The Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States. As promoted by a couple of Republican Legislators

Americans United Against Tyranny (AUAT) is a Texas non-profit corporation working to build a nationwide Patriot Union with the express purpose of restoring a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States.

This group is coming to South Dakota next month, and actively recruiting militia members to act as security for the event. They’ve already recruited South Dakota Legislators who are participating in their rally to restore a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States:


The American Patriot Union is an organization working to build a nationwide Patriot Union for the purpose of providing a voice to the millions of Americans that make up the ‘silent majority’, Christians and Conservatives that hold to ideals of Patriotism and virtue on which we believe America stands.  At this time in our country that term is more appropriately stated, ‘the silenced majority’ because much of our news media has become so politically biased and supportive of a narrow perspective that they either demonize of marginalize the views of Christian Conservatives and Patriots.  Our ambition is to give these millions a voice and a means to respond to the never-ending barrage of politicized news reports and to provide that voice in response to legislation and policy being developed by lawmakers.  Without the presence of such truly American voices there is no ‘competition’ of ideas and we believe this is negatively affecting the course of our nation.

On April 15th starting at 9am and ending at 5pm, the American Patriot Union will hold a rally at Mt. Rushmore titled ‘Liberty and Justice for All!’ to bring attention to critical issues now facing the American People. We have brought together an array of speakers to address the topics of greatest concern which include political corruption, bias in the Press, immigration, education, veteran’s affairs, and more.  The speakers at the event are listed below together with a schedule.  We have some important voices in the Patriot community joining us to address the audience including Sheriff Richard Mack and the daughter of Lavoy Finicum who was killed in the land rights protest in Oregon, Challice Finicum.  Two South Dakota legislators, Senator Stacey Nelson and Representative Tim Goodwin will speak at the rally as well as leaders of several well-known grass roots patriotic efforts now speaking out for reform in America.  And we also are hosting two performers honored in the Patriot community, Jordan Page and Dave Bray to bring their inspiring and thoughtful music to the attendees of the rally.  It will be a day of celebration and protest and a demand for reform in many areas of American life.

We are asking for your help in promoting this rally and making it known that there is a rising voice for American Patriots in the Patriot Union.  This rally will be the first in a series of rallies we will hold this year around the country.  We thought it meaningful to stage the first of these rallies at the most significant monument in America, Mt. Rushmore, as it is an icon to the ideals of Liberty and Justice and a testimony to the American Spirit.  Please join us in promoting this significant event.

9:00 – Opening Ceremony, Prayer and National Anthem
9:15 Opening Speech: Michael Hutton, The American Patriot Union
10:00 Jordan Page – patriotic singer songwriter
11:00 Keith Mitzell – Evangelist
12:00 Sheriff Mack – Constitutional Sheriff’s Organization
12:30 Challice Finicum – Daughter of Lavoy Finicum and co-founder of Stand By Me for Liberty
1:00 Tim Goodwin – South Dakota State Representative
1:30 Stacey Nelson – South Dakota State Senator
2:00 Bella Dangelo – Radio Host and Patriot Activist
2:30 Sherrie Saunders – Overpasses for America, Mississippi
3:00 Dave Bray patriotic singer/songwriter
4:15 Billie Breman Below – Take a Pause Advocates United
4:50 Closing Ceremony

Thank you so much for your support.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our staff by responding to this email or by telephone at  (Redacted)

Michael Hutton
Co-founder of Americans United Against Tyranny, The American Patriot Union

And there you go.

“People call this the elusive obvious: It’s right there in front of your face, so close that everyone can see it but you.” Kevin Hart

Beginning tonight through Friday, the NCAA Division II Men’s and Women’s Basketball Elite Eight, Final Four, and Championships are being held at the Pentagon here in Sioux Falls. The best 8 Men’s and Women’s Division teams are coming from around the nation to crown National Champions. One of the competing teams is our own Northern State University Men’s team from Aberdeen. Pretty exciting, huh? Let’s get out there and cheer on the Wolves.

Here is a link to today’s article in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader and the schedule of play in case you want to go out the Pentagon tonight and the rest of the week:

Basketball schedule and article

Former Stockgrowers’ President to jump in D29 race?

