Sanford Health COVID update for January 25, 2022.

From Sanford Health comes this weeks’ update on COVID hospitalizations:

The number of people hospitalized is remaining steady, but as compared to last week, it seems like the number of people who have been both vaccinated and boosted requiring hospitalization is at a higher percentage. But, in good news, we’re getting a few off of ventilators.

Still, well worth noting that you stand a better chance of not ending up in the ICU or on a ventilator if you’re vaccinated.  Follow the science.

Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women hosting US Senate wannabees for a farewell lunch

I caught this interesting tidbit tonight.

Apparently, the Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women are hosting the entire group of US Senate wannabees at lunch later this week. I think we can refer to it – with a high level of confidence – as a farewell lunch.

Because in about 60 days, I think it’s a pretty sure bet that none of the three will be running.

Democrats have Barry Hulse as their candidate for Governor. Jay Williams must have been busy.

As of last night, it looks like a Democrat has declared himself as a candidate for Governor.

Barry Hulse of Vermillion has filed paperwork to form a committee declaring himself as a “Democratic Candidate for Governor of South Dakota.”

His on-line footprint is a bit sparse at the moment, but he does have a Facebook page for his candidacy.  We’ll see if he gets any farther than that.

I’m kind of thinking that Jay Williams must have been busy.

More candidates on January 25. Post and Koth in the hunt for the House.

Not a huge amount of activity today, but in District 7, former State Representative Doug Post has filed to run in the primary for the house. I show a 4-way race with Tim Reed, Mellissa Heermann, Matt Doyle, and Post.

District 20 State Rep Lance Koth informs me that his petitions “have been filed with SOS for District 20 Representative,” bringing the number of candidates up to two in the House.

And I’ve spoken with two today who will be new candidates running in previously unannounced primary elections, continuing the upward curve we’re on for activity.  But strangely, Democrats are nearly nonexistent to this point. We may actually end up with more Republican primary elections than general elections for legislative seats.

Keep watching for updates.

Gov. Noem Appoints Jarrod Johnson as Interim Commissioner of School and Public Lands

Gov. Noem Appoints Jarrod Johnson as Interim Commissioner of School and Public Lands

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem appointed Jarrod Johnson as Interim Commissioner of School and Public Lands, effective February 1, 2022. The current commissioner, Ryan Brunner, will step down from his position and join and Governor Noem’s office as a senior policy advisor. Ryan’s last day in elected office will be January 31, 2022.

“Ryan has been a tireless servant to the people of South Dakota as Commissioner of School and Public Lands, and he has earned respect throughout the halls of the Capitol and across the state. We are excited to have him join our team in the Governor’s Office,” said Governor Kristi Noem. “Jarrod will be a capable and qualified steward of the office until the next commissioner is elected by the people.”

Jarrod Johnson previously served as South Dakota’s Commissioner of School and Public Lands from 2007-2013. While in office he served on the South Dakota Investment Council, was President of the Western States Land Commissioner’s Association, and was a South Dakota representative on the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. In addition, Jarrod also was appointed by the Secretary of the Interior to the Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Committee of Montana and Dakotas.

Jarrod has served South Dakota Agriculture in several leadership capacities, including as past President of the Sioux Basin Cattlemen’s Association, the board of directors of South Dakota Agriculture and Rural Leadership, a board member of the Western South Dakota Buckaroos, the property rights chairman of the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association, and appointed member representative of Agriculture United for South Dakota.  Jarrod is also a current member of the South Dakota Stock Growers Association and the General Beadle Club. Jarrod and his wife Nancy ranch in Minnehaha and Meade counties.

“I am grateful to Governor Noem for this opportunity to serve the people of South Dakota,” said Jarrod Johnson. “I plan to serve in this position in an interim capacity and will not be running for this office in the fall. My goal is to ensure a smooth transition to the next commissioner following the November election.”

You can learn more about the Office of School and Public Lands here.



