Release: After Noem Push, Trump Moves to End Family Planning Funding for Abortion Advocates, like Planned Parenthood

After Noem Push, Trump Moves to End Family Planning Funding for Abortion Advocates, like Planned Parenthood 

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Kristi Noem today applauded President Trump’s proposal to end family planning funding for abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, and redirect those resources into health centers that do not promote or perform abortions. In South Dakota, there are six federally qualified health centers operating in 45 service sites, but just one Planned Parenthood center.

“Taxpayers should not have to bear the abortion industry’s financial burden – directly or indirectly,” said Noem, who recently wrote the administration in support of the rule change. “I am proud to stand with President Trump in protecting taxpayer dollars from abortion advocates, using those family-planning dollars instead to provide comprehensive, life-affirming care to women.”

The president’s proposal does not cut Title X family planning funding. Rather, it directs those dollars away from programs where abortion is a method of family planning. According to a recent Government Accountability Office report, Planned Parenthood received $170 million from the Title X program, an average of nearly $60 million annually.

Today’s announcement builds on Noem’s work earlier this Congress to overturn an Obama-era rule that forced states to give Title X money to organizations that commit abortions. Noem helped lead the House in passing H.J.Res.43, which President Trump signed into law, to overturn President Obama’s rule and give states more flexibility to defund Planned Parenthood.


Group zings Krebs in mailer for taxation by tracking unit plan

This one is hot out of my mailbox, where “Citizens for a Strong America” is slamming Shantel Krebs for a plan while she was in the legislature to place tracking devices on all South Dakota vehicles to assess taxes automatically:

You can find their website here, where they bill themselves as:

Citizens for a Strong America is an advocate for results-oriented conservative leadership in government. We believe America needs more leaders who not only believe in conservative values but have the ability to translate those values into conservative policy.

Why do I think this campaign mailer looks like it would be something that we might find on the air.

Release: Jackley Announces Education Initiative

Jackley Announces Education Initiative

PIERRE, SD: Pledging to be a collaborative governor who works side-by-side with educators, administrators, parents, school boards, and students, Attorney General Marty Jackley today announced his vision for the future of South Dakota education.

“Education is close to my heart,” Jackley said. “My mother was my accounting teacher, my father taught college courses, my sister is an assistant high school principal, and I’m the proud parent of two children—Michael and Isabella—who are public school students in Pierre. If elected to be your governor, I promise to fight for the best possible education for my children and yours.”

Nearly a quarter of our citizens are involved in the education community in some form or another. They teach, lead, support or attend our K-12 schools, technical institutes and universities. In many of our small, rural communities, the school is the heart of the community.

Jackley’s Education Initiative is the result of the input he has received from the many communities he’s visited during his Hometown South Dakota Tour.

In the plan, Jackley proposes the following:

  • Bring educators, administrators, parents, school boards, and students to the table so their voices are heard. Jackley’s primary opponent has announced opposition to volunteer, collaborative task forces, whereas Jackley believes they bring expertise to government.
  • Equip South Dakota educators and institutions with adequate funding to ensure competitive salaries and safe, secure learning environments—without raising taxes.
  • Expand South Dakota’s K-12 system to include adequate early childhood educational opportunities for the most under-resourced communities.
  • Provide equitable educational experiences for Native American students.
  • Engage our entire pre-kindergarten to graduate-level education community to create a pipeline of opportunity that propels our citizens toward increased economic opportunities.
  • Empower our institutions with public-private partnerships that capitalize on our strong South Dakota work ethic and can-do nature.
  • Create incentives that encourage in-state placement.
  • Reduce barriers to teacher innovation and reduce the negative impact of ineffective mandated programs that don’t work well for rural states.
  • Defend the rights of homeschool parents to educate their children on an even playing field.
  • Partner with local law enforcement to keep our schools safe.

Read the Jackley Education Initiative in its entirety here.

Release: Jackson County States Attorney Daniel Van Gorp Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General

Jackson County States Attorney Daniel Van Gorp Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General

KADOKA, SD: Jackson County States Attorney Daniel Van Gorp endorses Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg.

“Jason has all of the skills necessary to do the job from his extensive leadership experience and his tremendous experience as a skilled attorney,” Van Gorp said. “Jason puts together the two important aspects of being an Attorney General, by having skills beyond just being an attorney.”

“I was especially impressed by Jason taking the time to visit with me in person at my office in Kadoka to discuss prosecution issues that concern Jackson County,” Van Gorp continued. “This showed me Jason’s commitment to interact with even the most rural counties in South Dakota.”

“Jason is the candidate with ideas and solutions that will help our state and I believe that will assist me in my capacity as State’s Attorney and serving the people of Jackson County and our state,” Van Gorp stated. “I look forward to working with Jason as our next Attorney General, he has my full endorsement. I will be voting for him at the convention and I encourage everyone to do the same.”

Van Gorp has a private practice in, and also resides in Kadoka, South Dakota. He has been the Jackson County State’s Attorney since 2009.

You can reach Jason’s campaign via


SD Gun Owners related consultant is attacking Brown County Sheriff with new PAC in odd mailing

A somewhat odd hit piece emerged today in Aberdeen mailboxes from a newly registered Political Action Committee:

After being organized on May 7th, Political Action Committee “Shining Light PAC” is registered to former point man for the South Dakota Gun Owners group Jordan Mason:

Jordan Mason seems to be continuing the attack mail started by South Dakota Gun Owners against current Sheriff Mark Milbrandt.  Except that now the attack seems to be criticizing Milbrandt for having cross-party appeal?

Really? Milbrandt having supporters across the political spectrum is now a liability?  Are Republicans in Brown County so polarized to the impossibly hard-right that having Democrats want to support them in an election a negative?

That would be like expecting Republicans who are married to Democrats to get a divorce, because “that damn liberal should know better, and now she just needs to leave.”  You really don’t hear of people that extreme. Which is how this postcard comes off.

People with blinders on might think this made a difference, but I think a vast majority of Republicans are going to recognize this as a negative attack that seems to be flailing a bit.  Elections are won by addition, not subtraction.  And all the piece tries to accomplish is subtraction by association.

This was a misguided and expensive missile that missed the target.

And we’ll see how it all turns out on June 5th.

Thune Statement on Confirmation of Gina Haspel for CIA Director

Thune Statement on Confirmation of Gina Haspel for CIA Director

“With more than 30 years of experience serving in posts overseas and in CIA leadership, Gina Haspel is an outstanding choice for CIA director.”

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today issued the following statement regarding the Senate confirmation of Gina Haspel to be the director of the CIA:

“With more than 30 years of experience serving in posts overseas and in CIA leadership, Gina Haspel is an outstanding choice for CIA director. Her long and distinguished record of service speaks for itself. Her confirmation is also a historic moment for our country, as Haspel becomes the first woman to lead the CIA in its 70-year history.

It’s unfortunate that, at a time when our country faces a wide array of threats, Democrats chose to play unnecessary politics with this nomination. But now that the Republican-led Senate has confirmed her, I look forward to the good work she and the agency will continue to do to keep Americans safe.”