Well, at least they didn't tweet any photos….

The SDSU Collegian blogger and columnist Tony Gorder caught some interesting screen captures from the SD House Democrats — and takes them to task for spelling issues as well as some pretty cranky posts.   The funniest one (in my opinion) is when they jump the gun about Dakota Dunes using the golf course for the levees….thinking that it was an effort to save the course.   Good thing Gorder got the screen captures — because there is no evidence of the tweets now.

Maybe they were hacked….I’ve heard that can happen.   Thank goodness we can’t confirm or deny boxers or briefs.

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  1. caheidelberger

    Tony Gorder cries another faux river over the use of the term “Tea Bagger” to refer to some nutty fringe legislators.

    Meanwhile, Tony used the word come twice. Come is a widely known term for sexual ejaculation. I just am shocked a conservative blogger would officially use The Collegian to use such language. Shocked.

    1. Fahz E. Behr

      Ahh, here DWC readers, we see a typical frothing liberal; when in doubt, liberals will deflect, deny, or disparage. In this case, Cory deflects the blame. Rather than admit that the Democrats behaved badly, Cory focuses on some minute detail to try and say “don’t look over here!”. Am I surprised? Hardly. It’s what we expect from liberals like him.

    1. PlanningStudent

      I don’t know you, but you seem to be the kind of person that thinks of himself to be intelligent. Any intelligent person can deduce from the tone and context of the messages that the house dems sent that they meant the term ‘tea bagger’ to be pejorative.

      Additionally ‘tea bagger’ has but one definition while ‘come’ clearly has multiple so this comparison just doesn’t suit the situation at all.

      If you had any defense it might have been that some members of the tea party started to use the term first but it doesn’t change the fact that it defines a sexual act and is now being used in a pejorative way by the house dems to belittle the ideas and beliefs of others.

  2. Name

    Unfortunately you are not up on your slang. “Come” is not a sexual term for ejactulation. That would be spelled “cum”. I would tell you to google it but I’m guessing the pictures you get won’t be appropriate.

  3. yoyoyoyoyo

    “come” is a sexual term for ejaculation. “cum” is a slang way to spell it. webster actually lists a definition for “come” as to reach ejaculation.

    tea bagger has 2 meanings now…someone who tea bags, and a member of the tea party. Im sure terms like “typical frothing libera”l are meant with the utmost respect as well.

  4. PlanningStudent


    “someone who tea bags” you do realize this again refers to said sexual act, right? When you put a tea bag in water in hopes of creating tea, that is not called tea bagging. On the other hand when you put your #$%$# on someones face… you get the point, that is called tea bagging, therefore someone who does this is a tea bagger..

    as far as “typical frothing liberal,” I personal didn’t and don’t use the term. It certainly doesn’t help anyone advance their argument but at least it is straight forward and isn’t cloaked in sexual innuendo…

    1. yoyoyoyoyo

      Yes, i completely understand the use of the term in its sexual nature. As both a willing bagger and unwilling baggee (ah the sick joys of college.) My lady friend enjoys it as well. I am well aware of its sexual nature.

      I tend to prefer comments cloaked in sexual innuendo.

      Now im really curious exactly what do you call the act of repeatedly dumping an actual bag full of tea into a cup of hot water?

      Anon’s right…well done corey hehe. although have to admit its probably a lot easier to get people talking about gratuitous sexual acts than some cranky tweets. And on that topic, does it really matter at all what the SD dems do? I really can’t think of anything, they could do to seriously push their agenda, and if the caused even more damage to it, what then? Republicans will continue to win pretty much every elected position in the state.

  5. Anon

    …..And ….. Corey wins again.
    He managed to deflect the topic and everyone began talking about his comments rather than the subject.

  6. scott huminski

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