Mark Mowry Pre-Primary FEC Report: $4k raised, $7k spent, $1.4k cash on hand, and $15k in debt

You almost have sympathy. Almost, until you realize it was all self-inflicted, and he was drinking the kool-aid of the anti-Thune nuts.

MarkMowry_preprimaryFEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

Mark Mowry raised $4265, against which he spent $6895.13. Which doesn’t seem very fiscally responsible.

He left himself with $1485.90, and $15,000 in debt.

Well, I could have told him how this was going to come out.

Karla Lems, the kingmaker. District 16 House candidate dumps 20k into Kevin Jensen’s PAC to influence election.

In the last few weeks, State Representative Kevin Jensen filed a fairly new political action committee called “Keep South Dakota Red,” with the mission of “Assist candidates supporting the Republican party platform.”  That’s all well and good, despite the platform being a fluid document that can change at any time.

And today their filing was put up, which shows how much Jensen’s political action committee wants to be a political player:

Keep SD Red Disclosure by Pat Powers on Scribd

The Political Action Committee noted donations to a number of candidates, including Schoenbeck Senate opponent Colin Paulsen, Gubernatorial wannabe Steve Haugaard, and Doug Post for District 7.

So, who is backing this true red political action group?  Well, just 3 entities. And, it might be three entities, but two are directly connected to one person.

Bill Metz of Dakota Dunes donated 5k, Pederson Ag, and Homestead Harvest each donated 10k.  While Pederson Ag and Homestead Harvest are individual entities, they both share one person as registered agent – Karla Lems.

You’ve got to have a lot of cash into your businesses to spread $20K at Kevin Jensen to donate to candidates.

This would be the same Karla Lems who was a founding member of the “Primary John Thune” facebook group that started loudly, but ended up only able to produce Bruce Whalen and Mark Mowry as their champions.  And the same Karla Lems who is currently a candidate running to be a District 16 State Representative alongside the PAC Treasurer, Kevin Jensen.

With Karla Lems showering her fellow candidate Kevin Jensen with cash to spend as he will, it kind of leaves the other D16 House candidate – Richard Vasgaard – the odd man out in that D16 House contest.

It makes for interesting politics.

Stay tuned.

Flags at Half-Staff at State Capitol in Honor of Former State Senator John “Joe” Reedy

Flags at Half-Staff at State Capitol in Honor of Former State Senator John “Joe” Reedy

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem ordered that flags be flown at half-staff at the State Capitol from sunrise until sunset on Saturday, May 28, 2022, in honor of the passing of John “Joe” Reedy, a former state Representative and Senator. Reedy served in the House from 1991-1996 and in the Senate from 1997-2004.

A celebration of life for Reedy will be hosted on Saturday, May 28th, in Vermillion, SD.


Governor Noem announces over $15M raised cycle-to-date as she heads into re-election

Governor Noem announces over $15M raised cycle-to-date as she heads into re-election
Governor Noem raises over $3.35M across all committees since January 1, 2022.

Pierre, SD – Today, Governor Kristi Noem announced that her campaign has raised over $15 million cycle-to-date across all committees as she heads into her re-election effort. This total includes over $3.35 million raised across all committees since the beginning of the year. Additionally, Governor Noem announced that she has over $8.7 million cash on hand across all committees.

The total amounts raised and cash on hand are both records by any South Dakota gubernatorial candidate, incumbent or challenger in the state’s history.

Governor Noem gave the following remarks along with this announcement:

“Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden and I are once again humbled and grateful for the trust and confidence the people of South Dakota continue to place in us. We will continue to protect our South Dakota way of life, and the priorities that are most important to the people of our great state. We have accomplished a lot together but there is still much more to do. Thank you for your continued support.”


Haugaard for Gov files Campaign Finance Report: $106k Raised. $98.7k Spent. $40k of $106k out of his own pocket. Consultants were the winners.

The Primary Election campaign finance reports are coming in, and it looks like we have a glimpse of how bad Steve Haugaard’s campaign looks.

Steve Haugaard Campaign Finance Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

Haugaard raised $105,693.25.  Except $35,000 came out of his own pocket, and $4,498 came from his campaign committee.  So, he actually raised $66,195.25.

And it looks like the consultants were the big winner, as 43% of his total expenditures went to them as he dropped $42,416.28 of his $98,730.89 spent on them.

