While Wismer gave South Dakota Democrats $4600, the SDDP kicked a check for $23,000 to Kansas Democratic Party

Now this was a curious thing I noted on the South Dakota Democrat Party’s Year End Report. While Susan Wismer gave South Dakota Democrats $4600, the South Dakota Democratic Party was shipping money out of state to the tune of $23,000 to Kansas Democratic Party


As Indicated in the year end report filed with the Secretary of State’s office for the period during the last 2 weeks of the election through the end of the year, State Democrats received donations from various people, including $4600 from the Wismer for Governor campaign. (I’m assuming it was for printing, since that’s how Wismer coded it in her campaign finance report, as opposed to a contribution to the party, as the party had coded it)

But during the same period Susan and others were paying in as they raced to the finish line, the State Democratic Party cut a check – and not just a small one – to the Kansas Democratic Party, totaling $23,000 .At the same time they made various token donations of $1838 to Denny Pierson, and $500 to their Secretary of State Candidate.


So, why were South Dakota Democrats sending $23,000 to another state at a time when their candidates were probably looking in couch cushions for money?  I’m sure Denny Pierson, or Angelia Schultz could have found a way to use $23,000, not to mention Susan Wismer, or the dozens of Democrats running legislative races.

Now, to be fair, South Dakota Democrats weren’t the only ones who kicked a check down to the land of Dorothy & Toto. The Louisiana Democratic Party joined South Dakota’s donation with even more:


So, what were the sources of the funds the SDDP sent off to another state? That’s a good question. Standing out in the year end report was a big check from United Auto Workers at the same time for 20k….


But the remaining $3000 is a bit more mysterious. No money from the Democrat Governor’s Association or other national level entity. Just the 20k check from the union. But, I’m sure the source is in there somewhere.

So, we have the who and most of the what at this point…. just leaving the why.

Why did South Dakota Democrats send off $23,000 to another state?

It likely was a way for an organization(s) friendly to Democrats to get around more restrictive campaign finance laws in other states by routing federal funds through a state political party with lax campaign finance laws. They in turn send it to another state political party in a state with stronger laws that wouldn’t normally allow them to take such a large donation directly from that type of organization.

Cool, huh?  Those are the odd loopholes in campaign finance that are often exploited to get money to a campaign effort that groups are otherwise topped out on donating to.

But of course, I’m sure Democratic candidates didn’t need the $23,000 their state party sent off to another state. I’m sure they got plenty of assistance from the State Democratic Party to run the kind of campaigns they could be proud of, despite losing 4 more legislative seats, and giving Republicans total control over all the statewide elective offices.

What do you think?

18 thoughts on “While Wismer gave South Dakota Democrats $4600, the SDDP kicked a check for $23,000 to Kansas Democratic Party”

    1. Aside from the fact that Larry has a standing ban here for his profanity, bigotry and bad behavior, I would state that I’m not aware he has any warrants pending.

  1. Can you imagine if they’d have given $23k to Angelia Schultz or another constitutional candidate? What about giving 4 senate candidates another $6k? Might have won 4 tight races.

    Crago is bad at this game. He should have been fired.

    1. Aren’t you glad they didn’t spread the money around but threw it at a losing candidate in KS? Crago should be made el dictator of the SD Dem party for life.

  2. Strategice and Tactical position of the Dems with regard to campaign finance laws.

    “We need more of them and they need to be tougher because the Republicans will follow them.

    We can just break the new ones too.”

  3. Yeah I think it looks pretty clear that UAW wanted to give the Kansas Dems money (they were trying to help an independent beat Pat Roberts), but they couldn’t give it directly to them (maybe already exceeded their limit) so they routed it through the SDDP.

      1. It could have been some extra money that the party added to the $20k so that it didn’t look so obvious.

  4. Maybe the people who keep complaining about corruption here know more about the laundry than we thought

  5. Anne,

    And let’s not forget that this is effectively what Dinesh Disouza was prosecuted and sent to prison for doing.

    Zach, don’t worry. Orange is the new black.

    1. Troy-Technically, D’Souza didn’t go to “prison”, 8 mos in a “community confinement center”, fancy name for work release half way house.

  6. The saddest part in all of this is that the South Dakota Democrats cashed the laundered money before they sent the check just to see what $20,000 in stacked bills looked like. The brief case was later returned to Walmart.

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