Zikmund Announces for SD Senate

Zikmund Announces for SD Senate

State Rep. Larry P. Zikmund, Sioux Falls, announced today that he will be a candidate for the South Dakota State Senate in 2020. Zikmund represents District 14 which takes in southeastern Sioux Falls.  Rep. Zikmund, the leading vote getter for the South Dakota House in the last three general elections is running for the position currently held by Sen. Deb Soholt, who is term limited.  Zikmund commented, “I decided to declare my candidacy early to make my intentions known.   I encourage others in my party who wish to represent District 14 in the state legislature to run for my vacated House seat.”

Rep. Zikmund, an Air Force veteran, brings a wealth of experience to the race.  He is the current Chair of the House Veteran’s and Military Affairs Committee and has been a legislative leader on veteran’s and other issues.  He was especially instrumental in the passage of the bill to create an east river cemetery for veterans near Sioux Falls, and serves on the Cemetery Endowment Committee.  The cemetery is currently under development by the Veteran’s Administration.  Other committee appointments include Chair of the House State Retirement Laws Committee and he serves on the House Transportation and Commerce and Energy Committees.  Zikmund also brings a strong background in education and business to the race.   He is a former President and CEO of the South Dakota Associated General Contractors Building Chapter and their lobbyist, and former State Director for South Dakota Career and Technical Education.

Rep. Zikmund and his wife Judi are parents of two daughters and have five grandchildren.

3 thoughts on “Zikmund Announces for SD Senate”

  1. Interested to see which Dem (if any) vies for this office.

    Agree that Larry “brings a wealth of experience to the race. He is the current Chair of the House Veteran’s and Military Affairs Committees”

    Very proud Zikmund supported “the bill to create an east river cemetery for veterans near Sioux Falls.” Significant accomplishment. 👍👍

  2. I’m more curious who the other R’s are.

    The girl who lost to Curd should give it another run.

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