Lora Hubbel for Governor files report, noting $55 in contributions. And no Lora, an independent communication expenditure is not an expenditure by an independent candidate.

There’s a candidate for governor who has some explaining to do.

No, not the Democrat candidate for Governor. They don’t have one.  Independent Candidate for Governor Lora Hubbel. Because she seems to have omitted a lot of information from her campaign finance report:

Lora Hubbel Campaign Finance Disclosure by Pat Powers on Scribd

Not surprisingly, Hubbel reported raising a whopping $55 in her race. She should never be elected to anything, so being unable to raise a tank of gas is not a stretch. But then there’s the rest of it. Hubbel claims she donated $1000 to her campaign out of her own pocket. And then has this expenditure..

What’s the story with this?  Well, according to the FCC’s federal file..

Lora Hubbel for Governor Advertising Agreement Sept 7 2021 20210907 155025224 PDF by Pat Powers on Scribd

Lora Hubbel for Governor Advertising Agreement 11-22-11 28 Nov 16 2021 20211116 192232905 PDF by Pat Powers on Scribd

Lora signed agreements for radio advertising in September and November on behalf of Lora for Governor. And according to the same file, it was cash up front for her first ad, totaling $580 on 9/7.

Kelo Am Lora Hubbel for Governor Invoice 498375 1 20210913 161140985 PDF by Pat Powers on Scribd

And she pre-paid $1000 on November 16..

kelo-am-lora-hubbel-for-gov… by Pat Powers

Aside from the fact that Lora skipped over reporting her September advertising buy completely, there’s that portion of the campaign finance report that she seems to have ignored right over the part where she reported spending $1000:

SDCL 12-27-1 (11)“Independent communication expenditure,” an expenditure, including the payment of money or exchange of other valuable consideration or promise, made by a person, entity, or political committee for a communication concerning a candidate or a ballot question which is not made to, controlled by, coordinated with, requested by, or made upon consultation with that candidate, political committee, or agent of a candidate or political committee.

They even underlined “which is not” on the form right above the part where she reported spending the money. Despite the fact that Lora requested the advertising on behalf of the committee, and signed the form herself.

I hate to break it to Lora, but an independent communication expenditure is not an expenditure by an independent candidate.

When a candidate running for the same office for the third time is challenged by just following the instructions in front of her nose, this might be a good sign that at this point she should probably just hang it up.

Krohmer for D20 House, Wink for D29 Senate file with the Secretary of State *Updated*

A couple of new filings are out there since last report.

Ben Krohmer from Mitchell has filed a Statement of Organization for a committee with the intention of running for District 20 House. As far as I can tell, he’s affiliated with Krohmer plumbing.  Word is there’s at least one open seat for that Mitchell District, so this could grow into a larger race.

And Representative Dean Wink has filed petitions today to run for District 29 State Senate, seeking the seat being vacated by Gary Cammack who is termed out of office.

Stand by for updates..

And this evening, it looks like we picked up another candidate, and another Primary. Lawrence County Commissioner Randy Deibert has fied for District 31 Senate, setting up a primary between he and previously announced Ron Moeller for the Senate seat being vacated by Tim Johns.

Gov. Noem Makes Statement on Ravnsborg Investigative File

Gov. Noem Makes Statement on Ravnsborg Investigative File

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem issued the following statement in response to multiple news agencies requesting that she release the investigative file into the fatal crash involving Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg and the late Mr. Joseph Boever.

“I have seen the entire investigative file, and the public deserves to see it so that they can learn the truth of what happened. The House has the sole constitutional power of impeachment, and they have the responsibility to see this process through in a timely manner.

Here, you will find the letter that my Secretary of Public Safety sent to House Speaker Spencer Gosch in September, handing the file over to him. The House impeachment resolution states that ‘all members of the House of Representatives shall have nonpublic access to all information gathered by the select committee.’”