Who drank too much Kool Aid? Dem legislator to challenge Noem?

I had someone mention to me over noon that last night on the Argus Leader’s 100 eyes webcast, Jon Ellis mentioned that, this weekend at their state dinner, a Dem legislator is supposedly going to announce that they’re going to run against Republican Kristi Noem for Congress.

I hadn’t heard of any Democrat legislators suffering debilitating head injuries robbing them of their sense, so I can only assume one has overdosed on democrat Kool-Aid.

Anyone hear who this poor unfortunate soul being offered up for sacrifice will be?

7 thoughts on “Who drank too much Kool Aid? Dem legislator to challenge Noem?”

  1. Ugh, I know, right?! Don’t you just HATE it when our political system works the way it is intended?

  2. Pat,

    I posted this yesterday, under another story on your blog.

    Inside word from people in the know in the Democratic Party is that it is Rep. Paula Hawks from District 9 (Sioux Falls, Hartford). She came in second in her last four-person race, beating the 3rd place Republican by 8 votes in a Democratic district. Does not sound like a strong candidate to me but she is very tall.

  3. Paula Hawks would make sense. She is ambitious. Another possibility is Peggy Gibson who is term limited.

    Either would be articulate and hard workers. They are both used to competitive legislative elections.

    Whoever it is, the Democrats should be pleased to have a candidate so far in advance. Unusual.

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