Republican slate filled in District 12; Curd in the Senate, Beal and Steele in the House

At the same time that Democrats were giddy over the prospect of having one candidate running in District 12, Republicans were putting the finishing touches on having three candidates ready to roll for the seats up for election in District 12:

Senate Majority Leader Blake Curd, Rep. Arch Beal and former Rep. Manny Steele said they would again seek the legislative seats representing the southwestern part of Sioux Falls.


Steele said he wasn’t considering another run for state House, but Beal and a former district representative convinced him to throw his hat in the ring.

“They twisted both arms and they didn’t have to twist them that hard,” Steele said.”That’s always been my passion, to work for District 12.”

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On the way home from Pierre.. Great visit, great find!

On the way home from visiting the legislature for two days, and I happened to stop in an antique shop I’ve been meaning to visit, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made lately:

I found this absolutely beautiful large political pin from the 1948 Republican national convention.

Looking pretty good for a 70-year-old, wouldn’t you say?



Despite Access to Millions of Dollars, Some in Congress Pushing Massive Tax Hike On South Dakota Fliers

PIERRE, SD – Stop Air Tax Now, a project of Airlines for America, today released an analysis detailing the higher fees that South Dakota fliers will pay if Congress approves a proposal to raise a fee passengers pay when flying out of commercial airports. The fee hike could be approved as early as January 19th.

The proposal would increase the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC), a tax added to the cost of plane tickets that is transferred directly to airports, by $4, to $8.50, on the first leg of each flight. The study shows that travelers flying out of South Dakota will annually pay up to $3.19 million more in PFCs under the new proposal.

“South Dakota does not need a tax hike,” said Dave Roetman, Minnehaha County GOP Chair. “Placing this extra burden on our commercial flyers will hamper our economic activity and make flying even more expensive for our citizens.”

The tax increase, proposed under the guise of modernization and expansion requirements, comes as airports in South Dakota took in $17.3 million in operating revenue last year and $13.84 million in grants. Additionally, South Dakota airport facilities have access to $6 billion dollars in federal funding from the FAA’s trust fund.

The tax increase would add up to $2 million annually to the coffers of Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD), the most of any airport in the state. FSD already has $13.54 million in unrestricted cash and investments and collected $2.75 million in grants last year.

Rapid City Regional Airport would also see up to $1.04 million annually from the increased tax despite receiving $1.07 million last year.

Passengers flying from smaller airports like Pierre Regional Airport would pay the highest amount in PFCs because most trips from smaller airports require a connecting flight. Under the fee increase, passengers flying out of smaller airports will pay $13 in PFCs on each flight – $8.50 on the initial leg of the trip and $4.50 for the second flight.

The existing Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Program allows the collection of PFC fees up to $4.50 for every enplaned passenger at commercial airports controlled by public agencies. PFCs are capped at $4.50 per flight segment with a maximum of two PFCs charged on a one-way trip or four PFCs on a round trip, for a maximum of $18 total. The proposed $4 increase on the first leg of a flight will increase the round-trip maximum to $26.

More detailed information on specific states and airports can be found at


Guest Post: Jolene Loetscher and the far-left’s non-inclusive march

Jolene Loetscher and the far-left’s non-inclusive march

– Dave Roetman, Minnehaha County GOP

On Saturday morning, many will gather in Sioux Falls for what is billed as a “Women’s March.” But don’t be fooled! This march doesn’t represent diversity of opinions of all women. Instead, it is a rally for far-left organizations like pro-abortion groups such as NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the South Dakota Democratic Party.

The event will also feature a keynote speech by liberal democrat mayoral candidate Jolene Loetscher

These are the same organizations who fought against recent tax breaks for working class families and stabilizing the Affordable Care Act.

“The Minnehaha County Republican Party supports and respects the rights of women,” said Karon Gubbrud, “The idea that this event represents the beliefs of all women is laughable.”

In 2017, conservative groups such as the Alpha Center wanted to participate in the event, but were denied access by the organizing committee.

“It is apparent that the organizers and Jolene aren’t willing to welcome a diversity of opinions,” said Dave Roetman, Minnehaha County GOP chair. “The rights of women shouldn’t be the partisan issue Democrats have made it become. It’s really disappointing.”

On Saturday as liberals rally to attack elected officials and advance their pro-abortion agenda, the Minnehaha Republican Party encourages all to pray for unity as well as our elected officials, those serving in the military, first responders, and the less fortunate.

