The Rules

Press Releases & Guest posts:

If you would like to submit a press release or guest column, Please do so! That’s one more thing I don’t have to write!  Generally I will print them in their entirety. I may also make an editorial note, but I try to allow you to be as complete as possible, and not get in the middle of your thoughts. You can send them to [email protected]

News Tips:

If you have a hot tip, drop me a note. If you wish to remain anonymous, I will gladly honor this, BUT MAKE NOTE OF IT UP FRONT. DON’T ASSUME I KNOW YOUR INTENT. Again, you can send them to [email protected]


At SDWC, I don’t have a ton of rules when it comes to commenting. In fact, I don’t even know If I’ve outlined them since coming to this server, several years ago.  There’s no expectation of privacy. No libelous statements. Those that are will be removed.  You’re responsible for your own comments, as they’re your words, not mine.

The big point I make is to act as you would as if you were in someone’s living room.  Go ahead and debate, even argue. I don’t care. But when you’ve become out and out abusive, you’ve stepped over the line, and it may be deleted. Keep it up, and you might find yourself removed permanently. I don’t do it often, but I do it.  Life is too short.

There’s also keeping it on topic. One commenter got banned in the recent past because every comment from them was about EB-5. Every single one, no matter the post.  That’s grinding an axe, not discussing. They were intentionally doing it, and it didn’t add anything to the discussion, so they were removed.

Bigotry & racism don’t happen very often, but when it’s caught is dealt with swiftly and harshly and comments are removed as may be the commenter.

Threats: If you say “X person should be killed,” especially when they’re a judge or elected official, don’t be shocked if someone in law enforcement calls you. I don’t mess with stuff like that.  It hasn’t happened for a while, but it has happened.

From there you get into more technical things. If you’re posting from a proxy server, when I catch it, it will likely be gone. Believe it or not, people pay others to post comments. They can do so elsewhere.

Post links, not articles. Maybe a snippet at most.  Important – Use fair use principles, because I’m the person who has to deal with the crabby notes from attorneys. I don’t get them often, but I can get them.  I don’t like it when people steal my work either, and when people do so, I talk to attorneys too.

If you’re noting something from another website, a snippet, and a note why it’s applicable is usually ok. But don’t write “Go here, they’re talking about this same topic.” In the past, I’ve referred to it as ‘post pimping.’ If that other site wants to advertise, they can buy an ad.

Same goes for those campaigning. It’s great, and welcome that they comment. Guest columns are better (that’s one more thing I don’t have to write), but comments are ok. But when it never ends, there comes a point where they’re cut off, and it’s suggested they buy an ad. Especially when they become jerky. Servers aren’t free, and we’re an advertiser supported website.

If you don’t like the website, I would encourage you not to read it. No one is holding you to the computer screen. If you complain about it being a rag, that I’m biased, I’m an ******, etc., how do you think it’s going to be taken? Same goes with the grammar & spelling police. I’m as human as everyone, and out of a couple hundred posts a months, I’m bound to make mistakes.

Civility is always appreciated. Humor, even more so. I’m a firm believer in that things aren’t worth doing unless they’re funny.

If you have any questions, just ask. You’ll find I’m pretty easy to get along with.