Why do I think Marty Jackley is getting tired of people invoking his name?

I might find the subject matter slightly humorous, but somehow I think Marty is to the point of wishing people would leave him out of it.

Apparently the nut jobs from Georgia or Florida or wherever they are from are now demanding that Marty Jackley prosecute people for felonies that may not actually exist.

It might be creepy but I’m not exactly sure that it’s a felony.

July 1 can’t get here soon enough.

16 thoughts on “Why do I think Marty Jackley is getting tired of people invoking his name?”

  1. These nut jobs lives are always filled with conflict.

    War against women
    War against those who are sane
    War against those who don’t want to smoke pot or legalize it.
    War against our existing bee population to substitute with robot bees.
    War against those who choose to vaccinate.
    War against those who refuse to believe there are already FEMA camps in South Dakota.
    War against those who refuse to believe that our places of worship now have face recognition scanners.
    War against those who believe that the rules of petitions are straight forward and follow them to a “T”
    War against those who refuse to believe the SDGOP has been infiltrated by extraterrestrials.

    Oh boy! Did anyone ever take the time to tell them that magazines at the supermarket such as “The National Enquirer” were for entertainment and not to be taken seriously?

    Anything else? Mind control of Infants if not positioned properly in their cribs?

  2. Lori Stacey was promoting some radio show tonight on Annette’s Facebook page; I was the 7th listener to tune in and it sounded like two drunks talking with their mouths full about something I could make no sense of. They were laughing a lot about whatever it was.

  3. I’ve heard from many people that this is one of the reasons no one other than Ravnsborg wants to be AG in 2018.

    Let’s hope Jim Seward or Brian Gosch step up and run for AG in 2018.

    1. Jim Seward seriously???

      I can’t think of one states attorney or person in the AG’s office that can stand him….if you want someone like him I question your judgment.

    2. Gosch –yeah just what we need an AG that notarizes his own petitions when he ran for the legislature! Yeah the Democrats wouldn’t make hay out of that!!

      1. Seward could just as easily be a dark horse candidate for congress. He’s about as polished as they come.

        He lacks name id but he has all the charisma of a serious candidate much like Brendan Johnson.

  4. At this rate, the AG should hire an assistant AG devoted to the division of “stupid stuff stupid people read on the Internet.”

  5. If I was Marty I would ignore them. Yeah it is probably tiresome and an annoyance, but he has much bigger things to deal with on a daily basis. Keep up the good work Marty!

  6. NASA is looking for the first settlers of Mars that would make a one way trip. How about we send the Bosworth supporters there. I’ll bet they would love it there with their active conspiracy minded imaginations. All NASA would need is to monitor their vitals and progress on building whatever is needed for future inhabitants. They could edit whatever drama that comes from communications to just business so our personnel from Johnson Space Center Ground Control wouldn’t be driven crazy by these new Martian nut jobs.

    1. “NASA is looking for the first settlers of Mars that would make a one way trip. How about we send the Bosworth supporters there”

      I think that they’re already there.

  7. I find it funny that the picture in question was of her, with her kids, doing an interview for TV. Seriously, privacy? She stripped them of that a long time ago. Like the videos she had them make about asking for money. She is just disappointed his story got more attention than her kids on the news.

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