Really, Steve could have paid me $25k and gotten off cheaper. I would have told him not to run, because he would get creamed.

And as a bonus, I would have told him not to do the boring fireside updates.

More to come.

US Senator John Thune’s Weekly Column: A Grateful Nation

A Grateful Nation
By Sen. John Thune

“Land of the free because of the brave.” This simple sentiment recognizes that many of the blessings we enjoy as a grateful nation are a result of the selfless men and women who have answered the call to serve their nation.

I first came to know the military through my dad Harold, a fighter pilot who flew Hellcats off the deck of the USS Intrepid during World War II. From him I learned the patriotism and selflessness and humility that characterized the Greatest Generation – and that continue to characterize our military members today. Throughout the years, I have been privileged to meet many South Dakota veterans and current service members, including the airmen at Ellsworth Air Force Base and members of the South Dakota Army and Air National Guard. It is the honor of my life to represent them in Congress.

South Dakota has a proud legacy of military service, but, as many know, our state’s role in our nation’s security has not always been guaranteed. The fight to save Ellsworth from closure in 2005 is well-told, but it has forever shaped my approach to making sure Ellsworth’s future is never again questioned. From the day the base was saved to today, my focus has always been on ensuring that it gets everything it needs to retain its strength. This includes working to ensure that the B-1s remain a responsive and lethal component of Global Strike Command while simultaneously preparing for the future B-21 mission so the base can continue to serve as one of our nation’s most essential military assets for decades to come.

Last year, I worked to ensure that the National Defense Authorization Act contained not only full funding for B-21 aircraft development, but full funding for the first of many equipment and support facilities that will be needed for the stealth and nuclear mission at Ellsworth, including a facility to restore the plane’s low-observable coating, a wash rack and maintenance hangar, mission operations and training facilities, and an expanded flight simulator space. Now, I am advocating for the timely construction of the weapons generation facility and radio frequency facility that will be essential to ensuring the 28th Bomb Wing is able to fully conduct the nuclear and stealth B-21 mission. Ellsworth is well on its way to becoming “Raider Country,” and there’s still more new construction on the way.

The work doesn’t stop there. I am fighting to ensure that the Air Force is able to invest in unmanned systems to complement the mission of the B-21. I also intend to introduce a measure for this year’s National Defense Authorization Act to establish a pilot program that would develop “dynamic airspace” – a concept of efficient air traffic scheduling and airspace boundaries that evolve as exercises or other flights progress. Dynamic airspace would better enable the Pentagon to meet training requirements for 5th generation aircraft like the B-21, which need larger volumes of airspace to accommodate longer engagement distances, and it will build off the successful expansion of the Powder River Training Complex that includes a significant portion of West River.

The foundation of Ellsworth’s success isn’t modern equipment and facilities, it’s the men and women in uniform who support the mission. That’s why I’m also focused on making sure Ellsworth has the resources it needs to take care of our military families, particularly as more of them move into the area ahead of the B-21 mission. This includes making sure that ample housing is available and that the Douglas School District is able to provide sufficient classroom space for current and arriving students. These are critical quality-of-life issues for our military families – matters that heavily influence whether airmen want to stay in the service or leave for the private sector, where many of their skills are in high demand. We know that South Dakota is an incredible place to live, work, and raise a family, and it should be no different for those serving at Ellsworth.

I am more grateful than I can say for all the men and women in South Dakota and across our great nation who have answered our country’s call. It is because of them that we live in peace and safety, and the freedom that we enjoy is secured by their sacrifice.

May God bless all our military men and women and keep them safe as they stand on watch for us.


Dusty Johnson’s Weekly Column: Ending Title 42 is a Huge Mistake

Ending Title 42 is a Huge Mistake
By Rep. Dusty Johnson
May 20, 2022

The United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) announced the border numbers for April this week. Last month, there were 234,088 illegal crossings at our southern border. This is the worst month on record.

April’s numbers are up 30% from 2021 and 1,268% since 2022. This is appalling. Since President Biden took office, there have been over 2.6 MILLION illegal immigrants apprehended at our border. Nearly half of those have been just in the past six months.

Regardless of these historic numbers, President Biden has not waivered on his decision to end Title 42. It remains to be lifted on Monday, the 23rdjust three days from now. We can all agree that the public health crisis has turned the corner, however, the Administration has no plan in place to secure our border. Should this policy be lifted, encounters at the border are expected to more than double what they currently are, reaching 7,000-8,000 per day. USCBP agents will not be able to keep up with this influx of migrants.