Hearing word from multiple sources out of Mitchell over the weekend that Bill Kluck of Mud Butte is possibly considering a run for the legislature.  Kluck is a former State president of South Dakota Stockgrowers.

In looking, Kluck is registered as a Republican in District 29, meaning no matter what seat he chose (Senate or House), he’d likely trigger a primary election. If he runs for the Senate, he would be challenging Gary Cammack for the seat, and if he chooses the House, he’d be challenging Larry Rhoden & Tom Brunner.

Kluck is already registered to run as a precinct committeeman for his area out west.

Why is word of this coming out of Mitchell? From what I’m hearing, there was some gathering that took place in Mitchell where Kluck’s candidacy was brought up and discussed at length.

Only a week to go until petitions are due. Stay tuned!

Release: Noem Announces Agricultural Growth Initiative

Noem Announces Agricultural Growth Initiative

WATERTOWN, S.D. – To kickoff National Ag Week, Kristi Noem, a lifelong farmer and rancher, today launched her Agricultural Growth Initiative. The proposal aims to strengthen and diversify South Dakota’s top industry.

“Our farm and ranch has been in the family for more than a century,” said Noem. “We’ve survived bad droughts, bad floods, and bad policies. While you can’t change the weather, you can change policy. As governor, I will leverage my experience as a lifelong producer to advance agriculture. From protecting property rights to expanding markets, my administration would be built to develop the state’s agricultural economy and give more young people the opportunity to thrive as farmers and ranchers in South Dakota for a century more.”

Raised on the values of hard work and self-reliance, Noem grew up on a farm and ranch in rural Hamlin County. Just a few years after graduating high school, her dad died in a grain bin accident. She put her pursuit of a college degree on hold, returned to the family farm and ranch full-time, and helped stabilize the operation.

In 1997, Noem received the South Dakota Outstanding Young Farmer award. Noem also served on the South Dakota State Farm Agency State Committee and the Commission for Agriculture in the 21st Century.

As South Dakota’s lone representative in the U.S. House, Noem helped successfully negotiate a strong Farm Bill that included livestock disaster assistance and critical safety nets for producers. When federal agencies considered proposals to regulate dust or limit the work some kids did on farms, she fought back – and won. During tax reform negotiations, she was one of the only farmers at the table, yet secured interest deductibility, immediate expensing, and lower rates for farmers and ranchers as part of the historic tax cut.

Click to view Noem’s Agricultural Growth Initiative.


Create a Blueprint for Agricultural Economic Development. With an annual economic impact of $25.6 billion, agriculture is South Dakota’s number one industry. In recent years, however, deflated prices and lower-than-average yields have delivered a serious blow to the state’s economy. To build and diversify the sector, I will direct the Department of Agriculture and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to construct a Blueprint that broadens opportunities for existing farms and ranches and helps identify and recruit our next ag-related growth industries.

Equip South Dakotans with the skills needed to succeed in agriculture. The average South Dakota farmer is 57 years old, meaning many will be at or near retirement in the next decade. To meet our long-term needs, it’s time we ready the next generation to fulfill global food demands. As governor, I will work to expand education and increase investments in production-boosting research, such as biotechnology and precision ag. More specifically, I am committed to:

  • Encouraging strong support of 4-H and FFA programs;

  • Dramatically increasing shared-learning opportunities among universities, technical programs, and high schools for ag education and skills training;

  • Continuing investments into SDSU’s first-in-the-nation precision agriculture degree program;

  • Completing SDSU’s precision ag building, which the state legislature recently approved;

  • Promoting cross-training between students at SDSU and technical schools, like Lake Area Tech;

  • Ensuring South Dakota continues to host a vibrant State Fair; and

  • Enhancing the Governor’s Ag Summit to increase access and educational offerings.

Review permitting structure to ensure it promotes economic development and respects local control. When new businesses are recruited to South Dakota, they must go through a series of permitting approvals at the state, county, and local levels. To increase certainty for those looking to invest and expand in South Dakota, my administration would undergo a thorough review of the current permitting system, working hand-in-hand with counties to improve the process.