Press Alert: Sen. Tapio offers written response to Interfaith coverage



verb (used without object)

1 to cry out or speak with a strong, loud, clear sound; shout: He always yells when he is angry.

2 to scream with pain, fright, etc.

In a news article last week, Dana Fergussen, political reporter for the Argus Leader, characterized my attendance at an Interfaith event at the capital as out of control. Specifically, she described my speaking style with the word “yelling.” This is a gross misrepresentation, and possibly even a libelous characterization of my attendance. Accompanying photos were chosen by Argus Leader staff to portray me as a raging madman. The result of this characterization has led to vitriolic national attention, as the Gannet news system picked up her story nationally.

The Argus story now is the foundational source document in the national left wing echo chamber that amplifies the idea I was wildly out of control.

I have been around the political bushes for over twenty years. I know how this works. it is nearly impossible to have an honest dialogue on difficult subjects.

Despite the name calling and vitriol, I am determined to have a conversation with the people of South Dakota using reason and common sense.

I began preparing to discuss Islamic terrorism in public over 3 years ago. Long before I ran for the Senate, I met with the major media outlets around the state to express my concerns with the subject and to alert them to the dangers of talking about this subject in public.

I have followed strict guidelines in order to protect myself from being misrepresented in public. I made the decision that all of my communications needed to be recorded and extremely sensitive discussions must be exchanged via prepared statements. I communicate via text with many journalists so as to have a written record of everything I say. I provide background to many journalists on everything I plan to do, and have done so over the course of several years. I warned many of them the subject matter is so volatile that once a political journalist fails to accurately tell the story, they might become part of the story. No journalist should be a part of the story this delicate and dangerous.

As to the events on Interfaith Day. There are no less than 5 people that video taped the event. These will come out at the right time.

To all of the other media in the state, I sincerely appreciate the accuracy of other reporters who covered the event. Their coverage was very fair. More importantly, it was accurate.

As an aside, it is my habit to offer as much detail about my positions as possible to the press. I do not, nor ever have avoided the press.

To the editors and the papers covering my stance on Islamic terrorism. You have the right to disagree with my views in your editorial pages. I respect that. It is important to accurately present my views on the news pages.

Islamic terrorism:

There is a concerted effort on the part of an international infiltration group of terrorists called the Muslim Brotherhood to push the preposterous idea that Islam has nothing to do with terror. These efforts must be crushed. To deny this  basic fact is complete foolishness. It is a slap in the face to all those people living under repressive regimes that implement a hateful and deadly belief system that kills you for leaving  Islam. More importantly, it is an insult to the American men and women in uniform, and their families, that offer their lives in defense of freedom around the world.

My position on Islamic terrorism comes from the following line of logic.

1. Fourteen Islamic countries, which practice the full implementation of Islamic Law, known as sharia law, kill you for leaving Islam.

2. Estimates based on Pew Research data, show up to 350 million people, who call themselves Muslim, believe you should be killed for leaving Islam.

3. Up to 50 Somali Muslims from Minnesota attempted to join ISIS, an organization founded on the full implementation of Islamic Law.

4. These Somali Muslims were not refugees. They were children of refugees.

5. The vetting system doesn’t vet people already here, therefore Betty Odencamp, the highly paid director of Lutheran Social Services, is wrong when she says refugees have been vetted, and therefore our communities are safe. Facts do not back her up.

6. There are over 20 known Islamic terror organizations who believe in the full implementation of Islamic Law. Just a short list includes: Al Queda, ISIS, Boko Horom, Al Shabab, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, IMM. They believe in the full implementation of Islamic Law.

7. The war on terror is a fight against Islamic terrorist organizations, as well as against and between people and countries that believe in the full implementation of Islamic Law.

8. The cost of this war has exceeded $6.5 trillion and has had a devastating effect on our service men and women and their families.

9. To deny Islam has something to do with terror is dangerous and ignorant. Any person or organization that denies this fact demonstrates their ignorance or has an agenda- an evil agenda to spread the ideology of hate and death around the world.

10. Our country has an obligation to keep out hate and the political ideology of death. President Trump has shown the courage to identify  the true source of global terror.

11. With such a large number of people and countries believing in a hateful and deadly political ideology, there are grave concerns about how to keep those people out of an open and free society. There is no way of knowing who believes in that deadly ideology, and who rejects it.

12. Our First Amendment to the Constitution, which protects our very freedom to believe or not to believe, is being challenged by a religion practiced by countries and people who believe you should be killed for leaving it.