I know how much of a security threat this poses, which is why I support the Public Health and Border Security Act, which would prohibit the President from lifting Title 42 until 60 days after it has formally ended the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration. The Department of Health and Human Services in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security would then have 30 days to create a plan to address the surge of migrants at our borders.

A Morning Consult poll shows that majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s repeal of Title 42. I know that this sentiment is shared by many South Dakotans. I have urged the President and the Department of Homeland Security to reimplement the “Remain in Mexico” policy and to follow the laws already passed by Congress to finish the wall.

We must secure our border.


Team Dusty Johnson out going door to door, and helping campaigns while he’s at it!

Looks like Team Dusty Johnson is out in force this weekend hitting doors and helping candidates get their message out:

Rapid City Journal calls Hockenbary School Board Race attack “as close to evil as a piece of paper can get.” We can hope the voters of Rapid City recognize that.

If you thought the rhetoric from Janyce Hockenbary in the Rapid City School Board race was on the curb, apparently this weekend she found a way to take it further into the gutter as she claimed her opponent was pro-abortion using a facebook post where her opponent was talking about her miscarriage.

“While I did not compose the finer points of my introduction letter, I stand by everything it contains,” she said in an email. That letter contains insults like calling teachers “Tyrants of the teacher’s lounge” who need to be taught a lesson. She called schools “sex education camps with some communism to boot” and said student achievement in Rapid City was akin to the Titanic.

In her email Friday, Hockenbary said, “I very much wish that RCAS and my opponents spent as much time teaching reading and proofreading student assignments as they have nitpicking my letter. If they did, maybe our students would score higher than 50% proficiency in literacy.”

In addition to the first letter, she was part of another mailing this week where she accused Jamie Clapham of being pro-abortion and unengaged in local politics.


That being said, the attack is as close to evil as a piece of paper can get. The Facebook post the mailer used to accuse Clapham of being pro-abortion was about her own struggle when she had a miscarriage.

Read the entire post here.

I’m not sure how damaged a person has to be to attack another on the basis of losing a child.  Because if Janyce Hockenbary actually believes in the pro-life stance she’s claims she has, that’s what she’s doing. She’s literally dancing on the grave of her opponent’s dead child. How shameless.. actually, how truly awful and evil of a person do you have to be to do that?

I don’t know what to say to a person who has such a lack of moral boundaries, and common human decency.  Elections should be about those who inspire us to reach greater heights, especially when it comes to the education of our children. Not plumb new depths of the cracks in a person’s soul that should never see the light of day.

Are we so numb to attacks at this point, that there’s a potential that the people in Rapid City would elect such a person to office?

We can hope not.

Sounds like quite the GOP meeting this AM. Bruce Whalen is nuts. Get him off the stage, because he’s hurting the Republican brand.

The actual Brookings County Republicans are meeting this morning (No, this isn’t the fake meeting that some wack-a-doodles are holding later this morning.)

And as local precinct committeeman, I really wanted to be at this one today, as the legislative candidates were set to speak. Unfortunately, as an assistant professor down at Augustana, my wife has to be at graduation today, so I am home with kid duty.

But, it sounds like it’s quite the meeting.

As reported to me, “Bruce (Whalen) just said we should hang people who stole the election.” This comes just a couple of days after he held up some sling at the Clay County Lincoln Day dinner and talked about stoning Dr. Fauci.

As a long time activist in the republican party, I mean really? What do you do with that? Bruce might be the nuttiest candidate we’ve ever had make the ballot, and Lora Hubbel ran in a primary once.

He’s actually calling for people’s death because he disagrees with an election outcome.

I notice Bruce specifically refers to himself as a Christian in his campaign literature. But, he really doesn’t sound very sincere about it.

It’s bad enough when professed Christian Taffy Howard violates the 9th commandment about bearing false witness against her neighbor, (constantly and continuously). Now we have professed Christian Bruce Whalen talking about violating the 6th commandment, about how “thou shall not kill. “

It’s this kind of stuff that really does not help the Republican brand. Doesn’t sound that great for church-going folk either.

Thank goodness the primary is close to being over. Now if we can just get through convention.