Was the Argus really featuring Scott Hoy …again?

The Argus Leader’s February’s tale of Scott Hoy’s woe was odd enough, as it brought everyone up to date and told us how he was getting on after being mocked for an equally odd commercial. (Not that we cared.)

And again today, Argus reporter Stu Whitney felt we needed another dose of Scott Hoy on the Argus webcast he started named “Su Fu Stu.”

Is there some man crush thing the Argus has going on with Scott Hoy?


6 thoughts on “Was the Argus really featuring Scott Hoy …again?”

  1. Young Mr. Hoy is really working his public relations to prop up his new business ventures and re-make himself in the eyes of Sioux Falls. The Argus is in his pocket.

  2. Whitney is clueless. Almost as much as Pat Lalley is for promoting him. The Argus remains a joke.

  3. I kinda get having Hoy on. He is a Sioux Falls oddity, curiosity, novelty, etc. People know his name but know little about him as a person.

    It is the rest of that show that struck me. Do they live in the same town I do? The babble (except giving a bit on the new Superintendent and that was very shallow*) was barely relevant and certainly not what is talked about at coffee or the water fountain in this town.

    *Regarding the Superintendent, if you don’t know anything about him of substance, his vision, or experience, admit it and shut up. Don’t say words trying to hide you know nothing.

    The whole show was proving the adage about opening your mouth and proving you are a fool.

    Finally, I am ticked Pat posted this. He doesn’t post this I wouldn’t have watched. Total waste of my time.

    1. Just think, though, how many won’t waste their time based on your review. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  4. I give Stu props for attempting to expand his horizons beyond the jock culture of SF.

    His contribution in this past Sunday’s edition (about the bank robber) was essentially a piece written by a jock-sniffer … about a jock-sniffer … who had apparently broken bad.

    Mr. Hoy may be a jock sniffer too, but he is certainly not among the jock-ocracy of SF.

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