13. The question for our generation. Does our Constitution offer protections and rights to a person who believes in the full implementation of Islamic Law, as practiced by 14 Islamic countries and up to 350 self-described Muslims, who believe in the deadly political ideology that believes you should be killed for leaving Islam?

14. To simply raise these points, and to ask these questions, I have been labeled a racist, extremist, xenophobe, and Islamophobe by members of the Interfaith coalition.

There are many Muslims that reject this hatred and deadly ideology. They are too scared for their lives to say it.

America is an ideal subscribing to the COMPLETE and TOTAL freedom of an individual. If you don’t have the freedom to leave a religion, you don’t have the freedom of religion.

I have a challenge to all members of the media who believe in searching for the truth.

Ask the following questions.

At the Interfaith event, an Imam said there was “no compulsion in religion.”

Why do so many Islamic countries, so many Islamic terrorist organizations, and so many people who call themselves Muslim, believe you should be killed for leaving Islam?

What is the foundation of that hatred and death?

Do they condemn any country that subscribes to that deadly ideology and do they think America should keep every person who believes in that deadly belief system out of our country, our state and our communities?

Am I an Islamophobe for asking those questions?

If so, where is the love in Interfaith dialogue?


Ask the following people, who were at the Interfaith event, whether I was “yelling,” or actually respectful.

Senator Stan Adelstein

Bishop Zellmer

Betty Odencamp

Other journalists covering the event

Finally, one last question. Ask Stan Adelstein if he has told anyone, prior to, and including the day of the event, if he holds me in contempt, or worse, that I am a racist, Islamophobe and xenophobe.

Then ask him about our 30 minute conversation at the event. Ask him if I yelled, screamed or, or in any way came across as disrespectful in our 30 minute conversation in which he finished up by telling me, “maybe I was misinformed about your beliefs.”

Remember, there were a lot of people filming the event. His answers will be very telling, and the story of the day might turn out to be much different than reported.

One final thought to the press.

In a free country, the ability to speak the truth must always be protected, no matter how unpopular that speech might be.

It’s the reason patriotic Americans volunteer to fight!

Neal Tapio

District 5 State Senator

Watertown, SD

Noem releases Tourism plan

From Kristi’s Facebook page:

Tourism is SD’s #2 industry. We need to attract the workforce necessary to meet their needs. I’ve heard from too many that they’d love to stay open for a “shoulder” season, but can’t recruit enough workers. We’re going to change that. #SDOnTheMove

SD has pheasant hunting, Custer State Park, Great Plains Zoo, Glacial Lakes, MtRushmore! Loved being part of the excitement when I ran our hunting lodge and ready to be SD’s Salesperson in Chief. I commit to always asking what more we can do to attract tourism to SD. #SDOnTheMove

There are two things families should never have to worry about when coming to South Dakota: Safety or their ability to have an incredible time. Both top my priority list. #SDOnTheMove

Citizens for Liberty bringing pressure on Sheriffs who have endorsed Ravnsborg

This is interesting.

Citizens for Liberty via their representative Tonchi Weaver are weirdly trying to interject themselves into the Attorney General contest by writing Sheriffs who have endorsed AG Candidate Jason Ravnsborg:

Of course, it doesn’t help Weaver’s credibility that there actually isn’t a primary in the Attorney General’s race, so right off the bat, she’s providing these sheriffs with erroneous information.

It’s a GOP convention race among delegates, so there’s really no information for them to gather for a mailer. Much less people to mail it to, other than republican delegates.

That might be an important piece of information for her offer to the sheriffs up front. (Never works out well to lie to law enforcement.)

Moving on….

Release: Noem Applauds Trump’s Protection of Religious Liberty for Healthcare Workers

Noem Applauds Trump’s Protection of Religious Liberty for Healthcare Workers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Kristi Noem today applauded a Trump administration announcement to better protect doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who have moral or religious objections to providing some services, including abortions or certain transgender treatments. Noem, who has urged the administration to support such steps, helped introduce legislation in January 2017 that would achieve similar goals. More specifically, Noem’s Conscience Protection Act would guard healthcare professionals from discrimination if they refused to perform an abortion.

“No job should force a person to deny their deepest moral or religious convictions – convictions that are constitutionally protected,” said Noem. “With the establishment of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, the Trump administration is taking up a cause I’ve been fighting for years and seriously defending our rights of conscience. By doing so, President Trump is reaffirming the beliefs held by our Founding Fathers: A nation that protects religious liberty, diversity of thought, and individual rights is a freer and stronger nation.”

Today’s announcement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) effectively creates a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the HHS’s Office for Civil Rights.