Noem Announces Second Century Initiative to Enhance SD Pheasant Hunting

Noem Announces Second Century Initiative to Enhance SD Pheasant Hunting

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Kristi Noem today announced her Second Century Initiative, aimed at improving pheasant habitat and growing populations to ensure South Dakota pheasant hunting lasts a century more. Noem, who once owned and operated a hunting lodge in northeast South Dakota, made the announcement in advance of her remarks at Pheasant Forever’s Pheasant Fest in Sioux Falls.

“As much as pheasant season is a family tradition for us, we made it our family business for years as well,” said Noem. “Small businesses like that come alive during pheasant season, as resident and non-resident bird hunters spend nearly a quarter-billion dollars in South Dakota each year. As we celebrate 100 years of pheasant hunting, I give you a commitment that if elected governor, I would fight to ensure this family tradition and driver of our economy lasts a century more.”

Noem fought for and won sodsaver protections in the 2014 Farm Bill, which help preserve the region’s native grasslands. Additionally, she continues to push federal policymakers to enhance CRP – a program she participated in for many years – through the Farm Bill. Click here to download Noem’s Second Century Initiative.


Increase resources for habitat management – without raising taxes. Maintaining and improving habitat is essential to the future of pheasant hunting in South Dakota. We can invest in habitat management, and we can do so without raising taxes by broadening the base of support in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Working with the Division of Motor Vehicles and Game, Fish and Parks to develop a specialty pheasant license plate program in which all proceeds would go directly toward habitat management.

  • Directing Game, Fish and Parks to explore outside-the-box, voluntary funding solutions, such as an expanded Premium Guest Tag program, in which a limited number of non-resident tags would be reserved at premium pricing. Programs like this have proven exceptionally lucrative in neighboring states. All proceeds would again go directly to habitat.

Crowdsource habitat solutions. Pheasant hunting is a statewide tradition with statewide economic impact, so maintaining and growing the industry requires statewide involvement. Taking advantage of online capabilities, my administration will expand the capabilities of to ensure every South Dakotan, not just those on assigned advisory boards or in Pierre, can directly contribute to the policymaking process. Should your ideas be implemented, your hunting license fees for that year ought to be waived as well.

Target predators, while inspiring the next generation of South Dakota hunters. While habitat has the most significant impact on pheasant populations, predators (such as foxes, skunks, and raccoons) play a role as well. My administration will collaborate with counties to explore a bounty on pheasant predators in prime hunting areas, using the program to reduce threatening varmint populations and to help inspire the next generation of hunters to be part of this South Dakota legacy.

Maintain habitat management as a national priority. As a top negotiator of the 2014 Farm Bill, I fought to enhance CRP, and when the Obama administration accepted just 101 acres into CRP in South Dakota in 2016, I fought back. I will take up that same cause as South Dakota’s governor. Working in partnership with groups like Pheasants Forever, I will leverage the relationships I have around the country to win over CRP and habitat advocates in Congress, the administration, the Republican Governors Association, and the National Governors Association. This broad base of support is essential in maintaining federal programs like CRP.

Serve as Sportsman in Chief for South Dakota Pheasant Hunting. In 2016, 81,000 non-resident pheasant hunters spent more than $156 million in the state. As someone who ran her own hunting lodge, I know what those dollars mean to local businesses. As governor, I am committed to being South Dakota’s Sportsman in Chief, doing my part in bringing new business to hunting lodges, preserves, restaurants and others across the state.

# # #

Marty Jackley announces Friday Economic Forum


HARRISBURG, SD: Attorney General Marty Jackley will meet with community leaders and business owners from Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea and the surrounding area on Friday to tour developing infrastructure projects in the southeast part of the state.

“This has been an issues-driven campaign from the start, and Friday’s tour will focus on building an economic vision that improves the daily lives of South Dakotans,” Jackley said. “I intend to be a ‘work with’ rather than a ‘work for’ governor, and I appreciate the business community coming together to host this important conversation.”

