Todd Epp @ KSOO: Dems hire new ED, but won’t tell anyone who.

Todd Epp is writing this afternoon on how the State Democratic Party has possibly hired a new Executive Director. But, there’s a catch – despite Ann Tornberg being 3-4 months late in hiring someone, she won’t say who, because it’s a secret. (Like the candidates they have running?)

According to a source well-known to me who has a history of reliability, the South Dakota Democratic Party has selected a new executive director. Finally, about three months later than they said they would.

But the party of open government in South Dakota won’t reveal who the person is, even though the SDDP leadership has apparently set their salary and benefits.

My source says the speculation is that the person is somehow involved with the federal courts, where political activity is strictly verboten! The new ED also may have worked for former Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

Read it all here.

Anyone know who the poor soul is that we need to send a condolence card to?


12 thoughts on “Todd Epp @ KSOO: Dems hire new ED, but won’t tell anyone who.”

  1. Zach Nistler is being quoted as the interim ED in media reports. Not sure if that’s who Epp is referring to…

      1. Ahh got it. Just read the rest of Epp’s post.

        Who wants to connect the dots? A former SHS staffer now working in the federal courts?

  2. Word on the street is that this new ED is a former legislator and will start shortly after he retires being July 1st. One never knows and things could change but he’s well respected.

    1. It’s about time that the Democrats recognized Frank Kloucek’s intelligence and strategeric ability.

  3. Big shocker — the new ED will come from the liberal Democrat feeder team at the federal courthouse, which is controlled by Daschle appointees —

  4. … snarky criticism appreciated. It shows you’re paying attention. Just watch. Things at SDDP are progressing. (That’s liberal humor you angry old white men)

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