13 thoughts on “Week 2 Video Update from the South Dakota Senate Republicans with State Senator Jenna Haggar”

  1. Kind of weirdish angle, but I get it. it is tough shot to be sure
    Can someone please check the white balance on the camera. The colors look a bit off
    Jena, Watch the hands! If you are going to do something with them, Like make a point, then do it.
    Kids on the floor, y’all need to pick up your toys and put them away before you go home!

      1. We all know she doesn’t do that anymore and that media relations company she tried to start went no place (imagine that with no PR experience). South Dakota is suppose to have part-time legislators that have private sector life’s and careers so what is hers that’s all? Or is she trying to pull a Christine Erickson and claim she is a small business person when all she did was pickup rent checks for her husbands business. Anne go back under your rock and tell your psychiatrist at your next visit they need to up your dose.

        1. Not sure why you care what she does for a living. You want to start a rumor that she’s running a bordello in Brandon?

        2. Oh I get it: you are obsessed with finding out what beautiful women do for a living.

          Wow. I don’t think we want to know the origins or details of your problem.

  2. Nicely done. It’s good to see a bright young woman in the Republican party. The GOP has a lot of diversity and they do a good job of putting a spotlight on these key members.

  3. What does it matter what she does for a living? Her focus at this time is being an effective legislator, and she does that very well.

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