The discussion with mayors, commissioners and business leaders will cover infrastructure, housing, jobs, workforce development and a range of other economic topics.

“Having a governor that continues to understand the challenges and opportunities of economic development in South Dakota is important to us at Stockwell, and we look forward to Friday’s conversation with Marty,” said Jon Brown, President of Stockwell Engineers. “These really are issues that affect the daily life of people in the region and across the state.”

The tour schedule is detailed below:

9:30 a.m. Meeting with Lloyd Companies senior leadership team

10:45 a.m. Tour of recent projects in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas

◦ Focus on LIHTC properties, workforce housing, and public-private partnerships

11:45 a.m. Economic forum with area leaders at Showplace Wood Products in Harrisburg

◦ Local government leaders, developers and business owners

1:15 p.m. Tour of Showplace Wood Products

2:00 p.m. Tour of SAB Biotherapeutics in Sioux Falls

◦ Meeting with co-founders Edward and Christine Hamilton

3:30 p.m. Pheasant Fest and media availability to discuss new policy initiatives

Media are welcomed to join the economic forum at 12:30, and Jackley will be available for follow up interviews at Pheasant Fest.


The Faked Moon Landing, and the plot to stop Stace Nelson from being in the US Senate

Did you know that NASA faked the moon landing?  Yep. I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.

Nevermind that such a conspiracy would have cost millions of dollars, and involved hundreds of people who have kept their silence for decades to pull it off?

A similar thing goes for a post to the internet this week by Ken Crow, a Tea Party organizer who spent a few weeks in South Dakota during the 2014 US Senate campaign.

If you don’t remember him, Crow was working with Jason Ravnsborg for a short period of time after his entrance into the US Senate contest, and contacted Lee Stranahan to join him in the state. Shortly thereafter, Jason parted ways with Crow & Stranahan.  Crow left the state, but not before wrapping his arms around Stace Nelson, and Stranahan eventually found his way to become attached  to Annette Bosworth. And the rest is history.

Fast forward to this week, and now Iowan Ken Crow is trying to enter back into South Dakota politics by weaving his own “NASA fake moon landing” grand conspiracy by claiming that in 2014 Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg was actually a plant to deny Stace Nelson the US Senate Nomination by none other than South Dakota GOP Chair Dan Lederman:

That was my answer. I ended with, ‘let me guess, you were supposed to run, take votes away from Stace Nelson (the strong conservative in the race), so Mike Rounds would win the primary.’ He only stared at me and would not answer. “I then said, the payoff is Attorney General isn’t it? Your friends and the party have promised you AG if you did this, didn’t they?”


Dan Lederman is the head of the Republican Party for South Dakota and is manipulating the free will of the people by inserting bogus candidates into an election process.


To make matters worse, Mr. Lederman is not even a legal voter in South Dakota. He is running a major political party, manipulating elections and the gentleman is not even legal to do so? Yes, you read correctly, he is actually a resident voter in Iowa and to make it worse my friends, the guy is a registered Democrat in Iowa.

The only way to indeed drain the swamp my South Dakota friends is to begin by not voting for the Status Quo. Stop voting for career politicians unless they have indeed been doing a good job. In the case of the South Dakota Attorney General, I am going to support John Fitzgerald with a campaign contribution.

Read that here.

So, for any this to be plausible, Jason Ravnsborg would have not actually been running for US Senate 4 years ago, but had a “secret plan” in place to be Attorney General in 2014.

Add to that State Senator Dan Lederman (at the time) would have also had to have been in on the “secret plan” knowing he was going to be South Dakota Republican Party Chairman in 4 year’s time, I’m assuming with the assistance of time travelers or the secret Republican illuminati.

Since time travel is probably out, if it was the secret GOP Illuminati knowing that Lederman was going to be chair in 4 years, Lederman would have also had to do all this in collusion with the Republican Chairman at the time, Craig Lawrence.  (Former GOP Chair Pam Roberts who came after Craig must have been part of the evil cabal too.)

