction! Lord only knows what they have been smoking in “their pipes”. Porter helps with recruiting more new Republicans, fundraising and votes!

  6. there are only three people alive who can run with a chance to actually defeat thune – tom daschle, tim johnson and stephanie herseth sandlin. the only possible thing that would make a majority pick the democrat candidate in this state is the actual fact of the power that would go with congressional seniority. anyone else can just save their time and money and take up stamp collecting or something instead.

    1. Even the least objectionable of your list, H-S, is not what the country needs, so I would hope that the majority of people in SD would look at where the candidate hopes to lead the country, not how much pork can be brought back home. I was very glad to see the end of Tim Johnson’s reign, and I would like to see H-S stay out of politics as well. Daschle? He is such a moron I cannot imagine that there would be 10% of the populace who would vote for such a devious, DC minion. (Sorry for the reference, Gru)

    2. i’ll go one better – the sight of tom daschle putting the jumper cables on that ’71 omega should be the sign of the apocalypse for republicans in this state if they ever see it. the democrats suffer from an utter lack of what they love most, a secure pipeline from the grassroots to the halls of power. nobody takes the ‘occupy’ kids running the state party now seriously at all, and it has caused a general depression which won’t lift.

      tom daschle has benefitted greatly by being the state’s top democrat, a position which he still holds to this very day whether he exercises that power or not. he is the one person who could go county to county and bolt the wheels back on everything, to make up for the institutional arrogance which derailed him back when he was senate majority leader.

      i don’t think shs could pull it off. daschle could, aided by the old guard, moderates, ‘janklow democrats’ and ‘daschle republicans’ who used to make up his power base. they’re all still out there and the current sddp can’t move them.

      1. there’s not much upside for daschle in taking this on, except the gamble of possibly leaving an actual legacy in his wake. that’s all.

        1. you let daschle do six months of party building and speaking around the state before a head-to-head poll and i think you’d find a few surprises. just sayin’ he’s not as done as you think.

      2. It wasn’t an Omega. It was a Pontiac Ventura, which now sits parked, ironically, at the auto museum in Murdo… The hometown of John Randolph Thune. 😉

  7. PP,

    Lots of rumors going around in politics these days.

    Mark and Marty are seen as running for governor and were both at the state fair. Mickelson’s wife is from Miller so he seems to be strong in that region.

  8. From a fund raising point of view, Sen. Thune could really use an opponent. Why would anyone give money to a politician if he’s running unopposed? What would he need campaign money for if there’s no campaign?

  9. Announce today and money is spent. Announce in March, save $150,000. That is 50% of the likely ad budget of a Senate candidate for the Dems. I think they wait as the difference between 25% and 26% won’t be remembered. What is going to be remembered is the biggest slaughter in the history of the state.

  10. I certainly hope that someone runs…that gives Thune a chance to raise money. Kristi got a gift when the dems found a sacrificial lamb to run against her. She’ll now be able to raise money, and will have an even larger war chest for later.

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