Summit Carbon Solutions fact sheet distributed to legislators and others about the $795 million investment of the pipeline project

Yesterday, representatives of the Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline (which advertises on the right) distributed a fact sheet about the Summit Carbon pipeline and the economic impact it will have in the state, which gives me the opportunity to share it with you all here:

Summit Carbon Solutions – Economic Impact South Dakota by Pat Powers on Scribd

Big takeaways are that in the construction phase, the total South Dakota investment of the pipeline is $795 million, with total labor income in of South Dakota $440 million, and State and Local Taxes Paid by SCS (South Dakota) of $74 million with annual South Dakota expenditures thereafter of $37 million.


2022-08-03 MEMO to Legislators – Project Update v2[79] by Pat Powers on Scribd

Read up, and find out more about the positive economic impact it will have for residents of the state, as well as the benefits it will provide to ethanol production in South Dakota.  And find out more by clicking here.

Gov. Noem & Colleagues Oppose Democrats’ Spending Bill

Gov. Noem & Colleagues Oppose Democrats’ Spending Bill

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem and 21 of her fellow Republican Governors issued the following joint statement opposing the Democrats’ Spending Bill:

“The Democrats’ solution to 40-year high inflation is passing another reckless tax and spending spree to the tune of $740 billion, affecting Americans in every tax bracket. While denying recession, Democrats want to raise taxes on businesses and manufacturers, which will force higher costs onto consumers, worsen inflation, and aggravate shortages. With sky high prices at the pump, the last thing Americans need is for Democrats to punish energy producers, which will ultimately hurt working families struggling to pay for gas, goods, food, and utilities. Our citizens cannot afford Joe Biden’s broken promises on taxes and Democrats’ inflationary spending that will only exacerbate the economic crisis they created.”

The statement was co-signed by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Idaho Governor Brad Little, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, Missouri Governor Mike Parson, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Utah Governor Spencer Cox, Virginia Governor Glenn Younkin, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon.


Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski

Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem ordered that flags be flown at half-staff statewide effective immediately until midnight tonight (Thursday) in honor of U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski of Indiana who died Wednesday in a vehicle crash.

“Jackie Walorski spent her whole life investing in people. She was a remarkable gift to me as a friend,” said Governor Noem. “I could always count on her for truth and common sense. Shattered that her work on earth is done, but grateful she is with her Lord. Bryon and I send our condolences and prayers to Jackie’s family, as well as the family of the two staff members who passed away.”

This order is in response to a directive by President Joseph R. Biden.


Investigators charge former Stanley County Treasurer with trying to trade county job for running against political enemy

If you thought politics at the state level could be rough, here’s a tale where one county elected official was trying to promise employment in exchange for taking out another.

There is a story in the Pierre Capital Journal today where the former Stanley County Treasurer is being charged with a crime after promising a job in her office in exchange for her running against someone. Peggy Dougherty is finding that quid pro quo with a county is a big no no:

Fort Pierre resident Peggy Lee Dougherty, 67, was charged last week with receiving pay to allow for unlawful assumption of office. The treasurer is an elected position.

According to the criminal complaint, the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation on March 15 received a report that Dougherty had misused her position by promising a job in the county treasurer office to Tanya Baldwin Kayser in exchange for Kayser taking out a petition to run for Stanley County auditor.


She said she didn’t know why Dougherty wanted her to run for auditor.

“She just had something against Phil,” Baldwin Kayser said, referring to the current county auditor, Philena “Phil” Burtch.

Go to the website, and read the entire story here.

Dougherty was the only Democrat running for County office in Stanley County in 2020.  Philena Burtch, who Dougherty was trying to trade a job for challenge against in the 2022 cycle is running as a Republican.

After series of candidate withdrawals, SD Democrats only challenging 44 of 105 legislative seats.

I guess we have it confirmed who the placeholders are in the Democrat Party. Because they’ve been dropping like flies, and making it look like there are even more seats that they didn’t bother to challenge with serious candidates.

Yesterday was the deadline to withdraw from the General Election by 5:00 pm local time. And withdraw they did.  So far, we’ve had 1 Democrat dropping off the ballot in the Senate. Daniel Brandt dropped out in D19, giving Republican State Senator Kyle Schoenfish an unobstructed path to re-election.