And let’s not forget, that despite all the years of serving as an elected Republican on the Union County Commission, in the State House, and in the State Senate, Lederman is in all actuality still a secret Iowa Democrat!

And to tie it up with a bow, all this secret time travel/illuminati/Iowa Democrat manipulation was originally a plot to deny Stace Nelson (who Lederman is involved in a current lawsuit against) the US Senate seat, and Ken Crow is stepping forward to expose all this.

Boom. There it is.   My head hurts.

The problem with conspiracy theories, is that like this one, they turn out to be a lot of bullshit weaved together to tell a wild tale that doesn’t hold up in the light of day.

Now let me tell you about the aliens they have hidden in Area 51.

What is it with the facebook blocking? Next time, I’ll try not to make the question so difficult.

Just darn me for pointing out political news. As told today by Representative Drew Dennert, apparently that’s ‘attacking.’

Yesterday the Rep. Goodwin Facebook thing came up, and I pointed it out. Then when Goodwin pointed out that it was not of his doing, I made sure I not just pointed that out as part of the original article, but I noted under the comment section that I observed another similar instance in support of the plausibility of his explanation.

Fast forward a few hours, and today, State Representative Drew Dennert made a point to launch after me on Facebook, claiming I was attacking Goodwin and beating him up in some manner by reporting political news. Just to be clear about it in case there was a misunderstanding, I offered him my response, and asked where he thought I was attacking anyone:

Representative Dennert’s response?

It consisted of blocking me on Facebook.

Oookay then. I guess next time I should ask an easier question?

President Orders Flags At Half-Staff For Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Victims  

President Orders Flags At Half-Staff For Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Victims

PIERRE, S.D. – President Donald Trump has called for flags at half-staff as a mark of solemn respect for the victims  of the terrible act of violence perpetrated at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, February 14.

In accordance with the President’s order, Gov. Dennis Daugaard asks that flags across the state be lowered immediately and remain at half-mast until sunset on Monday, February 19.

– 30 –

Getting closer on candidates… Thinking about it? Drop me a note.

Got great news last night that someone who had noted they were looking at running for the State House is going to make the leap and do it. I had put a bug in their ear a while back, and said “you know, there’s a seat that you could run for…”

I think I can tell you without speaking out of turn that the State GOP’s recruitment efforts for the State Legislature are looking strong this year, and there’s already a great ‘freshman class’ of candidates, and it’s just getting better all the time.   And there’s always room for more.

The deadline to have petitions in is March 27th. Plenty of time, but it’s still a good idea to get things done early.

If you’re a Republican running for office, or thinking of running, drop me a note here. I’m happy to be a free resource. We can chat, and I’m happy to answer any questions in confidence, and it’s not going to cost you a dime or obligate you to anything.

Stay tuned – there’s a lot more to come.

Peter Norbeck, Father of Mount Rushmore derisively likened to professional politician by unprofessional politician.

Apparently, South Dakota’s first native-born Governor and the man who inspired Custer State Park, Norbeck Wildlife Preserve and Mount Rushmore National Memorial accomplished too much for South Dakota for one politician’s taste, according to the debate over Senate Bill 204. 

What was the problem? Apparently State Senator Jim Bolin tried to honor Norbeck with a kind gesture by naming a day in his honor. From the Watertown Public Opinion:

Bolin called Norbeck “probably the most important political figure in our state in the first 50 years of our history.”

Angry Stace Nelsonand…

The only opponent to speak against Peter Norbeck Day was Sen. Stace Nelson, R-Fulton. “I’m sure the career politician was a fine gentleman,” Nelson said.

Read it here.

Well, just darn that Senator Bolin for trying to honor a well digger and farmer who did all that stuff for South Dakota with a day in his honor.

Somehow, I don’t think they’ll be naming anything for Senator Nelson anytime soon.

Update… THAT was fast!