Here’s one reason why Democrats are losing in Brown County

Democrat enthusiasm for today’s Gypsy Days parade in Aberdeen, SD:

Republican enthusiasm for the same event:






Any questions?

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  1. Anonymous

    Pat I believe the photo left out the tow truck that pulled the Brown County Democrats pickup during the parade. That pickup was inoperable.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve thought for a long time that Brown County has one of the strongest and most inclusive political parties in the state.

    Good to see they are still hard at it and going strong after becoming a majority GOP county!

    1. A broad coalition makes for a stronger candidate and leader

      The Brown County Republicans are built of a broad coalition that is very deep in strength. There is room for David Novstrup and Dan Kaiser types of Republicans. They may have differences sometimes but they also have much in common on big picture issues like abortion, family values. They work well together and help each other win elections. Novstrup working with Kaiser makes Kaiser stronger and Kaiser working with Novstrup makes Novstrup stronger.

      I’m very impressed with both. Kaiser is the most impressive legislator in Pierre that is a strict constitutionalist because he can bring other people who might not always agree with him along. He’s the definition of a true leader.

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah? The same is said when Rep Kaiser gets the Democrats to lean Right. We shouldn’t have to clap on the rare occasions Novstrup does.


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