Your favorite photography spots in the hills?

I took this photo on a sunny September day back in 2013, and it has been pretty hard for me to top in capturing one of our state’s great attractions. Primarily, because I haven’t been back out that way for pleasure in a while. I’ve thought that a trip out West to take pictures is long overdue, so I’m packing up some of the kids, and heading out west this weekend to do just that.

I’ve never officially been through the Badlands, except on my way to Rapid City, so that’s one planned stop on my whirlwind photo tour. And I’m planning on Mount Rushmore as well.

Are there any other necessary stops I should be considering which aren’t coming immediately to mind?  I’ve got a Saturday to do it in, so I can’t invest a lot of travel.  I want to know – is there a hidden gem to snap a picture of along the way before I head home?

4 thoughts on “Your favorite photography spots in the hills?”

  1. Going to one of the chuckwagon dinner shows is always a good time; great food and great music. We’ve done it a couple of times.

    Every time I walk up the plaza to Mount Rushmore I get chills; it is truly one of the symbols of what this country was built on and what it should be again.

  2. Sylvan Lake is a well-liked area for photography. From there you can take needles highway through the needles and past the cathedral spires. You night as well catch a show at the Black Hills Playhouse while you’re down there!

    1. having breakfast with Bob if he does not lose his temper when his order is wrong and gets asked to leave and Lar sportin his new set chompers since smoking the demon weed has destroyed his gums and old teeth? That would be a good photo to take.

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