Weighted vote for Lt Gov 78-22% for Larry Rhoden

Larry Rhoden handily won the vote for Lt. Governor on a weighted vote of 78% to Stace Nelson’s 22%

7 Replies to “Weighted vote for Lt Gov 78-22% for Larry Rhoden”

    1. Anonymous

      The ones that believed his lies and made up scorecards that didn’t do their own due diligence like a good delegate should. If someone is a legislator AND a voted precinct committeeperson, do they vote twice?

  1. grudznick

    Stace. Lance. ‘Lizbeth. That Mr. Jensen fellow. Mrs. Petersen. Stace again. George. And then Stace again. That’s 8 votes.

  2. Anonymous

    What kind of low IQ Democrats masquerading as Republicans voted for liberal Larry Rhoden? Liberalism is a mental disorder after all!

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