And it got even crazier in the State House. In the House, so far 5 House Democrat candidates have said no-thank-you and withdrawn.

  • Emily Meier dropped out in District 3 House, giving a clear path to Brandei Schaefbauer and Carl Perry.
  • Travis Paulson dropped out in District 4, possibly giving Stephanie Sauder and Fred Deutsch unobstructed access to the legislature.
  • In District 7, both Democrats – Lisa Johnsen and Mary Perpich abandoned ship, leaving the road to Pierre free and clear for Republicans Mellissa Heermann and Roger DeGroot.
  • and in District 17, Paige Schroeder of Vermillion dropped it to a three-way race, meaning that at least one of the two Republicans (Chris Kassin or Bill Shorma) is guaranteed a seat, and they could easily take both against the remaining no-name Democrat, Rebecca Engquist-Schroeder.

This takes Democrats down to only challenging 11 of 35 Senate Seats – and that’s challenging, not winning.  And challenging 33 of 70 House seats.  In case you’d like to read the list, you can find it here. 

Even if they replace a couple of the placeholders, those numbers are still abysmal. They’ve conceded 2/3 of the Senate Seats, and a majority of the House seats.

The process to replace candidates who have withdrawn is conducted under SDCL 12-6-56, giving Democrats until the second Tuesday in August (basically, Tuesday next week) to fill the slots.

So, we have to wait until next week to find out if they can talk someone into running, or if they’re going to let Carl Perry, Fred Deutsch and others pump their arms and announce their win 3 months ahead of November.

*Bonus Bad News for Democrats* – when I was pulling the numbers for the legislature, I note that there are only 136 Democrats running at any level in South Dakota, versus 433 Republicans on the ballot across the state this year, meaning less than 24% of the candidates on the ballot in South Dakota are Democrats.

Pipeline opponents thwarted at Minnehaha County Commission, PUC Candidate continues disqualifying himself from ever making pipeline decision.

Co2 pipeline opponents fund themselves stymied at the Minnehaha County Commission today in their quest to stop things like ethanol and progress. As noted in the Argus Leader..

Minnehaha County commission’s five-member board voted down a one-year moratorium “on the issuance of any permits and/or approval of land uses for transmission pipelines,” with a 4-1 vote during its weekly meeting Tuesday morning.

Read that here. But the bigger story today is that Democrat PUC Candidate Jeff Barth gave those who are pro-pipeline more ammunition to prove bias to have him disqualified if he would ever elected to the quasi-judicial panel:

PUC candidate uses commission role to attack pipeline supporters at meeting

“I see Dan Lederman is here, who is a top lobbyist for Summit pipeline people and wearing their shirt emblazoned with Summit Pipeline Solutions,” Barth said. “How much are they paying you do that?”

Again, Read that here.

Jeff’s attacks and clearly demonstrated bias against the pipeline and it’s people are going to guarantee that, while he may be using it as a campaign issue, he’s never going to be allowed to hear a pipeline related matter if he should happen to be elected.


Kristi for Governor Launches

Kristi for Governor Launches

 PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched, a website that shows how closely Representative Jamie Smith aligns with President Joe Biden and how out of touch he is with South Dakota values.

The website quotes Rep. Jamie Smith on his admiration for President Biden: “We desperately need a candidate who can bring strong, steady leadership to the White House – that’s Joe Biden…. Joe represents the best of America.” Only 39% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden, according to a compilation of approval polls.

The website also points out Jamie Smith’s “F” rating from the NRA, his record of raising taxes, his support for Biden’s open border policy, his agenda to indoctrinate our children, his bowing to the leftist mob, and his opposition to securing our elections.

Find out more at


Thune Statement on the Death of al Qaeda Terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri  


Thune Statement on the Death of al Qaeda Terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri  

“This successful drone strike is a testament to the vigilance of the men and women who worked to identify and track this priority terrorist target and help deliver swift justice.”

