2022 Candidate List

Below is a list of candidates that have declared their intent to run for office, or have newly filed campaign finance paperwork declaring their candidacy. This list will be updated periodically.

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US Senate:

John Thune (R-Incumbent)
Mark Mowry (R)
Bruce Whalen (R)


Dusty Johnson (R -Incumbent)
Taffy Howard (R) Claims to be ‘exploring’ a run.


Kristi Noem (R -Incumbent)
Lora Hubbel (? Party unknown)

Lt. Governor:

Larry Rhoden (R -Incumbent)



Rich Sattgast (R -Incumbent)


Attorney General:

Jason Ravnsborg (R -Incumbent)
Marty Jackley (R – former AG)


Secretary of State:

Steve Barnett (R -Incumbent)



Josh Haeder (R -Incumbent)


School & Lands:

Jordan Youngberg (R) – Former State Senator
Brock Greenfield (R) – State Senator


Public Utilities Commission: 

Chris Nelson (R -Incumbent)