Add value to South Dakota-grown commodities and livestock. There is no work ethic like a South Dakota work ethic. With agriculture as the foundation, we can leverage that homegrown ambition and add value to every bushel produced. If elected, I will direct the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to prioritize value-added agriculture, thoroughly vetting new processing, agricultural biotechnology, and manufacturing opportunities and offering upward mobility to more South Dakotans than ever before.

Bolster Livestock Disease Preparedness. With increasing trade, both foreign and domestic, risk of foot-and-mouth, avian influenza, and many other diseases has greatly increased in recent years. But South Dakota – backed by SDSU’s world-class animal disease research program, including the new laboratory that is currently under construction – is uniquely positioned to improve livestock disease management practices. Working with the university, the Animal Industry Board, the State Veterinarian, and our growing biotech industry, we can mitigate economic and environmental impacts while improving overall herd and flock health.

Enhance infrastructure to support farmers and grow the economy. With falling prices and a rising basis, many producers are feeling the pinch. As governor, I will work to improve the state’s infrastructure to lower the basis for grain products, putting more money in the hands of hardworking farmers and growing our economy.

Transition the state vehicle fleet to higher ethanol blends. For years, I’ve strongly defended policies like the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which sets annual goals for the amount of ethanol and biodiesel that must be incorporated into America’s fuel supply. Additionally, I led efforts to extend the $1-per-gallon biodiesel tax credit. With volatility growing in oil-rich areas of the world, we must maximize the use of homegrown fuels. As governor, I will lead by example and work to transition the state fleet to higher ethanol blends, such as E-30.

Expand working lands conservation. As a lifelong producer and avid hunter, I deeply understand the careful balance between production and conservation. In the U.S. House, I fought to expand the sodsaver program, incentivizing the protection of native grasslands while ensuring the choice was ultimately left to producers. As governor, I will expand voluntary conservation programs by improving landowner relationships. Working together, we can boost soil health and increase productivity on every acre, using precision agriculture to help farmers determine which areas may be best for cultivation while conserving the rest.

Outlier candidate for Gov. Terry Lee LaFleur claims he has the signatures (but maybe not the positions) to run in the Primary.

Terry Lee LaFleur, the former auto parts deliveryman with a law degree, is making the claim on Facebook today that he has the signatures needed to be placed on the ballot for the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination for Governor:

If LaFleur is able to be placed on the ballot as he boasts, it will likely up the ante for the fringe candidate who thinks we should have free Universal government health care paid for exclusively by donations, and advocates for a 15% income tax in South Dakota.

(Good luck with those hard left views in the GOP Primary.)

So, who else gave big bucks to Democrat Billie Sutton’s campaign? Here’s the ActBlue Donors added

If you recall the Secretary of State’s determination on how the donations of people who donate to campaigns through Democrat fundraising clearinghouse ActBlue should be treated, there was an indication that people should be making supplementary filings, noting who those donors are.

As of a week or so ago, the Sutton For Governor campaign provided the ActBlue Donations, and disclosed where “the rest of the money” came from. In case you were interested, from the report:

And here’s the supplementary list:

ActBlue Sutton by Pat Powers on Scribd

Lance Russell addresses Brookings County SDGOP Group, hosts Sioux Falls Event.

Candidate for Attorney General and State Senator Lance Russell addressed a group of around 20 Brookings County Republicans yesterday as they met for their monthly meeting:

Lance explained that his primary goal as Attorney General would be public safety and getting it back on track for the state. He cited how Sioux Falls was recently featured in a USA Today story as the #2 City in the nation where Crime is soaring, with an 80.4% jump in violent crime. Russell noted while in the state, Rapid City was once thought to have a higher incidence of violent crime, Sioux Falls has now easily captured that title.

As Attorney General, Russell noted that he will seek the tools to attack violent and drug crimes, and part of that is to be strong on crime, noting that Senate Bill 70 will need to be reformed. (SB 70 was the 2013 measure that established alternative court programs for nonviolent offenders).

Russell also was on the eastern side of the state for an event he held in Sioux Falls Saturday afternoon to draw attention to his candidacy, as noted on Facebook:

With the field of candidates in a state of flux at the moment, watch for the race for Attorney General to grow more intense in the coming weeks!