Vets group fronted by South Dakota Attorney Joel Arends suing State Department over Hillary Clinton e-mails

Maybe Annette Bosworth shouldn’t have rolled Joel Arends under the bus so hard when she was arrested & charged for illegal petition signatures. He’s getting far more attention than her goofy surrogates have been able to gin up with hit pieces and fake press conferences.

Why is Joel a media darling this week, and appearing on “the Blaze” and other national media? His group – Veterans for a Strong America – are suing the State Deparment for ignoring a Freedom of Information request for Hillary Clinton’s email and telephone log:

Joel Arends, chairman of Veterans for a Strong America, said his group specifically requested Clinton’s personal emails from a specific time period before and after the Benghazi terror attack in case Clinton had also sent some relevant emails using her personal account during that time.

Arends said he was unaware at the time of the request that Clinton had relied exclusively on a private email account using a server located at her New York private residence.

“At this point in time, I think we’re the only ones that specifically asked for both her personal and government email and phone logs,” Arends said of his group’s Benghazi-related request.

Veterans for a Strong America filed the FOIA request in the course of writing a book, “The Difference it Makes,” about the government’s handling of the Benghazi attack.

Read it all here.

19 thoughts on “Vets group fronted by South Dakota Attorney Joel Arends suing State Department over Hillary Clinton e-mails”

  1. That’s not a veterans group it’s Joel’s person PAC that he uses to play get backs. Joel has done nothing for veterans other than attacking them. Joel is a sellout

      1. Where is there any indication that rant was written by Nelson?

        Do you rinos see him in every shadow?

        The big guy punched you rinos in the snout publicly for 4? Years so now you see him in every anonymous post? Get some help.

  2. The Joel Arends I know makes only calculated deliberative moves for what most would label as very conservative. Who cares if this or that PAC is the sounding board for a legal process helping to expose illegally hidden emails. (Even if we all know they are long deleted.)

    1. Why is it that every time an establishment moderate wants to support someone, they project conservatism onto that person; but, they spend all their efforts opposing actual conservative causes?

      1. rephrased: why don’t traditional conservatives support the quacks and goofy ideas that i energetically support? there. i see why you’re confused now.

        1. ‘if they’re going to ignore me i’m just going to call them moderates. that’ll fix em.’

  3. Arends is getting a table ready to sit at. Pretty smRt in my book.
    U go get um enquirer!!

      1. i disagree with jammer 35-40 percent of the time but i’d rather be answering a post of the jamster’s now than one of yours. sorry.

  4. If he’s trying to get to the truth about Hillary and her lying and screeching about Benghazi, I wish him much success. If we can get her kicked to the curb by the Democrat media and get Joey as the nominee, it will only make it easier to-in the parlance of Ricky Weiland-take it back.

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