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today released the following statement on the death of al Qaeda terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri:

“Al-Zawahiri was one of the key plotters of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and he succeeded Osama bin Laden as the leader of al Qaeda for the past 11 years. He shares responsibility for the deaths of thousands of American citizens and has been a top target for the United States for decades,” said Thune. “This successful drone strike is a testament to the vigilance of the men and women who worked to identify and track this priority terrorist target and help deliver swift justice. It should also be a reminder of the global reach of the U.S. Intelligence Community and our entire national security apparatus.

“This mission is proof positive that the United States maintains a credible over-the-horizon strike capability that should put all terrorists on alert,”continued Thune. “The fact that al-Zawahiri had comfortably made a home in Kabul, a city which was chaotically abandoned under this administration roughly one year ago despite all the dire warnings against doing so, also shatters any pretense that the Taliban would actually deny al Qaeda or other terrorists a safe haven in Afghanistan. This strike underscores the importance of our efforts to thwart resurgent terrorism around the world in order to keep Americans safe at home and abroad.”


Citizens for Liberty have moved so far to the right, they’re on the left

From my e-mail box comes the agenda for tomorrow’s Citizens for Liberty meeting. Which seems to prove that some people are so far to the right, they’re on the left.

I don’t know any Republican groups that are hosting Democrat Jamie Smith for Governor or the Libertarian for Congress.

And considering the source, that would remain the case.

(Does this mean they’ve failed their own conservative scorecard?)

Mike Rounds Weekly Round(s) Up for July 25-31, 2022

Mike Rounds
Weekly Round(s) Up for
July 25-31, 2022

We stayed busy again this week out in Washington – are you sensing a theme here? We’re now just one week away from our August in-state work period, which means we had a lot of work to get done last week and a lot ahead of us this week. On top of voting on legislation and attending committee hearings, I got to meet with nominees to executive positions and talk with multiple South Dakotans. Here’s my Weekly Round[s] Up:

South Dakota groups I visited with: South Dakota Trucking Association, South Dakota’s delegates to Boys & Girls Nation, and Tomorrow’s Ag Leaders with the South Dakota Agri-Business Association.

Other meetings this week: Two ambassadors from other countries to the United States: Taranjit Sandhu of India and Seleshi Bekele of Ethiopia; two nominees to executive positions whose nominations are being processed in the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees; Tom Bossert, president of Trinity Cyber; and five British members of parliament who were visiting from all the way across the pond! Additionally, I hosted a great meeting with leaders in the cyber security community including National Cyber Director Chris Inglis, Executive Director of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission Mark Montgomery, Senator Angus King of Maine and Representative Mike Gallagher. We also had our Senate Prayer Breakfast (Senator Steve Daines from Montana was our speaker) and Senate Bible Study (Our verse of the week was 1 Corinthians 6:11), both of which happen weekly when the Senate is in session.

Met with South Dakotans from: Aberdeen, Brandon, Britton, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Mitchell, Pierre, Rapid City, Rockham, Sioux Falls, Tabor, Wessington Springs, Wilmot and Wolsey.

Topics discussed: New GDP data indicating that we’ve entered a recession, cybersecurity, fertilizer costs, workforce issues supply chain issues, and high fuel prices.

Votes taken: 6 – One of these was on the Water Resources Development Act, which had a few of my amendments in it pertaining to the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers that run through South Dakota.

Bills passed this week: My Greatest Generation Commemorative Coin Act unanimously passed both the Senate and the House this week. This bill would authorize the Department of the Treasury to mint commemorative coins, with proceeds going toward maintenance and repair at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. This bill now goes to the president’s desk.

Hearings: Senate Armed Services Committee – We had a hearing this week on nominations for positions within the Defense Department; Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health Policy – I served as ranking member for a hearing on the Biden administration’s budget requests for Africa.

Classified briefings: This week I had a classified briefing on America’s Indo-Pacific policy and operations as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee

My staff in South Dakota visited: Canistota, Dell Rapids, Garretson, Madison, Montrose, Salem and Spearfish. 

Staff happenings: After a fun summer season playing against teams from different senate offices, our office softball team played Senator Thune’s team on Wednesday night. Team Rounds won 20-9 and brought home the traveling Tatanka trophy for another year! Better luck next year, Senator Thune!

Steps taken this week: 53,096 (or 24.60 miles)