Varilek releases video

Matt Varilek released his first video today discussing his interest in challenging congresswoman Noem in the 2012 congressional race.

David Montgomery at the Rapid City Journal provides a more in-depth look.

23 Replies to “Varilek releases video”

  1. aspire

    Varilek will not be able to defeat Noem but he will give her a credible run if he can raise the money.

  2. Spencer

    This guy is already unbelievable. He is claiming that he regularly sees what no one from South Dakota has seen in years: Tim Johnson in action. I wonder how many Facebook friends/birthday well-wishers he is going to have to rack up before he really decides to go for it? I still can?t help but suspect that this is little more than some sort of coordinated distraction. After all, why else would a career political opportunist like SHS still be hanging around here anyways?

    1. Bill Clay Post author


      You are one of the best. He has a lot more to learn from you than speed talking.

  3. Stace Nelson

    @Charlie Nobody is as smooth as Rep. Charlie Hoffman, nobody! 😀

    Seems like a nice fella. He may want to rethink his more of Tim Johnson sell though…

  4. Duh

    “As many of you know, I work for Tim Johnson and every day I get to see the results that he delivers for every day people in South Dakota…” Really? I mean REALLY?? Please, please, please, please run. You had me at Tim Johnson.

    1. Anoonymous

      Duh, he did get elected president, which is something. Something which also doesn’t speak that well of his opponents and their supporters. Now go gass up the car, I think I shall be taking a drive this afternoon.

  5. Anonymous

    Got to agree Dud something, like invading a country who says they have mass weapons of destruction no that was Bush wasnt it.

  6. Duh

    Anon: Your old hat. Kind of like an ex-girlfriend when during arguments brings up B.S. past regardless of the issue. Everyone believed the WOMD, including your “where’s Waldo” twin TJ. That was even during his “cognitive years.” If we hadn’t invaded, I’d hate to see what Husein (like our Prez’s middle name) would be doing now. Bet it’d be much worse.

    1. duggersd

      If we had not invaded then, I suspect our current President would have us invading now. If Gaddafi is terrible, what was Saddam? Saddam made Gaddafi look like a choir boy. And he has shown there is no need for Congress in these matters.

  7. Charlie Hoffman

    Thanks Bill and Stace! Always good to hear a bit of positive feedback. On that note I just spoke with the mother of a Noem intern whom they took back to college in OK from DC last week. She said her daughter was amazed how real and conservative in her every day life Rep. Noem actually was and that her summer internship changed the way she thought about politics and her possible future service. This is the kind of person we can all be proud of having elected to congress. Thank you Kristi!! 🙂

    1. Anoonymous

      You added a frowny face where I think you clearly intended a smiley face. Let this be a lesson to all that when posting largely aggrandizing and gratuitous comment be careful as to which face you include, because as with the human face, they can express a broad range of emotions.

  8. SDMike

    Another empty suit, just like his boss and Obama.


    PS: Just heard that Obama stated that the DC earthquake was Bush’s fault line!!

  9. Anonymous

    Dud interesting though obama got blamed for libya but will he get the credit now and no troops . Binladen, now Gahdafi, he is better than Bush on foreign policy .Weapons of mass destruction your like a carp I caught ,you swallowed the whole thing.

  10. R-to-the-Bone

    Matt, “Hey,” Umm, BIG News Flash: My dog could get 500 hits or “likes” or whatever on Facebook; and, BTW, most people don’t really care for my dog. Nevertheless, your supposed FB status is somehow your key barometer for a grass roots groundswell? Seriously – you somehow believe that’s a “remarkable response”?? If that were somehow the case, then Jeff Barth probably should be viewed as the equivalent of Tom Daschle in this race. Also, if that may really be how you view your upside-down techno-world, then, if (heaven forbid) you were ever possibly elected to anything: would your true ‘core values’ behind your votes be best reflected by and through what people and/or disengaged 20-something’s said or thought on your FB page??? … All that having been said, Matt, you should probably s-l-o-w down and leave this race to the grownups and/or Nanny-Stater Barth to take the bullet for the whining/sniveling D’s. Kristi & Rick Santorum ( in 2012…