Trump hits at Thune on Twitter.. but clearly he doesn’t know South Dakota, as Governor Noem tweets her support of the Senator.

In case you didn’t read “the tweet” from the President tonight, aAbout a day after South Dakota’s senior US Senator John Thune came out with his honest assessment of the president’s chances at overturning the national election in the US Senate, the president lashed out at Thune, as he’s done with a few people who haven’t seen things his way:

“The tweet” has started making waves on social media.  And while Trump may say and do a lot of things on social media… I get the feeling that he doesn’t know South Dakota.

Because clearly he doesn’t know that John Thune has been active in South Dakota Republican politics a long time – long before Trump was figuring out whether he was a Republican or Democrat or Independent.

Another thing..  Republicans are pretty darned loyal to Senator Thune. As evidenced by Governor Kristi Noem’s tweet this evening:

If someone is foolish enough to think they can challenge Senator Thune, it would not appear that they’ll have Governor Kristi Noem’s support. (And I have to say, good for Kristi to lay her cards on the table so quickly after Trump took a swing.)

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  1. Careful Pat. But we (actual conservatives)do love that you are so confident in your assessment. 💡

  2. Time for Thune to retire. He is part of the swamp now, As a leader he is weak, and lets ChuckYOUSchumer get away with too much.

  3. To be clear, almost across the board, I support the President’s priorities, agenda and accomplishments. That said, I am so proud of Senator Thune to call a spade a spade.

    We knew this fiasco was coming as Covid was used as an excuse to use mail-in ballots which were known to be a fraudsters dream.

    The President and RNC had control of the resources to file the lawsuits BEFORE the election, Marshall the supervision, develop the protocols of who to call and what to do if they saw fishy activity. They told us we were ready.

    And, in the end they dropped the ball. The reality the only evidence presented to the courts was the legal equivalent of hearsay is on the President, his campaign, and RNC.

    As proud and I am in Thune’s leadership and speaking the truth, I am equally disappointed in the Presidents and Ronna McDaniels failure to own their failure to have done what they said they had done. Leadership is not failing to own mistakes.

    1. Thune is trending out of touch. He is not the same conservative star he once was. Millions in his campaign account didn’t come from SD, he is beholden to others. He tells us what we want to hear and does what is popular in DC.

      “Our tax dollars should always be spent as wisely as possible on all matters, but especially those that are important to South Dakota and our values. I stand ready to reduce spending, enact meaningful reforms to strengthen existing programs, and ultimately put our fiscal house back in order. ” John Thune campaign website

  4. I am glad Thune is his own man and not a sycophant of Trump. While he too, like Troy, supported the President’s agenda (and deserves credit as Whip for getting thru 250 judges and 3 SC Justices) he always showed respect to the President but didn’t suck his toes like Graham, Christie, et al.

    Could also mention saving Ellsworth, Hot Springs VA, DC Booth Fish Hatchery, and several farms and ranches due to Winter Storm Atlas relief. The list is long but ignored by the Trumpies.

    I have a theory that they are mad Thune won’t bow at Trump’s feet, because it would make them feel better about themselves if an upstanding man like him would do that. Then they could say: “See. Thune loves him and he’s a good person, so I must be a good person too.”

    1. Most likely people to challenge John Thune:

      Taffy Howard
      Neal Tapio

      Honestly, I dont think Thune runs again. He’s getting close to 25 years in this mess.

      He could make a lot more money lobbying and sitting on boards. He’s not a Trump guy. The GOP is changing. Noem sees it and has pivoted. Thune has not. I’m not sure he wants to be in the Senate anymore.

  5. “John Thune is a friend of mine” isn’t exactly an endorsement…she’s just saying it won’t be her doing the primarying.

    I’m with Troy, I’m proud to see Sen. Thune be honest about what it going on. Anyone suggesting anything other than Biden becoming POTUS on 1/20 is living in a fantasyland and is quite frankly being dangerous.

  6. The stimulus package has too much foreign and special projects; let’s amend it to be for the people and business that suffered.

  7. Governor Noem has one vote like the rest of us.

    John Thune made his bed.

    I wouldn’t hitch my wagon to Thune right now.

    He is a constitutional flaccid noodle.

    That is all.

  8. Trump Tweet: “RINO John Thune, “Mitch’s boy”, should just let it play out. South Dakota doesn’t like weakness. He will be primaried in 2022, political career over!!!”

    RINO? That really is ironic.

    John Thune was working his tail off as a conservative for 20 years by the time Trump stopped donating to Democrats. (Like Hillary Clinton, Schumer and Reid)

    And by “weakness”, Trump means Thune was abiding by his oath to the Constitution.

    1. Elk… I agree completely with your assessment. There’s a first for everything. Must lie down.

  9. Thune’s conservative pedigree (spending), moral compass (5G), and leadership (high tech jobs keeping South Dakotans in South Dakota after high school) make him – politically speaking – a very purge-able commodity.

    Governor Noem as the governor seems good.

    Who will step up and challenge Thune in the primaries on these three issues and more to help support the agenda that got President Trump elected? We are not a Trump-first cult, after all. In reality, Trump simply collected our list of grievances and started fighting for them. It’s simple. Don’t join the military if you’re not willing to fight when your brothers need you the most. Don’t join the Senate if you are not prepared to stand-up and protect the election when duty calls. Neither is a career path. Both are service.

    Seems so simple to me .. do we have a Senatorial candidate or two that doesn’t have a disposition to sell SD to the Chinese?

  10. If Trump doesn’t like you, you are probably doing the right thing. Trump is dead and burning all his bridges. Let him. And Noem is seeing the writing in the wall and is pandering to her base. Trump and Noem both need to go. B

    1. Noem is a base candidate. She is popular among her base. She has solidified her base.

      Thune enjoys much broader support but not so much among the base as he once did.

      I’d be interested to see what happens when the base that loves Noem loves Thune’s primary challenger also. And she is working against them to keep Thune.

      Trump makes a lot of things in politics messy.

      1. She just told her base she likes Thune.

        She also needs his campaign organization to help her stave off Sutton.

  11. Ironic that “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has morphed from leftist not-my-president resistors into describing just another day at the White House.

  12. If you are signing a Federal Bill giving Nigeria $100,000,000 while giving American taxpayers $600 we obviously have a problem.
    WTH does $600 do for any family in America today?

  13. So Thune signed a porkukus bill that cuts ICE funding by $431 million? I thought he was for strong borders? Or perhaps he is not……

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