Why is it…..?

Why is it that when State Senator Stace Nelson is at meetings in Pierre, that anonymous comments being posted from LRC/State Government IP addresses talking about how awesome he supposedly is start popping up?

Just wondering.  (It must be Lake Oahe, and someone is deciding to practice their back-stroke.)

11 Replies to “Why is it…..?”

  1. Anonymous

    Oh no! Is Stace priming the pump to announce he is running for Governor as the only true conservative?

    1. Anonymous

      Stace Nelson is the only true Republican and would never support a Democrat for office like Tim Bjorkman or vote with Democrats in Pierre a majority of the time. He is just that great.

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone listening to the GOAC hearing yesterday and today can say the only way it was Senator Nelson is if he is superman and can multitask like a boss.

  3. grudznick

    Mr. Nelson is probably really computer smart but Mr. Tapio doesn’t know as much about the internet and is blogging while doing the people’s business. Somebody should have the Council of Legislatures Research check Mr. Tapio’s computer.

  4. Anonymous

    I am amazed at how stace has embraced his crazy and taken it to never before seen levels.